Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stephen Harper and the Humiliation of the Con Klowns

Well now it's official. Now we can call them losers. Now we can call them clowns.

Canada’s hopes of returning to the top body of the United Nations ended in crushing disappointment Tuesday when it withdrew from contention, handing victory to Portugal.

The defeat marks a significant embarrassment for Stephen Harper’s government. It is the first time in more than 50 years Canada has not won a campaign for a temporary seat on the Security Council.

You can fool some dumb Canadians all the time eh? But you can't fool the WORLD.

You can't attack the U.N. for years, you can't act like an arm of Israel's right-wing government, you can't base your foreign policy on Old Testament prophesy, you can't sabotage efforts to fight global warming, you can't abuse human rights, you can't hurt thousands of poor women by denying them safe abortions, and hope to get away with it.

Just like you can't humiliate Canada in the eyes of the world, and make us look like a Banana Republic, by blaming this stinging slap in the face on Michael Ignatieff and his Liberals.

As the shambling stooge Lawrence Cannon did today.

"In years past, Canada has spoken with one voice" when it has campaigned for a Security Council seat, Cannon said, a factor that was missing this time. He said that, while he couldn't point to a specific reason for Canada's failure to obtain a seat this year, "I can say that Michael Ignatieff's statement hurt us."

I watched this news conference live, and I can honestly say I have NEVER been so embarrassed to be a Canadian. So intent were these Cons on using THEIR defeat to attack the Liberals, they forgot to provide the world's media with simultaneous translation.

Can you believe that? What have these pathetic klowns done to our beautiful country? And how LOW can they go?

For the record, most delegates had probably never even heard of Michael Ignatieff. They couldn't care less about our domestic politics. They  judged this country not on its glorious past,  but on its recent actions. And thanks to the loathsome and crazed reactionary Stephen Harper, they just weren't good enough. Period.

Oh boy.Canada is BACK !!!!

Right. Muahahahaha.

And now we return to the United Nations.

For another message from Lawrence Cannon...

Oh. My. Chihuahua.

How long must I wait to be proud of my country again?

How long will the humiliation continue?

Before we destroy these KLOWNs...

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