Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Brutal Humiliation of Stephen Harper

Oh dear. Now that Stephen Harper's attempt to woo the United Nations, has ended so disastrously, I see that Great Strategic Genius Bumbling Idiot Leader has gone into seclusion.

And who can blame him eh?

His faithful stooge Dimitri Soudas may still be trying to snatch victory from the er.... jaws of defeat.

But the reviews are in and not only are they horribly embarrassing.

Nobody with an IQ higher than a potted plant...or a Jason Kenney... is buying Dimitri's story.

Roland Paris, a specialist in international relations at the University of Ottawa, said it was “regrettable” that the government would seek to blame the opposition for this debacle. “They have no one to blame but themselves,” he said.

And apart from the Likud lobby, and the usual suspects morons, most reviews are just downright   BRUTAL.

Free beer and maple syrup aren’t enough. By denying Canada a seat on the United Nations Security Council, the rest of the world has served notice that – in its view – this country’s foreign policy is bankrupt.

In that sense, Tuesday’s vote was the world’s response to Prime Minister Stephen Harper – a great, big raspberry for the man who has attempted to introduce what he calls a new morality into the realm of Canadian foreign affairs.

Gawd. A great big raspberry? I guess that's what happens when  you prefer donuts to diplomacy.

And look even his friends are abandoning him !!!!

Mr. Harper promised he would return Canada as a credible player on the world stage. He has now suffered a significant embarrassment on that stage and he has only himself to blame.

Golly. If I was Great Raspberry Leader I'd plead insanity. Because surely no Canadian leader has ever been so humiliated.

And surely for a man of Harper's delicate crude thuggish sensibilities, anything is better than being labelled a bumbling idiot eh?

Although please don't tell that to this poor fellow...

Because love is blind. And he STILL thinks Harper is a political genius. Awwwwww.

As for me, I'm with this guy.

Stephen Harper has humiliated us internationally and we need to make him pay for it.

It is gratifying to know that, finally, the world has taken notice – something that rarely happens simply because there are so few mechanisms for expressing criticism. The vote and its secret ballot were like a global referendum of nations on Canada’s behaviour.

We are left sitting in the corner with a dunce cap on.

Because nobody should be allowed to humiliate our beautiful country and get away with it eh?

So now all I need to know is if he won't do the honourable thing and resign, when can we FIRE him?

And of course, Oinky Boinky Honk.

Hey Dimitri !!!!

How does that moral victory dance go?

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