Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Harper Theocons Strike Again

They hide in the shadows of the Harper regime. But every now and then like rabid bats rushing out of a cave, they emerge to strike again.

The terse statement, issued late Friday, came after two Christian-based associations began circulating an e-mail, which described Delic's presence at the event as affront to Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan and their families.

Charles McVety, president of the right-leaning Institute of Canadian Values, was outraged the invitation was issued at all.

Another group, calling itself the Evangelical Association supported McVety, who's claimed publicly in the past to have the ear of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Rondo Thomas, of the evangelical group, claimed to have spoken with the mother of a Canadian soldier killed overseas and who was apparently dismayed.

Not just the wingnut Charles McVety, the PMO's chaplin, and so-called Christian Zionist.

For whom Muslims are an obstacle to the return of his Christian Messiah.

The Evangelicals who "love" the state of Israel would rather see an innocent Jewish or Palestinian child blown up in a rocket attack as long as the "Promised Land" is "fully reclaimed" to fulfill their harebrained ideas of biblical prophecy. 

But also the grotesque homophobe Rondo Thomas, the Conservative candidate who once declared war on gay people.

During his speech Thomas is unapologetic about his anti same-sex marriage stance, using war-time jargon and talking about "engaging the enemy and going to battle," on the issue of same-sex marriage.

No doubt they both complained to Darrel Reid, Harper's Deputy Chief of Staff, and the former President of Focus on the Family (Canada). And he gave MacKay his marching orders. 

But then why is anyone surprised? When they have attacked women, gay people, children, and all kinds of groups like Rights and Democracy. And all you need to do is take a close look at this story.

And then ask yourself why the Christianist crazies from the Canada Family Action Coalition got invited to the PMO. You know....these smelly  bigots.

While the Canadian Medical Association and so many other respectable groups were ignored.

What kind of government would do that? What kind of government would shape it's foreign policy to conform to Old Testament prophesy? What kind of government would allow wingnuts to tell our military what to do?

And the answer is a government that is unfit to govern this country. 

Why do so many people still believe it couldn't happen in Canada?

I have no idea. But time is running out.

And The Beast is already here...


Anonymous said...

Hey Simon. A few notes:
1. Darrel Reid is no longer in the PMO.
2. Charles McVety is the head of Canada Christian College, the Institute of Canadian Values, the Evangelical Association and Canada Family Action. In short, Charles McVety is being supported publicly by Charles McVety.

Anonymous said...

Dear Liberal Party - I want my country freed from the TheoCons. PLEASE quit dicking around and 'force' an election so we can give Harper a down-to-2-seats Mulroney send-off