Monday, October 04, 2010

Jason Kenney's War on Canadian Values

Hallellujah. Praise Lord Harper. I see the ridiculous theocon Jason Kenney's  Curry-in-a Hurry Crusade to recruit new immigrants to the Con cause is reaping its rewards.

A tectonic shift is reshaping Canada’s political landscape. A new immigrant-friendly Conservative message and a new, more conservative immigrant are finding each other, shaking the once-ironclad bond between new Canadians and the Liberal Party.

With potentially devastating results for women's rights, gay rights, medicare, and the stability of this country.

A survey of visible minorities and immigrants done by the Canadian Election Study shows both groups tend to be more conservative than the rest of Canada on bedrock Canadian issues. Both groups, for example, are more likely to say it should be possible to pay for medical treatment and that getting an abortion should be more difficult. Visible minorities, a category that’s 84 per cent immigrant, are more likely to support private hospitals, lower taxes and paying parents individually rather than funding daycare.

Immigrants have always brought their old country attitudes with them. And they have always been used by the government in power. The difference is that this time they are being recruited into the Con culture war against other Canadians.

Instead of being told that in this country women and gay people are equal and free, Jason Kenney goes around telling them that they can hold on to their homophobia, or their beliefs that women are subordinate. Because if the Cons get a majority they will turn back the clock.

Gay marriage will be abolished along with all gay rights, bullied gay children in our schools will be bombarded with religious messages telling them they are evil and deserve to die. Women will be put in their place, and abortion will be so restricted, it will be easier for a man to have a baby.

Why do you think they have attacked women's rights from the moment they came to office? Why do you think Jason Kenney left any mention of gay rights out of the Canadian Citizenship Guide?

As I explained in that post, I believe that prospective immigrants should be told that in Canada women and gay people have equal rights. We have a culture of freedom and tolerance. And if they don't like that they shouldn't come. 

I also believe that governments should help them to adapt to their new country, instead of using their old country beliefs as a weapon against those the Cons despise. Using them as foot soldiers in a culture war against the values we treasure. And will NEVER surrender.

Because if they don't there will be a backlash. The social fabric of this beautifully diverse and tolerant country will be torn apart. And just like in Holland xenophobes will have a field day.

The good news? The young will eventually save us.

Subir Mann, a 22-year-old student,came to Canada from The Punjab as a child. He says he supports same-sex marriage, even though his more traditional father has trouble with it.

“For me I think it’s important that gay people are considered equal,” he said. “Part of the reason I’m anti-Conservative is that they often mix religious issues with politics. That can be very dangerous.”

But will they make their presence felt before the Cons have set this country on fire?

Only two things are for sure eh? One...we need to stop treating immigration as a taboo subject, and take a long hard look at its impact.

And two, and most importantly, either we defeat those hideous divisive Cons. And soon.

Or we will wake up one day in a Canada we don't recognize...

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