Thursday, March 31, 2011

Is Stephen Harper Cracking Up?

It sure looks like it. Yesterday the nasty bully challenged Michael Ignatieff to a one-on-one debate.

But less than twenty-four hours later he was running away like a coward. Or a chicken.

And a liar.

Each would invite accusations of cowardice if he backed down. So Harper has tried his best to depict Ignatieff as being the one to back out of a one-on-one debate.

And that's a lie.

Kinsella dumps all over Harper today as a "chicken."

It's worse. In this incident, Harper has shown himself to be cowardly and a liar.

But it gets worse. You should have seen the look on Harper's face when the media confronted him this morning.

I thought I could hear the voices in that thug's head shouting "How DARE they bully us  !#!@#!!!

Yikes. For a moment I thought he was going to start blubbering, and calling for his mummy.

It really makes you wonder doesn't it ? What IS the monster hiding?

Or should that be ...isn't it amazing what a difference a day makes?

The Conservative lead over the Liberals literally shrunk overnight from 10 points to just over six, according to a Nanos Research poll of voting intentions for the Globe and Mail and CTV.

Mummy, mummy, where's mah mah mah mah MAJORITY ????? !!!!!!!

Golly. You know last night, in an inexcusable lapse of taste, which earned me the contempt of my loyal labrador.

And is so unlike me eh?

I suggested that we set this attack lab on him to unspeakable things to him.

Or stimulate him so much he'd forget to take his medication.

But now that Harper is looking wounded. And Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe will be joining Ignatieff in ganging up on him.

After much deliberation, and after apologizing profusely to my canine companion.

I think the debate is going to look more like this...

Whoa. Down boys DOWN !!!!!

The liar is cracking up. The bully is on the run.

Mummy mummy where's mah mah mah MAJORITY ??????


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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stephen Harper and the Great Debate

Golly.I'm not sure what to think about a one-on-one debate between Michael Ignatieff and Great Little Leader.

I'm pretty sure Iggy would crush him like a bug. But we're still a parliamentary democracy aren't we? And why should Jack Layton, Gilles Duceppe, and Elizabeth May be deprived of the pleasure of chasing that nasty Con dwarf all over the studio? And stomping him SILLY.

Because Harpie really does need to be taught a lesson eh? Is he fighting Ignatieff or the coalition? And what does he think he's running for? Crime Minister of Canada?

For the second day in a row, the Conservative campaign has lost a volunteer amid controversy.

That frustration led to Prime Minister Stephen Harper's entourage announcing another election policy: for the duration of the campaign, it will no longer be taking questions about the party's 308 local candidates.

Oh boy. Isn't that typical Con behaviour? A new scandal every 22 hours.

And when in trouble deny EVERYTHING.

And invoke Omerta...

And you know Great Mob Leader isn't kidding...

Because he's not only desperate, he's CRAZY.

The good news?

The Americans have noticed that the Harper government has fallen, and they're suitably impressed. 


Oh well. At least they know enough to call it a REGIME eh?

And I know enough not to attack any progressive parties. Because I support them ALL.

Just put the nasty little man in a paper bag.

Mail him back to Alberta.

And whoever gets to attack him, may they attack maul hump him good....

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Foul Hypocrisy of Stephen Harper

I'm sure many of you have seen this YouTube video of Stephen Harper singing "Imagine" with little Maria Aragon.

It was weird and horrible. You could almost hear the voices in his head singing:

"Imagine if we had a MAJORITY."

"We could do what we WANTED."


But believe it or not I found this video even CREEPIER...

To see Maria sing these lyrics:

Don't be a drag, just be a queen
Whether you're broke or evergreen
You're black, white, beige, chola descent
You're lebanese, you're orient...

No matter gay, straight or bi
lesbian, transgendered life
I'm on the right track, baby
I was born to survive

And see Stephen Harper sitting there smiling like a hyena, pretending he was half human, and agreed with what she was singing, was almost more than I could bear. Everyone has their limits eh?

When in fact that ghastly demagogue is stirring up the demons of racism and xenophobia...

That hideous homophobe has voted against EVERY bill designed to protect the rights of LGBT people, including the ones intended to protect them from hate crimes.

And he recently refused a request from Dan Savage to make an It Gets Better video to help fight bullying.

The PMO didn't even bother to reply.

What a ghastly hypocrite, what an awful man, what a creepy political pervert. Who would do ANYTHING to win a majority. Even take advantage of a child. Vomit.

Maria Aragon is a sweetie. Stephen Harper is a PIG.

Organize, unite, defeat him.

Make Canada clean again...

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Stephen Harper and the Mad Emperor

There was another scary moment on Great Ugly Leader's tour today, as his Goebbels Circus rolled into Saskatchewan.

A reporter asked him a question, and after answering it, he said with all the contempt he could muster, something like "That's the kind of question Terry Milewski would have asked."

And then as Milewski tried to recover, he stared at him, enjoying his discomfort, with a look in his cold dead eyes, that made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.

And all I could think of was poor CBC. If Harper gets a majority he's going to slit its throat...or rip it out with his teeth. Or bleed it like a pig. Because he's got a real hate on for that flawed, but still precious Canadian institution. And he doesn't take prisoners.

You have to wonder about how little personal regard Stephen Harper has for his opponents and how it affects how he runs a government and fights an election. More than any other politician in this country, this is a man with animus.

All this suggests a strange, pathological antipathy. It has been said that the prime minister wants to "destroy" the Liberal party as he establishes a new Conservative ascendancy. If so, his is a new ambition in our politics: denying the opposition institutional legitimacy.

And why? Because he enjoys the pain of others. Enjoys trapping us like a spider, in a web of lies and propaganda.

Truth, as we know, is a moving target. Facts need not matter. In politics, it’s about who brings the most megaphones to the table. Whatever gets repeated the most is the reality. With more ads, with more media support, with more resources, the Conservatives drown out their opponents. Their fictional universe overshadows those of the other parties.

He has all the base, brutish instincts of a tyrant-in-waiting.

Kicking off his campaign at Rideau Hall, Mr. Harper made the stunningly dismissive observation that the historic contempt-of-Parliament motion, prompted by the Speaker’s ruling, was just parliamentary manoeuvring that Canadians don’t care about.

And of course, he has the eerily similar nature of the first Harper.

And then, after reading all of the above, and thinking of what this monster has done to our country and its democracy, I wonder why nobody in the media dares to draw the obvious conclusion.

Stephen Harper is too twisted, vile, and mentally disturbed to be a Prime Minister of Canada.

Or why they don't warn Canadians that trusting him with a majority would be nothing less than MADNESS.

And their fatal silence reminds me of this story...

Who could ever have imagined that eh? The Mad Emperor 2011. A majority in reach. And Big Brother as the sequel.

Oh boy. Who I wonder will dare call a tyrant a tyrant? Or a maniac a MANIAC.

If the MSM doesn't then we must. Write it on a wall if necessary.

The Emperor has lost his clothes marbles.

And he must be DEFEATED...

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Stephen Harper and the Hidden Agenda

OMG. That's the scariest thing about Stephen Harper eh? Unless there's a full moon you never know who he's going to be.

Yesterday he was howling COALITION !!!! like a crazy man wolf wolfman.

And of course lying through his yellow teeth.

A key adviser to Stephen Harper during his days as Opposition leader says the “co-opposition” arrangement Mr. Harper negotiated with NDP leader Jack Layton and Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe in September 2004 was seen by Conservatives at the time as a potential avenue to a Harper-led minority government — without seeking Canadians’ approval in an election.

Today he was pretending to be a friend of women and children.

But only if you can wait FOUR years, only if you give him TWO majorities, and only if he can make the deficit disappear, by slashing biting government to the bloody BONE.

And of course there's nothing for the poor, or single parents. Because most of them are women and you know how he feels about them.

This isn’t really a tax break for most people; it’s social policy: a tax break for people who fit the right-wing ideal of an upstanding family: dad makes a lot of money and mom stays home with the kids, as any good mother should, instead of relying on daycare.

They were born to be subordinate. Welcome to Harperland.

Gawd. But at least today, to the best of my knowledge, he wasn't accusing opposition leaders of having a hidden agenda.

Because that one could come back to bite HIM.

Stephen Harper’s accusation that the Liberals harbour a secret agenda is cute but dangerous. Cute because it turns back on the Liberals a charge they have often levelled against him. Dangerous because it is a tactic that could easily backfire.

The reason is that Harper’s Conservatives remain vulnerable on this front themselves, particularly in the area that pollsters say is the electorate’s top concern — health care.

And with good reason eh?

In recent years, Harper has tried to assuage fears about his approach to Canada’s premier social program, routinely pledging his fealty to both medicare and the Canada Health Act that governs it.

But with medicare, the devil is in the details. If Ottawa cuts to the bone its cash funding of provincial health care, the Canada Health Act will becomes meaningless and national medicare itself an empty shell.

Because you can't give Big Oil juicy tax breaks, spend billions on fancy jet fighters and American style prisons, and even HOPE to fund medicare. Although with an aging population more and more people will need it.

Yup. As I said long before the election began, in the end it will come down to one big question: Can you trust Stephen Harper with a majority and the future of our beautiful Canadian health care system?

I mean, would YOU trust a Con werewolf with YOUR life?

Hey Harpie...big tooth...hairy one...  what's it gonna be? Gimme my majority !!!!!


Or gimme some beef chow mein !!!!!


The sooner we hit the Con beast where it HURTS.

The sooner we will tame him...

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What if Stephen Harper Got a Majority?

I try not to think about that question eh? It gives me a choking feeling, and keeps me up at night.

But Heather Mallick examines that nightmare scenario, and it's totally brilliant.

A Harper majority government would be dishonest. That's an easy one, they're Dodgy Inc. now, with their in-and-out campaign financing, lying to Parliament, allegations of illegally blocking freedom of information, killing the long-form census to cater to invented online outrage, wildly underestimating the cost of those Lockheed Martin jets, padding the Senate they previously vowed to reform, accepting fat MP pensions they once decried . . . I could go on but lack the space and sometimes the will to live, frankly.


If that's what they say about Ignatieff, imagine what they'll say about you. The Conservative hate machine will swivel toward you like a Dalek and advance. You're doomed. A Harper majority government wouldn't just lash out generally. It would hunt down its enemies.

Fear these people. Don't get sick. Don't grow old. Don't have children. Make yourself invulnerable.

I laughed at that last line eh? But then I realized it isn't funny. It could really happen. Because with a leader so twisted, so morally depraved, and recklessly vindictive like Stephen Harper, we could end up in a very dark place.

With the creepy nerds in the PMO, and Charles McVety's obedient hordes free to do ANYTHING they wanted.

Golly. I love the way this plot is going. What a difference a couple of days makes. 

With all this material I wouldn't be surprised if our vicious attack ads win an Oscar eh?

We've got our Great Scary Leader.

Now all we need is an exorcist...

Yes.Yes. Finish them Monkey God.

Send them all back to Alabama...or Alberta.

Because this is Canada not Harperland.

And they're not welcome here...

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Real Madness of Stephen Harper

There he was in Brampton, Ontario. Looking strangely agitated like a late night televangelist. Trying to scare Canadians, by repeating the word "coalition" over and over again. Twenty one times in ONE speech.

Like a tyrant who thinks that if he repeats a Big Lie enough times, people will believe him. Like a maniac who can't help himself.

Only to have his past catch up with him, and expose him as the Liar in Chief.


"It is the Parliament that's supposed to run the country, not just the largest party and the single leader of that party," Harper said on Sept. 9, 2004, alongside Duceppe and Layton at a news conference on Parliament Hill. "That's a criticism I've had and that we've had and that most Canadians have had for a long, long time now so this is an opportunity to start to change that."

Expose him as a man who was ready to pose as a champion of Parliament to make himself Prime Minister. The man who now goes around accusing decent Canadians of being traitors, or members of some sinister coalition that seeks to destroy Canada.

The Prime Minister who has done more than any other to corrupt and destroy our democratic system. The shabby thug who now stands guilty of contempt of Parliament. And lies about EVERYTHING.

"What would the world think were we to suddenly now head off on some whole new high-tax economic direction, led by a reckless coalition without a coherent program or even basic national principles?"

Principles? He's talking about PRINCIPLES?

Oh boy. I'm glad that reporters have dubbed the Harper plane Scaremong-Air. But will they finally understand that Stephen Harper is not just a rabid partisan who wants to destroy the Liberal Party? He has madness in his genes, and a bizarre vindictive streak that could destroy this country.

Because why do they think Harper is repeating the word coalition over and over again?

Yes, he is trying to make the word coalition sound scarier than the word majority.

But the real reason is that the last time he stirred up the coalition boogieman, it worked for him like a charm. During the coalition crisis he pitted English Canadians against Quebecers, stirred up the demon of anti-Quebecois feeling, and if an election had been held then he would have won a crushing majority.

So count on him to try again. Even though Canada is a fragile country, held together over the years by the genius of compromise. And he would tear it apart, just to appease the angry voices in his head. And win his precious majority.

That's the real madness of Stephen Harper. That's why I hate that foul bully so much.

The good news? He can't help himself. The mask is falling off. Even our dumb, cowed media are starting to wonder about his state of mind.

And hopefully more Canadians will start to wonder what might happen if they ever gave the maniac a majority...

As I always said eh?

Stephen Harper cannot be trusted.

He is unfit to remain in office.

And he must be defeated if Canada is going to survive...

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Coalition and the Dirty Game

I hate to bring Don Cherry into a discussion about anything eh? I realize I'm living in Con Canada, and that he's the Redneck Messiah.

But my scientific background tells me that the neverending demonization of the word  COALITION is beginning to resemble a brain injury.

It would be “crazy” to vote for anyone but a conservative majority – a minority would allow the opposition parties to form a coalition – their “hidden agenda.”

And I'm really worried about Stephen Harper. Because any leader who would make the word coalition sound threatening, even though he formed one himself.

Is clearly trying out for the role of Big Brother.

And when he accuses Ignatieff of having a  "hidden agenda" you really have to question his nerve...or his sanity.

Because anyone who thinks that a coalition government would be scarier than a Harper majority must be a Con ...or an IDIOT.

But of course what he is really doing is trying to change the subject, away from corruption, lobbyists, and escorts. And once again preparing to pit English Canada against the evil Quebecers. Like he did during the last coalition crisis.

And in that regard Michael Ignatieff also gave himself a minor concussion.

Because let's face it eh? That won't win him any votes in Quebec where the idea of a coalition is popular. But then Ignatieff was caught between a rock and a hard place. 

If Ignatieff said he would consider a coalition depending on the election outcome, he would risk associating himself with a term that has become a "bad brand," Russell said. But if Ignatieff said no, he would limit his options following the election or risk backlash if he eventually changed his mind. In fact, precisely what happened to his predecessor, Stéphane Dion.

And Harper wouldn't be able to get away with it, if the MSM wasn't playing his dirty game.

I watched the campaign launch this morning. Harper, sounding somewhat like an insane person, said we have a clear choice to "elect a stable majority government or a reckless coalition." In a pretty long speech, he shrouded the threat of a coalition in almost every pronouncement. His tone was, "If you're not voting for me, you're voting for the Devil."

This was to be expected. I have to say though -- and I try to avoid media-bashing -- the Ottawa reporters are shrill and single-minded in playing Harper's game. They are loudly demanding to know if Michael Ignatieff is planning to form a coalition and, in hectoring him mercilessly, are succeeding in demonizing the idea of a "coalition" just as if Harper had written the script

Oh well. At least now Ignatieff can tell those media stooges to take a hike. Or read the statement. Or explain why they find a coalition so menacing.

Today Harper had everyone playing his dirty game. 

But tomorrow we can get back to BASICS...

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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Downfall of Stephen Harper

Until the very end of his foul Con regime he showed his contempt for democracy, and his hatred for this country.

He stayed away from Parliament for the last three days. He made a short statement that never mentioned the issues of abuse and corruption. He refused to answer questions from the media.

And only seconds after he turned his back on them, his stooges rushed in and dismantled the podium so the other opposition leaders couldn't use it. In one last sign of the madness bubbling within him.

But nothing could save his government from the wrath of the Canadian people. Or the verdict of history...

And it was sooooooooo SWEET.

For all the women and children he deliberately set out to hurt. For all the poor people he was prepared to let go hungry or reduce to a state of indignity. For all the gay Canadians who have been made second-class citizens in their own country. 

For the people of Afghanistan he allowed to be savagely tortured. For Omar Khadr who he left to rot in a place like Guantanamo. Just because pain turns him on. And as the monster has admitted, he likes to see fear in the eyes of others.

For the poor gentle human right's campaigner Remy Beauregard, who was bullied to death by those ugly Cons. 

For the country whose beautiful decent values he raped over and over again. For all his lies and all his FILTH.  

Now it is up to us to finish the tyrant off.

Tomorrow we fight for our freedom and our future. But tonight we celebrate the downfall of the Harper regime.

And the beginning of the Great Canadian Uprising....

They will not force us.
They will stop degrading us.
They will not control us.
We will be VICTORIOUS.

Fear nothing my brothers and sisters. Just fight them harder and better than we ever have before.

The Harper regime has fallen.


Long live our beautiful Canada !!!!!!

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Julian Fantino and the Cupcake Budget

OMG. I was watching the Evian Solomon show today, and there was Julie Fantino making a complete idiot out of himself. By dismissing this CARP poll. 

62% say it is NOT a budget which benefits older Canadians 58% say they do NOT agree with the budget overall 54% say the Opposition Parties should vote against the Budget.

Claiming that he had other numbers... and that most seniors don't use computers anyway. Huh? 

Only to have someone from CARP e-mail the show, and inform Fantino that they will make sure ALL their members hear about that one.

And since the Cons are targeting seniors as part of their Plan for Total Domination. 

I'm sure Stephen Harper will hear about that too, and Julie will be forced to crawl six hundred and sixty six times around Great Angry Leader's desk...backwards. While Harper rides him like a burro.

How tragic eh? Once he was a cop...  I mean a TOP. Now he's a bottom. With a  persecution complex. Mama Mia.

Seriously though...I'm not surprised seniors weren't fooled by this budget. They know that an extra $1.50 a day won't help anyone escape from poverty, hunger, or indignity.

And that Jimbo Flaherty's budget is just like one of those cupcakes, covered with brightly coloured sprinkles. They look very pretty, but they are not very tasty or very filling.

Although I suppose if you're a nasty little Con gnome like Jimbo.

Even a cupcake can seem ENORMOUS...

And for a hungry senior I suppose it's better than nothing eh?

Oh boy. What can I say about these Cons that I haven't said before. Except that it takes a very evil ideology to spend BILLIONS on fancy jet planes, and almost nothing on poor children and seniors.

And you have to be really cruel bastards to do something like this.

Industry Minister Tony Clement has asked his Conservative colleagues in the Senate to vote against an NDP bill that would allow generic companies to copy brand-name drugs and sell them at cut rates to the world’s poorest countries.

You know, I was poking around the net looking for some video I could borrow... to make my low budget attack ads. When I came across a spooky clip that sent an icy chill down my spine.

Because it made me imagine what it would be like if Stephen Harper and his totalitarian Cons ever got a majority. 

And we were forced to go on living in their moral darkness.


I see that there are still a few progressives out there who think an election is a bad idea.

But not me eh?

I can feel the darkness, and I'm running fighting for the light....

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Day Canada Became Clean Again

An amazing thing happened this afternoon eh? As soon as the three opposition leaders announced they would work together to bring down the Harper Regime. 

It started to snow, and Canada looked as beautiful as only Canada can.

It was as if the gods of The Great White North knew that the filthy Cons would soon be gone, the smell of syphilis and corruption would lift, and our country would soon be clean again.

For it has been a horrible nightmare.

Stephen Harper and his political thugs have corrupted this country, gnawed on its guts like a cancer, and they must be cut out and thrown into the garbage can of history if our Canada is to survive.

And now we are free to attack them like they have never been attacked before, as thieves, thugs, homophobes, misogynists, liars, bullies, and above all TRAITORS.

For they are trying to turn our country into ugly AMERIKA. And we will not let them.

We love our beautiful Canada and we want it BACK.

Hooray for Jack Layton for daring to fight the Cons even though he is not well. Hooray for Michael Ignatieff for finally doing the right thing. Hooray for Gilles Duceppe for standing up for Canadian values.

Tomorrow we can talk about how we can club the Cons like seals. Or like the rabid attack hogs they are.

But tonight, after seeing that, I made a quick little video to help remind us what this struggle is all about.

And what Stephen Harper's ugly Cons have done to our country...

I've never been so proud to be a progressive Canadian eh?

So grateful for the chance to join so many others in trying to save our beautiful country. And I don't care what the pollsters, or the pundits or the pompous poobahs of the blogosphere say. Because enough is enough.

And any Canadian who can live in the totalitarian sewer that is Harper's Canada, and watch our democracy slowly being strangled, without lifting a finger to stop the maniac tyrant, is almost as bad as him as far as I'm concerned.  

Attack them, attack them, defeat those ugly Cons.

Make Canada clean again.....

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A Bully Story in Three Acts

Act One: A bullied kid in Australia finally snaps, teaches a bully a painful lesson, and becomes an internet sensation.

Act Two: Casey Heynes goes on TV and explains why he did what he did and why he isn't sorry.

Act Three: The bully, after being battered by a torrent of abuse and ridicule, goes on TV and says he's been bullied too.

My Conclusion:

Life is never as simple as it seems. I feel sorry for them all.  

When I was younger I though that the best way to fight bullying, was to beat up the bullies. Now I know there are better ways.

But one thing remains the same eh ? 

Bullying is bad.

And it hurts EVERYONE...

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jimbo Flaherty's Hunger Budget

I wasn't hoping for much from the ghastly little Con gnome Jimbo Flaherty. I knew his budget would be just another crass attempt to buy votes, and so it was.

Whatever else can be said of the budget, it is an election-ready grab-bag of goodies sure to get the attention of ordinary Canadians, the product of the Conservatives reverting to their pre-recession strategy of targeting potential voters with simple, hearty handouts.

I didn't want anything for myself. All I asked was that he do something to help poor seniors and children, because so many of them are going to bed hungry.

I know that because Seb and I see them every day, frail gaunt seniors, and pale sickly children with hollow eyes. In one of the richest countries in the world.

But even that those foul Cons would not do. All they did was give the poorest seniors $1.50 more a day, while giving BILLIONS to the richest people in Canada. So those hogs can hand out big bonuses, and stuff themselves with caviar.

And middle class families can send their well fed children to music camp.

Just like Big Daddy.

What a coincidence eh?

Then there's all that other swine stuff. Nothing for daycare, nothing to improve pensions, nothing to help stop aboriginal kids from killing themselves.

And an insane plan to build more mega-prisons, and spend a THOUSAND times more on them than crime-prevention programs.  

The same kind of budget Jimbo Flaherty loved when he worked for the goon Mike Harris, waged war on the poor.

And threatened to jail the homeless...

In short, a budget worth defeating.

This budget is a reminder that Harper is allergic to the traditional progressive instincts of the country. His government’s frugal budget has set the table for an election the Tories’ combined rivals can win. Now we wait to see if they finally have the will to end the tyranny of a minority.

Not just because it's the right thing to do. I mean what kind of country do we want?

But also because even with all the shiny baubles, there is not enough in it to buy too many votes, or make Canadians forget all the other dirty things the Con mob has been doing.

Fancy jet planes and juicy corporate tax cuts, or helping hungry seniors and children? Democracy or dictatorship?

Golly. I like simple choices. It's like choosing between Canada or Amerika eh?

Oh yeah. Hit me... on my knee.... with your best shot Jimbo.

Bring it on baby gnome !!!!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Unmaking of Stephen Harper

He is without a doubt the most grotesque and contemptible Prime Minister in Canadian history.

And the grubbiest Wicked Wacko Witch of the West this country has ever seen.

But here's the good news eh?

He can mute the screaming voices in his head, so many Canadians can't hear them.

But when the pus starts oozing out of his ears, and other orifices, even the dumbest  can smell it.

Trust in the Prime Minister’s leadership has waned over the past month, amid charges that the Conservative government is in contempt of Parliament for hiding information; after party officials were charged with breaking the election law in 2006; and now with allegations emerging that Bruce Carson, a former confidant of Mr. Harper, sought to win contracts that benefited him and his much, much younger girlfriend.

A poll conducted by Nanos Research for The Globe and Mail and CTV reveals a sharp drop in the past month in Mr. Harper’s leadership index score – a compendium measuring Canadians’ attitudes toward the trustworthiness, competence and vision of political leaders.

That score declined from 99 in February to its current level of 83, eliminating the gains in popularity that the Conservatives had purchased through a saturation campaign of negative advertising.

And when we focus our attacks on the man monster.

Who is corrupting our Canada and its values...

Theo Moudakis/Toronto Star

And attack him like he has attacked the decent people of this country.

We will DESTROY him...

Are you afraid of an election?

I'm not.

Tin Man...can I borrow your axe?

Bring it on BABY !!!!!!

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Big Moon and the Dead Blog

There's a big moon over Mount Royal tonight. And I'm sitting here staring at that little plane flying into the darkness, and wondering why blogs can't last forever.

And how sorry I am to discover that somebody has taken down Bruce McDonald's blog Canuck Attitude. Only four months after he committed suicide.

Disappointed because I won't be able to link to some of his bully stories, to illustrate the horror of homophobia, and how it can kill, long after the bullying stops.

Disappointed because now the link to the different versions of the flag he designed...

Takes you to the same dead place.

Instead of being shared with people all over the world as it was for years.

But mostly I'm sad because I thought Bruce's blog was also his memorial, a place to go to remember him, and I was planning to keep it on my blogroll forever.

I don't know why somebody took it down. I hope it wasn't because they thought it's not the kind of memorial that a "respectable" dead person should have. Because that would be so wrong.

The good news? Somebody saved some of his words.

And on the night of the big moon, his friend Rick has a great story to tell.

Although Ricky did get one thing wrong eh? 

I stole Bruce's jukebox before they closed the joint down.

And tonight it played this song...

Hi...what are you doing? Writing.

Oh boy. It's going to be hard to remove Canuck Attitude from my blogroll. And maybe I never will.

But Bruce is really gone now. Time moves on like a river. A blog is just a blog.

And nothing is forever...

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stephen Harper Goes to War

I just saw some video of Canadian jets refuelling at Prestwick Airport near Glasgow. I just saw tornado fighters from Lossiemouth, the RAF base next to the Scottish village where I was born, landing in the theatre of action.

I'm glad the world is taking action to stop the degenerate dictator Muammar Gaddafi from slaughtering his own people. But my heart is also heavy.

Because let there be no doubt, the writing is on the wall.

War fits with the Conservative storyline of Harper as a strong, decisive leader. War against a notorious villain contradicts opposition charges of Conservative moral bankruptcy. The inevitable media stories of brave Canadian pilots and grateful Libyan rebels can only distract attention from the Conservative government’s real failings.

If the opposition was thinking of triggering an election this week, now they should reconsider. Because with jingoism sweeping this nation they would be slaughtered.

Most important, voters like wars — or at least those wars that are brief, victorious and relatively costless. They are exciting. They give people a chance to cheer and wave flags.

During the initial days of a popular war, people invariably come together. They support their troops. They support their leaders.

Also, as much as as I welcome military action, I am also troubled by the motives of those leading the charge in this latest "Coalition of the Willing."

David Cameron needs a war to take the spotlight off his brutal campaign against his own people. Nicolas Sarkozy needs a war to bolster his own polls, and make people forget he has been arming the Libyans.

In France, web outlet Rue89 interviews Jean Guisnel, whose recent book on the arms trade has a chapter devoted to Libya. He names French politicians involved in weapons deals with Libya: president Nicolas Sarkozy, minister of defence Michèle Alliot-Marie and her husband, and the Libyan middle-man Ziad Takieddine.

The UAE welcomes a war, because it will help them dodge responsibility for invading Bahrain to put down the freedom fighters in that country.

And we all know Stephen Harper will do ANYTHING to take the spotlight off his scandal ridden government, and win his precious majority.

Then there's the troubling military situation. Can air power alone bring down the Gaddafi regime? When the rebels are brave but poorly trained.

And the tyrant could move his forces into urban areas, where attacking them could result in heavy civilian casualties.

Because let there be no illusions, if he is not overthrown, the maniac will try to strike back at Canada and other countries. Just as he did in 1988, when he brought down this plane over the Scottish town of Lockerbie.

Killing 259 people on the plane, 11 on the ground. And scattering body parts all over that peaceful little place.

Ever since then, I wanted somebody to kill Gaddafi for that crime alone. Hoped that somebody would bring me his ear, so I could feed it to my dog. 

So you can imagine how I feel now. I support our flyers, and the ones from RAF Lossiemouth, to the max. And I'll be cheering on the freedom fighters.

But what horrible timing, what a cruel twist of fate.

What if we set out to save Libya and lost Canada ?

What if we set out to bring down a tyrant ?

And ended up crowning our own....

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