Thursday, March 24, 2011

Julian Fantino and the Cupcake Budget

OMG. I was watching the Evian Solomon show today, and there was Julie Fantino making a complete idiot out of himself. By dismissing this CARP poll. 

62% say it is NOT a budget which benefits older Canadians 58% say they do NOT agree with the budget overall 54% say the Opposition Parties should vote against the Budget.

Claiming that he had other numbers... and that most seniors don't use computers anyway. Huh? 

Only to have someone from CARP e-mail the show, and inform Fantino that they will make sure ALL their members hear about that one.

And since the Cons are targeting seniors as part of their Plan for Total Domination. 

I'm sure Stephen Harper will hear about that too, and Julie will be forced to crawl six hundred and sixty six times around Great Angry Leader's desk...backwards. While Harper rides him like a burro.

How tragic eh? Once he was a cop...  I mean a TOP. Now he's a bottom. With a  persecution complex. Mama Mia.

Seriously though...I'm not surprised seniors weren't fooled by this budget. They know that an extra $1.50 a day won't help anyone escape from poverty, hunger, or indignity.

And that Jimbo Flaherty's budget is just like one of those cupcakes, covered with brightly coloured sprinkles. They look very pretty, but they are not very tasty or very filling.

Although I suppose if you're a nasty little Con gnome like Jimbo.

Even a cupcake can seem ENORMOUS...

And for a hungry senior I suppose it's better than nothing eh?

Oh boy. What can I say about these Cons that I haven't said before. Except that it takes a very evil ideology to spend BILLIONS on fancy jet planes, and almost nothing on poor children and seniors.

And you have to be really cruel bastards to do something like this.

Industry Minister Tony Clement has asked his Conservative colleagues in the Senate to vote against an NDP bill that would allow generic companies to copy brand-name drugs and sell them at cut rates to the world’s poorest countries.

You know, I was poking around the net looking for some video I could borrow... to make my low budget attack ads. When I came across a spooky clip that sent an icy chill down my spine.

Because it made me imagine what it would be like if Stephen Harper and his totalitarian Cons ever got a majority. 

And we were forced to go on living in their moral darkness.


I see that there are still a few progressives out there who think an election is a bad idea.

But not me eh?

I can feel the darkness, and I'm running fighting for the light....

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Alison said...

I'm a low income senior who will have to keep working til I drop. I can assure Julian and Harpie that seniors do use computers and we are not all suffering from senile dementia. We know a crock full- o'shit when we see it.

Simon said...

hi's awful that so many people in this country have to work until they physically can't. A decent and dignified retirement is the hallmark of a civilized society. We are a rich country that should be able to take care of ALL its citizens. But of course the Cons would turn our once progressive country into a jungle. As for the computer stuff...I have to admit that when I heard him say that, his mouth was open and so was mine. :) And he's the (Junior) Minister for Seniors? What a joke.
I knew as soon as he couldn't arrest people he'd be in trouble.
I'm also very very happy to see seniors speaking up and getting engaged. Let's hope younger Canadians will follow their example...

marie said...

Hi Simon, I am of one who filled out the questions from CARP I too am a senior and I do use a computer. I have been for the past 15 years or so. As for Fontino, he was crooked as a cop and worst now. That does seem to be the qualification for being a Harper Con. And yes Alison, we do know a crock full of bull shit when we see it. iT smells to high heaven also.

Simon said...

hi're not alone. I read a story recently that seniors made up a large percentage of Canadians online. Why is why when I heard Fantino say that I thought WTF? The guy is the Minister of State for Seniors and he doesn't know that? Oh well, as I told Alison, I love it when seniors stand up for their rights, and needless to say I'm with them all the way... :)