Monday, March 28, 2011

What if Stephen Harper Got a Majority?

I try not to think about that question eh? It gives me a choking feeling, and keeps me up at night.

But Heather Mallick examines that nightmare scenario, and it's totally brilliant.

A Harper majority government would be dishonest. That's an easy one, they're Dodgy Inc. now, with their in-and-out campaign financing, lying to Parliament, allegations of illegally blocking freedom of information, killing the long-form census to cater to invented online outrage, wildly underestimating the cost of those Lockheed Martin jets, padding the Senate they previously vowed to reform, accepting fat MP pensions they once decried . . . I could go on but lack the space and sometimes the will to live, frankly.


If that's what they say about Ignatieff, imagine what they'll say about you. The Conservative hate machine will swivel toward you like a Dalek and advance. You're doomed. A Harper majority government wouldn't just lash out generally. It would hunt down its enemies.

Fear these people. Don't get sick. Don't grow old. Don't have children. Make yourself invulnerable.

I laughed at that last line eh? But then I realized it isn't funny. It could really happen. Because with a leader so twisted, so morally depraved, and recklessly vindictive like Stephen Harper, we could end up in a very dark place.

With the creepy nerds in the PMO, and Charles McVety's obedient hordes free to do ANYTHING they wanted.

Golly. I love the way this plot is going. What a difference a couple of days makes. 

With all this material I wouldn't be surprised if our vicious attack ads win an Oscar eh?

We've got our Great Scary Leader.

Now all we need is an exorcist...

Yes.Yes. Finish them Monkey God.

Send them all back to Alabama...or Alberta.

Because this is Canada not Harperland.

And they're not welcome here...

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Skinny Dipper said...

That's a good question. The opposition needs to describe what a Harper majority autocracy would look like.

rww said...

If Stephen Harper got a majority he would govern as if he had a majority, same as if he has been doing all along.

Scott in Montreal said...

The media are not happy with Mr. Harper and want to punish him for screwing up their preferred storyline in the last election (by not winning a majority). They by and large cannot wait to tell the story of how Ignatieff stormed out and captured the imaginations of Canadians and won a majority Liberal government. I feel it happening right now. This will be a campaign to watch and to tell our grand-kiddies about.

SarahP said...

Fear mongering.

Sooooo passe.

Anonymous said...

If Stephen Harper gets his majority he will either

(a) implement an agenda unacceptable to Canadians and be removed from office during general election #42, or

(b) turn populist to extend his length of time in power as long as is possible.

If I was a betting man I would, at least at this point, go with (b).

My thoughts are back and forth however, today at least, I doubt that he will get his majority.

Simon said...

hi Skinny Dipper...I completely agree with you. Polls show that forty percent of Canadians don't trust Harper, and we need to push those numbers up. You'd think that they'd know that Harper is dangerous. But some people need to be shaken more than others... :)

Simon said...

hi rww...I'm afraid I don't agree. It's true Harper has been governing almost like he had a majority. But when he has total power he will be able to do things he couldn't do before, or risk that majority.
I'd say just watch him, but for your sake and mine, I'd rather not... :)

Simon said...

hi Scott...I hope you're right, and that the media finally realize that Harper is crazy dangerous. But their bosses love their corporate tax cuts, so I don't know how far they will be willing to go.
Right now I just consider them collaborators, and it's up to them to prove me wrong...

Simon said...

hi Sarah would think so eh? Like we needed more things to be afraid of in this scary world.
But scaremongering has always been a favourite right-wing tactic. A recent report showed how conservatives have a larger fear gland in their brains than liberals. So I'm not sure they can help themselves... ;)

Simon said...

hi stageleft...I'm not sure that I agree with you. I am not one of those who believe that he is merely a power hungry opportunist. I believe he craves power as a means to an end i.e. leave his mark by changing Canada beyond recognition. And if he gets that majority I'm quite sure it won't take him more than a few months to do that. And since he will have to make brutal cuts to government and social services if he hopes to bring the deficit under control, especially if the economy goes south which is entirely possible, he can kiss goodbye to any chances of being a populist. However, I do feel exactly like you on the optimism scale. One day I do, and the next day I don't... :)