Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stephen Harper Plays a Cop:The Video

When I heard that Stephen Harper was going to play a desk sargent in some police series on TV, I assumed he'd look like this.

Just like his Con crime fighting package, totally insane, and very American.

But actually it's WORSE...

It's set in Victorian times. I can't tell whether he's playing Big Brother or Jack the Ripper.

And both the clip, and this interview are positively SCARY.

But of course the real mystery is why is Stephen Harper is campaigning on breakfast television, promoting some TV show, instead of attending Question Period, when he says he doesn't want an election?

Why is he blaming his daughter for this cheap propaganda stunt? Who wrote this corny script ?

Constable Crabtree, talking about a hot hockey talent: “If the Ottawa hockey club can sign him next year, they will win the Stanley Cup.

Stephen Harper as Desk Sergeant Armstrong: “Not possible Crabtree. Too much infighting in Ottawa.”

Dimitri Soudas?

Or Mike Duffy?

And who had the bright idea of rubbing grease all over Harper's helmet head to make him look like a gangster? Julian Fantino? Or Bev Oda?

Before she left town in a hurry, in her limo, with the In and Out Gang.

Oh boy. You know only a man as deeply disturbed as Stephen Harper could play Big Brother, Jack the Ripper, and a Con gangster. All at the same time.

And I suppose it's good that he'll have something to fall back on, after he loses his day job, and serves his time in prison.

But you know what's REALLY scary eh? By the time that awful episode airs he could have a majority, and be arresting people for REAL.

Organize, unite, defeat swarm him.

Don't let him WIN...

Theo Moudakis/The Toronto Star

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