Friday, March 25, 2011

The Downfall of Stephen Harper

Until the very end of his foul Con regime he showed his contempt for democracy, and his hatred for this country.

He stayed away from Parliament for the last three days. He made a short statement that never mentioned the issues of abuse and corruption. He refused to answer questions from the media.

And only seconds after he turned his back on them, his stooges rushed in and dismantled the podium so the other opposition leaders couldn't use it. In one last sign of the madness bubbling within him.

But nothing could save his government from the wrath of the Canadian people. Or the verdict of history...

And it was sooooooooo SWEET.

For all the women and children he deliberately set out to hurt. For all the poor people he was prepared to let go hungry or reduce to a state of indignity. For all the gay Canadians who have been made second-class citizens in their own country. 

For the people of Afghanistan he allowed to be savagely tortured. For Omar Khadr who he left to rot in a place like Guantanamo. Just because pain turns him on. And as the monster has admitted, he likes to see fear in the eyes of others.

For the poor gentle human right's campaigner Remy Beauregard, who was bullied to death by those ugly Cons. 

For the country whose beautiful decent values he raped over and over again. For all his lies and all his FILTH.  

Now it is up to us to finish the tyrant off.

Tomorrow we fight for our freedom and our future. But tonight we celebrate the downfall of the Harper regime.

And the beginning of the Great Canadian Uprising....

They will not force us.
They will stop degrading us.
They will not control us.
We will be VICTORIOUS.

Fear nothing my brothers and sisters. Just fight them harder and better than we ever have before.

The Harper regime has fallen.


Long live our beautiful Canada !!!!!!

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Oemissions said...

On CBC radio 1 Almanac, the day of his birthday, David Suzuki, at home with a flu bug, flew into a serious rant about Stephen Harper and his "economy"

Craig Smith said...

If you are this apoplectic with a Harper minority, I can't wait to see you folks when he has a majority :)

Backseat Blogger said...


methinks you are batshit crazy. talk about harper derangement syndrome.

what on earth are you going to do when harper wins a majority? when they do i want to be there to see your head explode.

out here in BC, the Liberals are toast.

Let me repeat that. The Liberals are toast. They will lose every single seat they hold here. they will lose the one they have in alberta, they'll pick up 4 or so in Newfoundland... and voila Harper mjaority.

i guess all those canadians (ie the 40% +/- that have the temerity to disagree with you are all raving homophobic fascist to you.

Simon said...

hi Oemissions...Unfortunately I don't listen to CBC radio, but I'm sure I would have enjoyed that one. :) Good for Suzuki. I only hope I can be a passionate as him about Canada and the planet when I'm his age...

Simon said...

hi Craig...I suppose it possible Harper could win a majority. You can fool a lot of people for a long time. But I doubt it eh? If you had a decent sane leader, like Jim Prentice for example, you probably could win a majority. But not with Harper. I honestly don't believe that Canadians trust him enough to give him what he wants. But then I suppose it's theroretically possible I could be wrong. In that case you'll be laughing, and I'll be in jail... ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of the Canadian Left, but Harper's autocratic conduct is something that this country could do without.

However, none of the other parties are likely to do any better.

We need to all put our politicians in the hot seat by demanding that they serve us, not merely their parties or themselves:

And, yes, Montréal Simon, this is a call to action. I'm gonna do my part. I'd appreciate it greatly if you joined me. ;)

Anonymous said...

Prentice left because of Carson. wOOt! The scum floats.

Beijing York said...

Prentice left because of Carson? What about Day and Stahl? Did they also smell the floaters?

I would definitely be worried about Harper getting a majority it he was defeated on his campaign budget. But to be defeated on CONTEMPT of Parliament is just too good to be true. Not only the first in Canada but a first in the Commonwealth.

That is mega-stink. Hell, from a historic perspective it makes AdScam child's play. Let's hope all the opposition parties recognize what an amazing gift they've been given and run with it, fast and furiously.

Simon said...

hi Backseat Blogger...well I suppose I should be consoled by your admission that Harper is deranged. ;)
But please don't cling to your delusion that he is going to get a majority, because I don't want to see your hopes raised, and then cruelly dashed.
And no I don't think that all Cons are homophobic fascists. I didn't say that. What I said was that his government is openly discriminating against gay people just because of who they are. That's true and you know it.
But anyway what I am doing is just mulling over how best to attack your leader and his zombie followers. For months he has been bombarding the airwaves with foul attack ads. And now it's OUR turn...

Simon said...

hi don't have to be a lefty to dislike Stephen Harper. My dad is an old-style Conservative and he doesn't like Harper either.
I read your post, and I agree with you completely. Politics in this country has been dragged into the gutter, and it is our fault for not being better citizens. When I see people on TV saying they don't follow politics it makes me want to scream. Because from ignorance like that do tyrants emerge.
So I will be joining you in my way, by doing all I can to get people to vote. In fact, I have told my fool friends that I intend to herd them to the polling station, with a big stick if necessary... :)

Simon said...

hi anonymous...did he really? I wouldn't be surprised if he did, because although I don't want to go overboard eh? I always thought Prentice is a decent person, and far too classy for the Harperites...

Simon said...

hi Beijing...I'm with you. The budget annoys me because it pretends to help poor people when it really doesn't. But the contempt of Parliament outrages me.
I don't care what party does it, if you don't stand up to it, our democracy will become corrupted, and that simply cannot be allowed to happen.
I am also hopeful that Canadians will come to see it that way. After hearing some comments on our local CP 24 station,I realize it won't be an easy, but if we work hard we can do it...

Craig said...

The coalition is a real quagmire for the Liberals. In Quebec, it is VERY popular. But outside Quebec, it is despised. If the Liberals come out against it, they face a double-edged attack - from the NDP and Bloc in Quebec (saying opposing a coalition just gives power to Harper) and from the Conservatives elsewhere (saying Ignatieff cannot be believed after 2008). Ignatieff cannot win on the issue.

Simon said...

hi Craig...I'm afraid you're right.
Ignatieff is between a rock and a hard place. Unfortunately Harper has been able to demonize the idea of a coalition. However if it comes down to a question of what is scarier to most Canadians, a coalition or a Harper majority, I'm betting on the latter....

marie said...

Backseat Blogger;out here in BC, the Liberals are toast.

Let me repeat that. The Liberals are toast. They will lose every single seat they hold here. they will lose the one they have in alberta, they'll pick up 4 or so in Newfoundland... and voila Harper mjaority.


Let me be perfectly clear troll. It is not hard to see here who the fascist is here. Living in a pretend world can be a bit disappointing when your theory is blown right into the prevailing winds.

BC people are not as stupid as you think trolls. We do have brains, we watch the news and by god, we also vote with an open mind and common sense and not necessarily of what is portrayed by opinion writers or Trolls.
Go play in your blue sand box kid. Grow up and grow a brain while your at it.

I wouldn’t be so sure of Alberta or in Nfl either and very doubtful of his odds of winning a majority. Minority maybe because of his attack ads paid for by all Canadians. The campaign has not really started as yet kid. Hey Kid, prepare yourself for a huge disappointment. Your idol Harper is showing signs of being very afraid. His lies are finally catching up with him. The only way he can help is campaign is to hibernate until May 2nd because the more he talks the more Canadians are seeing him for the inadequate PM material he is (NOT)

Simon said...

hi Marie...good for you. That'll teach that Backseat Blogger to call me crazy.
I must admit I was a bit shocked by what he said. But they don't call it beautiful B.C. for nothing eh?
And I should have known they were better than that.... :)