Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The English King, Me, and My Mum

The other night I made the big mistake of saying that one of the reasons the Oscars bombed, was because the big winner was a movie about a King. BORING.

And was raked over the coals by my most ferocious monarchist opponent:

My Mum.

She pointed out quite correctly that the movie is really about a human being trying to overcome a condition that bullies sometimes target to hurt and humiliate others. And that I should know.

And besides how could I say that when the blessed Queen Mumsy loved Canada soooooo much?

So now I just want to say that what I REALLY meant was how could they expect  a movie about a King to be popular in America? When the teabaggers threw all that tea into the harbour in order to get rid of one. 

They're running the country.

And they don't even like this American version...

But of course I do. I think it's a definite improvement.  

In fact I can't wait to see the Canadian version.

With Stephen Harper as the King.

And Don Cherry as his vocal coach...

Yabba Dabba Doo Doo.

Mah...Mah...Mah...MAJORITY !!!!


Yup. Mums are always mostly right.

The English King might have been a nice guy.

But this is King Harper's Canada eh?

So down with the monarchy !!!!!!

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