Wednesday, March 02, 2011

New Poll Shows Con Support Crumbling

Lordy. What a difference a day makes. If this roller coaster ride gets any more exciting I'm going to have to put the phone on hold, and light up a cigarette.

Yesterday the Cons were heading for a crushing majority.

The new survey shows the Tories have a 16-point lead over the Liberals, led by Michael Ignatieff. The Grits, who have been trying to stoke voter anger over the government’s performance, have the support of 27% of voters, up by two points.

Today another poll comes out, and whoops, hold the champagne or the hemlock. Suddenly they're NOT.

A new poll by Harris-Decima for The Canadian Press added Wednesday to the confusing mix of surveys released over the past week.

It put Tory support at 36 per cent, the Liberals at 28 and the NDP at 15.

I'm not a polling expert so I don't know what to believe. Although I tend to agree with Allan Gregg.

Gregg has incurred the wrath of some of his competitors since he went public last month with blunt criticism of the methodological problems facing the industry and the penchant of pollsters and reporters to over-hype dubious between-election political survey results.

But this I do know, there is no reason to despair. The Cons have been blanketing the airwaves with their attack ads and their Porky Action Plan ads, that are nothing more than Con propaganda paid for with OUR money.

We haven't started fighting back yet, but we're still ALIVE.

And when we do start running attack ads, and we ask Canadians whether they can trust a man who is buying votes with our tax dollars. Or trying to game the system. Like those in his inner circle are accused of doing with the so called In and Out or Hump and Pump scandal.

A man who would allow a cabinet minister to get away with doctoring a document, and would put a cat among the pigeons.

A former Conservative party official charged last week in the “in-and-out” election spending affair is now working in the office of the auditor general of Canada, the government’s chief spending watchdog.

A man who gutted the census, and is planning to murder medicare.

You know... this guy...

The vampire who wants a majority, so he can run the blood bank.

Yup. When we start asking Canadians whether they can trust a man like that who lies about EVERYTHING, will be the day we start hitting the Cons where it HURTS.

And by the time Spring arrives I wouldn't be surprised if the Con castle crumbles like this one I saw the other day...

(Click pic to enlarge)

Golly. Remind me to order crab to go with the champagne at our victory party.

You know, I might still have a smoke eh?

Having to talk so many of my progressive friends out of jumping off tall buildings has taken its toll. Even though I always tell them the same thing.

Cheer-up and get ready to attack the Cons like we never have before.

Spring will soon be here.

And we are not BEATEN...

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Annie said...

Among his objectives, Harper for many many year , loathes the Liberals and wants to rid Canada of the party..did away with the PCs and I guess he won't even like The NDP. He wants to be a one- man recking ball to this Country.
He needs help mentally

prin said...

Loooooook! This is the reason he's going to lose his majority! :D

prin said...

And! There's a twitter backlash on tonight about his "Harper Government" official document header. Ooo.

Simon said...

Hi Annie...Stephen Harper doesn't just want to defeat his opponents, he wants to DESTROY them. He rules by fear, he acts like a dictator and/or a clinical psychopath, he lies all the time. He definitely need help, but then so do we. Help in getting rid of him and his Cons. I have a lucky wooden chicken that I bought in Mexico. I usually use it when my hockey team is in the playoffs eh? But now I've got it next to his portrait in my war room, and I'm hoping for a miracle... ;)

Simon said...

hi Prin...OMG. Harper's is DOOMED !!! As everybody in Quebec knows you don't fuck with La Bombe.
Who can forget what happened to the last guy who tried that. The French consultant who was supposed to come up with a whole new PR campaign to brand that village as a world class METROPOLE. But instead came up with the notion that English and French Canadians were locked in a sadomasochistic relationship.
La Bombe announced that he wanted to see him suffer and "BLEED."
So I'm hoping that the Government suffers the same fate. :)