Friday, March 04, 2011

When Teabaggers Attack Muslims: The Video

I had heard about this ugly event. How when a group of Muslims held an event in Yorba Linda, California, to raise money for a women's shelter and services for the homeless, they had to run a gauntlet of hatred.

A mob of about 200 crazed teabaggers, angry at the presence of two speakers they called "terrorists", turned up and bombarded them with vile insults.

But I didn't realize how ugly and deeply disturbing it was, until this video was released yesterday...

Because I don't care what those rabid teabaggers were protesting against, NOTHING can justify that display of naked hatred.

I think what was most striking about that video is that the presence of small children didn't give these anti-Muslim protesters even momentary pause; they just continued screeching their ugly invective while staring at 4-year-olds walking with their parents. People like that are so overflowing with hatred and resentments that the place where their humanity -- their soul -- is supposed to be has been drowned.

And when these soul destroyed bigots are not attacking Muslims, they're attacking gay people.

Because bullies are bullies, and fascists are fascists.

Damn. I've always hated them eh?

But now I hate them even more...

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  1. The more I watch the news about the US, the more I feel like their "freedom of speech" is only meant to protect hate and not actually free speech.

    Why the hell aren't these people arrested for disturbing the peace? They're screeching and screaming. Wtf.

  2. That was one of the most difficult to watch videos that I have seen in quite some time.

    Beyond the overt hatred on the part of the mob, what struck me most in this vid and another showing the harassment of a Muslim praying in front of the White House, , was the dignified manner in which the targets of this vile hatred dealt with their attackers.

  3. hi Prin...Unfortunately in America you can get away with anything in the name of free speech. The Phelps family just got away with mouthing obscenities at the funerals of dead soldiers. So what do you expect? I realize that the teabagger phenomenom is a complex one, but what it says about America is absolutely SCARY...

  4. hi Kev...I have practically an allergic reaction to any kind of bullying. Not only does it make the hairs on the back of my neck stand to attention, it makes my head pound, my face turn red, and of course, my fists clench.
    And this video was bad. It's nasty enough to see people shouting stuff like that at adults, but scaring children with their craziness is absolutely unforgivable. You know when I was in university I was always warning my friends that America would one day become a fascist state. They didn't believe it, and I don't think I really did either. But when I see all that fear and hate, now I think it's entirely possible...