Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Harper's Horror and the Leap of Faith

Well we know how low he can go. Lower than any other Prime Minister in Canadian history. But never let it be said that Stephen Harper could ever be stopped from plumbing the depths of depravity.

I think the Japanese will find their way of coping, but the fact of the matter is this should be a wake-up that we cannot afford to take our focus off the economy and get into a bunch of unnecessary political games. Or, as I said, an opportunistic, unnecessary election that nobody is asking for."

And hypocrisy. Denouncing the opposition for threatening an election he has been planning for months. Bombarding the air waves with attack ads. And now making sure that when it comes, it will be fought on his terms.

The government has put off until March 25 a Liberal opposition day, which had been tentatively scheduled for Monday.

By delaying it until three days after the budget, the government has guaranteed it will get at least one last chance to trumpet its economic management before heading to the polls.

So now if the opposition parties bring him down on the contempt of Parliament issue, he can say I wanted to give you all those goodies but the nasty coalition didn't let me.

The bad news? A new poll suggests that most Canadians don't want the government  brought down over the budget.

The Ipsos Reid poll found that only 27 per cent of Canadians believe the opposition parties should vote against the budget.

A further 17 per cent believe the opposition should wait to see what's in the budget before deciding what to do, while 40 per cent say the budget should be supported.

The good news? Canadians believe that the Cons should support medicare, and social programs. On that battlefield the Cons are vulnerable. And on the question of raping our democracy they stand condemned.  

So what will the progressive parties do? Will they go sooner rather than later? Or will they keep the Cons in power for another year?

It's a difficult decision. But all I can say is when you gotta go.

You gotta go...

And the best news? The Cons are more vulnerable than they appear.

And when things are desperate, and you're staring at The Abyss.

Even penguins can FLY...


  1. Anonymous4:27 AM

    . . .The government has put off until March 25 a Liberal opposition day, which had been tentatively scheduled for Monday. . . .


    That's another gamechanger tactic of the HarperCons. Time was that the opposition days and the legislative calendar were worked out by the House Leaders of the four parties.

    That changed when Harper rode into town. Now he dictates terms as to when opposition days will take place.

    That's just one example of all the little gamechanging tactics used by the HarperCons since coming to power.

    I still think that the older system works better because it keeps the government on its toes.
    This newer way, the government gets its message across first then lets the opposition react to it--and not the other way round as it had been before.

    Canadian Parliamentary democracy is buried somewhere in the country--probably next to the CBC butterfly.

  2. hi Torontonian...this government has made a mockery out of our parliamentary democracy. That alone should justify their expulsion. Unfortunately a lot of Canadians are too disconnected or dumb to care about democracy. But of all Harper's crimes against Canada,that one is the WORST...