Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stephen Harper and the Attack Poodles

If you want to know what Stephen Harper has done to Canada. How his diseased mind has poisoned our beautiful country. All you have to do is watch this video.

And then read what his sleazy PMO attack poodles had to say about it.

Can you believe it? Have you read anything more fevered or disgusting? Or just plain EVIL.

Can't you just see them? Sweating heavily, typing with one hand, wanking off with the other, squeezing a stinky turd onto the carpet, and then rolling in it. While screaming "I'd EAT one for Great Leader !!!!!!!!"

Gawd. I have to agree with Susan Delacourt. These aren't Canadians they're nothing but teabaggers. The nerd traitors in our midst who would turn us into AMERIKA.

All that remains to be determined is whether they are suffering from rabies or SYPHILIS.

But then who came blame them for being so desperate eh? This sordid scandal must be really bothering them. 

It's not like Stephen Harper can brag about HIS roots.

And I'm sure that shouting "We're Number Ten !!!!!!!" isn't as good as shouting "Canada's back !!!!!!!" When we're going backwards.

And this must be really devastating.

Because on this issue we can KILL them...

By the time the next campaign is over they'll be calling him (former) President Piñata. Or just Mistah Steve...the former leader of the Con Mafia.

And the BEST news?

The Con poodles can shit on the carpet as much as they like. Because the stench is soooooooooo revealing. 

These are the people poodles our parents warned us about.

And when we smell the doo doo.

We know who did it....

Now please...can we send the Con poodles to the pound?

Send the Con criminals to jail, and make our country clean again.

Because this is Canada NOT Amerika.

And enough is ENOUGH...

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