Saturday, March 05, 2011

Stephen Harper and the Corruption of Power

Well I warned you long ago that he had authoritarian tendencies eh?

That he likes to see fear in the eyes of others, that he believes he owns the truth, even though he lies all the time.

And that he is driven by a compulsive desire to destroy his opponents, bully others into submission, AND own the podium.

“After the PM spoke, handlers removed the podium and there was an awkward wait while organizers scrambled to find a replacement. At the same time, PMO media officials ushered the media out of the room.

But I feel it's only fair to remind Canadians that when he acts like a power hungry megalomaniac.

"It's not Stepen Harper's government, it's the goverment of all Canadians," Liberal MP Dominic LeBlanc told CBC News. "You'd expect this kind of directive to be issued by the ministry of information in North Korea."

It's only because he can't help himself.

It's in his genes.

The more power he gets, the crazier he becomes. The vengeful voices in his head scream out GIMME MY MAJORITY !!!!!! 

And everything he touches he bullies, or is accused of corrupting.

Bloc Québécois MP Richard Nadeau demanded the government release the terms of Ouimet's agreement, while Liberal MP Navdeep Bains alleged Prime Minister Stephen Harper had been telling Ouimet what to do.

"Can the prime minister confirm that he paid Ms. Ouimet hush money to cover up the fact her office was used to bury complaints from public servants?" Bains asked.

The good news? Now EVERYBODY knows that the next election will be all about Stephen Harper.

To say that he sets the tone of government is to engage in understatement. He sets tone, tempo and pace. He writes the libretto and composes the melody.

Which leaves it to us. How much do we dislike him? How much do we mistrust him? Do we dislike and mistrust the other party leaders more?

Is he the strong Prime Minister required by perilous times? Or is he just nasty?

Or is he just a dangerous mentally unbalanced ideologue, with a disturbing past, and a secret plan to strangle medicare? 

In 1999, a right-wing doctor, David Gratzer, wrote a book, Code Blue, that tore apart medicare, suggesting it should be replaced by U.S.-style private medicine and medical savings accounts. Dr. Gratzer now advises Republicans on health care.

Commenting on the book, Mr. Harper said: “Gratzer proposes a workable solution for the biggest policy problem of the coming generation – government-controlled health-care monopoly. Canada needs Gratzer’s solution.” Mr. Harper’s praise appeared on the cover jacket of Code Blue.

Golly. I think I like that last question the BEST.

Because it will help even the dumbest Canadians answer what will undoubtedly become THE QUESTION of the next election:

Would you trust this corrupt, power hungry, maniac bully with a MAJORITY?

Wow. What a great horror movie eh?  I just wish it was in smell-o-vision. 

Stephen Harper is losing his marbles.The ghost of Christopher Harper is on OUR side.

The Cons are stewing in their own excrement.

And we are going to DESTROY them...

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sassy said...

Oh Simon, you say it soooo well

Unknown said...

FYI Simon....

Rally for Democracy in Canada- March 19th

Keep blogging!

Simon said...

hi come I'm always being hit by the tiny CRUSH truck and I'm still standing? ;)

Simon said...

hi Sassy...why thank you :)
You know it's funny, when I was writing this post I was thinking to myself how tired I am of writing about Stephen Harper and his ghastly Cons. I would rather write about so many other things. But what can you do when the threat to this country is so horribly real? Long after Harper has retired from the Fraser Institute with a tin watch, after serving his prison sentence, I still won't forgive him for forcing me to write about him for so many years. Some things are unforgivable... ;)

Simon said...

hi can-esl...thank you for that. I'll do my part to get the message out. I'm also glad to see the Leadnow initiative. At a time when so many Canadians are disconnected, or sitting on their hands, it's good to see that some are organizing and trying to do something about it...