Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stephen Harper and the Mad Emperor

There was another scary moment on Great Ugly Leader's tour today, as his Goebbels Circus rolled into Saskatchewan.

A reporter asked him a question, and after answering it, he said with all the contempt he could muster, something like "That's the kind of question Terry Milewski would have asked."

And then as Milewski tried to recover, he stared at him, enjoying his discomfort, with a look in his cold dead eyes, that made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.

And all I could think of was poor CBC. If Harper gets a majority he's going to slit its throat...or rip it out with his teeth. Or bleed it like a pig. Because he's got a real hate on for that flawed, but still precious Canadian institution. And he doesn't take prisoners.

You have to wonder about how little personal regard Stephen Harper has for his opponents and how it affects how he runs a government and fights an election. More than any other politician in this country, this is a man with animus.

All this suggests a strange, pathological antipathy. It has been said that the prime minister wants to "destroy" the Liberal party as he establishes a new Conservative ascendancy. If so, his is a new ambition in our politics: denying the opposition institutional legitimacy.

And why? Because he enjoys the pain of others. Enjoys trapping us like a spider, in a web of lies and propaganda.

Truth, as we know, is a moving target. Facts need not matter. In politics, it’s about who brings the most megaphones to the table. Whatever gets repeated the most is the reality. With more ads, with more media support, with more resources, the Conservatives drown out their opponents. Their fictional universe overshadows those of the other parties.

He has all the base, brutish instincts of a tyrant-in-waiting.

Kicking off his campaign at Rideau Hall, Mr. Harper made the stunningly dismissive observation that the historic contempt-of-Parliament motion, prompted by the Speaker’s ruling, was just parliamentary manoeuvring that Canadians don’t care about.

And of course, he has the eerily similar nature of the first Harper.

And then, after reading all of the above, and thinking of what this monster has done to our country and its democracy, I wonder why nobody in the media dares to draw the obvious conclusion.

Stephen Harper is too twisted, vile, and mentally disturbed to be a Prime Minister of Canada.

Or why they don't warn Canadians that trusting him with a majority would be nothing less than MADNESS.

And their fatal silence reminds me of this story...

Who could ever have imagined that eh? The Mad Emperor ...in Canada...in 2011. A majority in reach. And Big Brother as the sequel.

Oh boy. Who I wonder will dare call a tyrant a tyrant? Or a maniac a MANIAC.

If the MSM doesn't then we must. Write it on a wall if necessary.

The Emperor has lost his clothes marbles.

And he must be DEFEATED...

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Kev said...

Damn there goes that mental picture thingy again

Beijing York said...

I swear if he gets a majority, I will do my best to try to find employment in Montreal and join the separatist movement.

Simon said...

hi Kev...I have to admit it, I've practically run out of metaphors to try to describe the situation we're in. Next stop the pig pen...:)

Simon said...

hi Beijing...I too would not want to live in Harper's English Canada. If he got a majority there would be too many people like him around. So see you there and bienvenue... :)

Scott in Montreal said...

Well put, Simon. But I think a lot of the MSM is getting tired of him - and, frankly, worried about this evident narcissistic and sociopathic, um... person. After all, the excellent piece you quote here is pulled from the Ottawa Citizen.

You know, a lot of his political allies have abandoned him, going back to Preston Manning, Joe Clark, and more recently, Emerson, Perrin Beatty, Flanagan, Strahl and Stockwell Day all quietly dismissed themselves.

And then there is the gang of politicians and civil servants he has thrown under the bus in a scorched-earth, career-killing way that even might make Nixon blush.

I mean, how is making enemies everywhere you turn a sign of leadership, anyway?

No, Harper obviously doesn't play well with others and I bet an ad putting all those people together - a well-respected bunch among the centre-right and far-right that make up Harper's base - might not be too motivated to show up at the polls this time.