Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stephen Harper and the Great Debate

Golly.I'm not sure what to think about a one-on-one debate between Michael Ignatieff and Great Little Leader.

I'm pretty sure Iggy would crush him like a bug. But we're still a parliamentary democracy aren't we? And why should Jack Layton, Gilles Duceppe, and Elizabeth May be deprived of the pleasure of chasing that nasty Con dwarf all over the studio? And stomping him SILLY.

Because Harpie really does need to be taught a lesson eh? Is he fighting Ignatieff or the coalition? And what does he think he's running for? Crime Minister of Canada?

For the second day in a row, the Conservative campaign has lost a volunteer amid controversy.

That frustration led to Prime Minister Stephen Harper's entourage announcing another election policy: for the duration of the campaign, it will no longer be taking questions about the party's 308 local candidates.

Oh boy. Isn't that typical Con behaviour? A new scandal every 22 hours.

And when in trouble deny EVERYTHING.

And invoke Omerta...

And you know Great Mob Leader isn't kidding...

Because he's not only desperate, he's CRAZY.

The good news?

The Americans have noticed that the Harper government has fallen, and they're suitably impressed. 


Oh well. At least they know enough to call it a REGIME eh?

And I know enough not to attack any progressive parties. Because I support them ALL.

Just put the nasty little man in a paper bag.

Mail him back to Alberta.

And whoever gets to attack him, may they attack maul hump him good....

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Alison said...

Remember the 2008 debate?
If you look at it from Harper's pov, going up against just Iggy as "leader of the coalition" is a better bet than going up against all three, of which Duceppe and Layton csn call him out as a liar on his past coalition sympathies.

Sixth Estate said...

The next question Harper is asked should be whether he's saying as leader he can't accept responsibility for the candidates running for his party.

Simon said...

hi you might have noticed I'm taking bit of a break tonight from my usual penetrating analysis ;)
I don't trust anything Stephen Harper suggests, and I need more time to examine his motives.
But I think you're right, Harper is probaby scared of Layton and Duceppe. And what better way to show off the cooalition that will eventually drive him and his Cons from power...

Simon said...

hi Sixth Estate... Trust you to come up with such a good question.

Because it's such a torrent of sleaze, I'd be totally disgusted if I wasn't so delighted... :)

Sixth Estate said...

No problem, Simon.

So far as I can tell, no one's asked him yet about Doug Finley being in the war room either. But Finley tweeted a couple days ago that he was in the war room. He's the one charged in the election laundering scandal.

Simon said...

hi Sixth Estate...oh great. With Doug Finley AND Guy Giorno in the Con war room no wonder their campaign stinks so much...