Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jimbo Flaherty's Hunger Budget

I wasn't hoping for much from the ghastly little Con gnome Jimbo Flaherty. I knew his budget would be just another crass attempt to buy votes, and so it was.

Whatever else can be said of the budget, it is an election-ready grab-bag of goodies sure to get the attention of ordinary Canadians, the product of the Conservatives reverting to their pre-recession strategy of targeting potential voters with simple, hearty handouts.

I didn't want anything for myself. All I asked was that he do something to help poor seniors and children, because so many of them are going to bed hungry.

I know that because Seb and I see them every day, frail gaunt seniors, and pale sickly children with hollow eyes. In one of the richest countries in the world.

But even that those foul Cons would not do. All they did was give the poorest seniors $1.50 more a day, while giving BILLIONS to the richest people in Canada. So those hogs can hand out big bonuses, and stuff themselves with caviar.

And middle class families can send their well fed children to music camp.

Just like Big Daddy.

What a coincidence eh?

Then there's all that other swine stuff. Nothing for daycare, nothing to improve pensions, nothing to help stop aboriginal kids from killing themselves.

And an insane plan to build more mega-prisons, and spend a THOUSAND times more on them than crime-prevention programs.  

The same kind of budget Jimbo Flaherty loved when he worked for the goon Mike Harris, waged war on the poor.

And threatened to jail the homeless...

In short, a budget worth defeating.

This budget is a reminder that Harper is allergic to the traditional progressive instincts of the country. His government’s frugal budget has set the table for an election the Tories’ combined rivals can win. Now we wait to see if they finally have the will to end the tyranny of a minority.

Not just because it's the right thing to do. I mean what kind of country do we want?

But also because even with all the shiny baubles, there is not enough in it to buy too many votes, or make Canadians forget all the other dirty things the Con mob has been doing.

Fancy jet planes and juicy corporate tax cuts, or helping hungry seniors and children? Democracy or dictatorship?

Golly. I like simple choices. It's like choosing between Canada or Amerika eh?

Oh yeah. Hit me... on my knee.... with your best shot Jimbo.

Bring it on baby gnome !!!!

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thwap said...

It is patently obvious that Flaherty dyes his hair.

It's pretty rich that a dunce who didn't even see the great recession coming (even after it had already hit the USA), and whose "action plan" had to be forced out of him, can still present himself as a sober, steady hand on the economic tiller.

It's a testimony to the intellectual bankruptcy of our hegemonic political-economic ideology.

Simon said...

hi Thwap...yes it really is the limit isn't it? First Stephen Harper poses as an economist, then Jimbo Flaherty does too. Who is next? The escort? ;)