Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Real Madness of Stephen Harper

There he was in Brampton, Ontario. Looking strangely agitated like a late night televangelist. Trying to scare Canadians, by repeating the word "coalition" over and over again. Twenty one times in ONE speech.

Like a tyrant who thinks that if he repeats a Big Lie enough times, people will believe him. Like a maniac who can't help himself.

Only to have his past catch up with him, and expose him as the Liar in Chief.


"It is the Parliament that's supposed to run the country, not just the largest party and the single leader of that party," Harper said on Sept. 9, 2004, alongside Duceppe and Layton at a news conference on Parliament Hill. "That's a criticism I've had and that we've had and that most Canadians have had for a long, long time now so this is an opportunity to start to change that."

Expose him as a man who was ready to pose as a champion of Parliament to make himself Prime Minister. The man who now goes around accusing decent Canadians of being traitors, or members of some sinister coalition that seeks to destroy Canada.

The Prime Minister who has done more than any other to corrupt and destroy our democratic system. The shabby thug who now stands guilty of contempt of Parliament. And lies about EVERYTHING.

"What would the world think were we to suddenly now head off on some whole new high-tax economic direction, led by a reckless coalition without a coherent program or even basic national principles?"

Principles? He's talking about PRINCIPLES?

Oh boy. I'm glad that reporters have dubbed the Harper plane Scaremong-Air. But will they finally understand that Stephen Harper is not just a rabid partisan who wants to destroy the Liberal Party? He has madness in his genes, and a bizarre vindictive streak that could destroy this country.

Because why do they think Harper is repeating the word coalition over and over again?

Yes, he is trying to make the word coalition sound scarier than the word majority.

But the real reason is that the last time he stirred up the coalition boogieman, it worked for him like a charm. During the coalition crisis he pitted English Canadians against Quebecers, stirred up the demon of anti-Quebecois feeling, and if an election had been held then he would have won a crushing majority.

So count on him to try again. Even though Canada is a fragile country, held together over the years by the genius of compromise. And he would tear it apart, just to appease the angry voices in his head. And win his precious majority.

That's the real madness of Stephen Harper. That's why I hate that foul bully so much.

The good news? He can't help himself. The mask is falling off. Even our dumb, cowed media are starting to wonder about his state of mind.

And hopefully more Canadians will start to wonder what might happen if they ever gave the maniac a majority...

As I always said eh?

Stephen Harper cannot be trusted.

He is unfit to remain in office.

And he must be defeated if Canada is going to survive...

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Kev said...

I see nascent signs that the media has had enough and they are starting to get a little testy when he pulls a stunt like he did today. They bristled at him for taking only four questions, with one being an obvious plant about hockey.

Scott in Montreal said...

Peevey Stevie seems to have lost CTV'c Fife already, who, judging by his tweets, is bored shitless and unimpressed with Harper after just two days. Smells like '93 to me.

Simon said...

hi Kev...I saw Stephen Harper on the CBC News tonight, and he looked really flustered. It was like democracy was slapping his pig face, and it was wonderful to watch. Personally I believe he's on the edge of a meltdown. I wonder if that's why he stayed away from Parliament for three days. They probably couldn't stop him oinking about the coalition, and couldn't put enough lipstick on the porker to make him presentable...;)

Simon said...

Hi Scott...nice to see you back in the fray. :)
And that's good news from the Fife front. After behaving like sheep for so long it's about time the parliamentary reporters stood up on their hind legs. If they don't understand that normal people don't behave like Stephen Harper they never will...

Alison said...

Harpie is a megalomaniac. It is all about him: his pictures instead of all the past Prime Ministers, his government instead of the Government of Canada, his ideology instead of pragmatic solutions. He has got to go.

I hope the media continues to ask him tough questions, although I can see him refusing to take questions if he can't control content.

Simon said...

hi can you say that? Just because he wants to rename Canada Harperlandia? Surely that only means that he has a VERY large ego. NOT. ;)
Funnily enough, as I like to remind people, the first person to notice he was a megalomaniac was no other than Preston Manning. When he discovered that Harper thought he OWNED the truth.
Oh well...serves him right. And let's hope the media can rattle his cage, because Harper deserves it too...