Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Old Con, the PMO, and the ESCORT?

OK. So let me get this straight. Bruce Carson, a former lawyer who was disbarred and jailed in the 1980's for defrauding his legal clients.

But still managed to become one of Stephen Harper's closest advisers.

Carson was one of the more seasoned hands in Harper's generally young government when it came to power in 2006, having worked in politics for decades. Many Conservatives lamented his departure when he left for a job in Calgary in 2009

Gets a plummy job under dubious circumstances.

Carson was named executive director of the Canada School of Energy and the Environment in 2008, after the federal government had given them $15 million in funding. Carson had dealt specifically with energy and environment issues inside Harper's office. The opposition said it was conflict of interest.

To paint the Dirty Oil Sands green.

And then this grizzled Master of the Universe PMO Big Oil, throws it all away for a WATER contract, and his 22-year-old fiance.... a former ESCORT?

The name of Michele McPherson, 22, appears on a secret contract witnessed by Bruce Carson that guaranteed her 20 per cent of all gross revenues from sales related to water contracts on First Nations reserves, according to a copy of the contract obtained by an APTN investigative team.

No...No...NOOOOOO !!!!!!! Monkey God don't torture me so cruelly. It can't be THAT good.

But if it is, all I can say is this eh?

The Con gang must be DESPERATE for ratings.

Now I understand why Stephen Harper is always talking about family values.

Unlike so many other Con scandals I wouldn't be surprised if this story has legs eh?

Or if the Cons are forced to replace their fancy campaign bus with a paddywagon.

And of course, once we defeat those scummy mobsters.

Can we please JAIL them?

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Sixth Estate said...

I've been covering this guy since just before the APTN story broke. You're right, it does sound like a bad movie script.

sassy said...

Q:What does all this mean?

A" Senator Carson in the New Harper Government.

Kev said...

Finally a good old fashioned sex scandal of the type even the simplest moron of a no good for nuthin' low life loser of a Harperite can understand.

NAH, I'm probably giving them too much credit, they're not likely capable of even that basic a level of reasoning.

Oemissions said...

poison the water and then sell'em water purifiers?

Simon said...

hi Sixth Estate...I just read what you wrote about this scandal, and it's absolutely EXCELLENT. Well done. You do the citizen's journalism, and I'll make the videos... :)

Simon said...

hi it ain't true. If we stuff another Con into that building, it'll start to look like a pentitentiary.. ;)

Simon said...

hi said it...and I'm hoping. I wish the Cons could be condemned for what they have done to our democracy, which is absolutely unforgivable. But if the masses decide to bring them down over this stinky sex scandal I won't complain... ;)

Simon said...

hi Oemissions...yes...along with the assault on our democracy that's the larger tragedy isn't it?
A rich country like ours that can't provide clean drinking water to its poorest citizens....