Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Liberal Attack Ad: A Good Start But...

I am glad the Liberals have finally released an attack ad. And I like it because it tells the truth about the sleazy Cons who are stinking out our government.

But I also think it could be more hard hitting. Because it's one thing to call them bad people. Or the mob.

But to be truly effective in a country as disengaged as Canada you have to link truth to consequence. Hit the dumb masses between the eyes and show them what it means to THEM.

Like Dominique Leblanc did the other day during Question Period.

The Parliamentary Budget Officer has confirmed our fears. The Conservative fighter jets are really going to cost double what the Conservatives have been telling us. The amount of $30 billion is how much money the Government of Canada transfers to provinces for health care. No wonder the Conservatives continue to hide the real cost.

Do Conservatives seriously believe that 65 stealth fighters are as important to Canadians as every doctor, nurse and hospital in our country?

And of course they must be darker. Because the threat of a Harper majority is a very dark thing. And in the end this election will come down to this one question:

Would YOU trust Stephen Harper with a majority?

And if you want Canadians to pay attention you must create a mood of menace. Because a lot of people don't vote for a platform, their vote is determined by how they FEEL about a leader.

Which is what I'm trying to do with this slightly revised new/nouveau version of a video I made the other day...

You know I don't get much feedback on my videos.   

But after my last one, a guy sent me a comment saying they were LOWER than the Con ads. And he was SHOCKED.

But I was totally flattered eh? Because now I know I'm on the right track, and they ain't seen nothing yet.

Good for the Liberals. Let's go NDP. Come on YouTube Warriors.

Hit them where it HURTS...

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Anonymous said...

I like this work in progress idea. Participation is fun.

It is getting better. the crying baby is a bit weak, it sounds like a whiny cry. you need a stronger cry. Like my grand kids do when they actually hurt themselves or they are sick.

Aubrey said...

Good stuff - keep it coming.
I'll be playing these on my laptop at the food court.

Simon said...

hi ffibnamol...yes you're right *sigh* the crying baby didn't work. But Seb threatened to beat me with a stick unless I removed the primal scream, so I had to do something eh? ;)
Seriously though...I see some progressive bloggers are wringing their hands over the use of attack ads. But unless progressives hammer the Cons from the start of the campaign, and go after Harper personally, they will not win...

Simon said...

hi Aubrey...Well thank you. Golly. If I was in a food court and heard one of my videos playing I'd either faint, or ask the Lawdy Laird to take me before I woke up.
I've been meaning to make an actual talking movie, but ever since some fool told me I sounded like a mixture of Christopher Robin and Rex Murphy I've been deeply discouraged... :)

4CANADA said...

I agree with ff this is a very good work in progress idea..and alot more fun too. Forget waiting on Libs etc to get in the game as MSM ads are typically status quo pablum for the masses (not unlike the current Lib efforts and even the Greens latest ads,though well intentioned) whereas the inet/blogsphere is the current creative unsenored, Participatory medium... PS just a note of thanks btw. I enjoy your Blog very much.

Simon said...

hi 4CANADA...thanks for your encouraging words. And yes, I am definitely looking forward to the videos my progresive brothers and sisters will be making. The Cons have given us so much material it's hard to know where to start.
But one thing is for sure eh? We are better than them, and we will make better videos... :)