Friday, March 11, 2011

The Con Zombie and the Tsunami Blunder

Golly. I always thought that having the Con zombie Vic Toews as our Public Safety Minister was a bad idea eh?

It's bad enough that his idea of public safety is to jail every third Canadian. And spend billions on prisons, so he can starve the government of funds, and use that as an excuse to murder eat medicare. 

But this is the absolute limit.

Executive director Chris Duffy said his own office received a tsunami information statement at 9:58 p.m. Thursday and issued their own tsunami watch bulletin just after midnight. It was upgraded to an advisory at about 2 a.m. Friday.

He added the advisory is still in effect and reports it had been lifted were false.

"From the federal side, I understand there was a slip-up there a little while back," he said.

He was referring to Public Safety Minister Vic Toews' morning declaration in a radio interview that the "alert" had been lifted for British Columbia when by late afternoon, the advisory still hadn't been.

One frustrated B.C. emergency official, unaware of who made the comment, said he'd like to beat whoever said it.

Hey buddy, get a number eh? There's only about ten million Canadians ahead of you.

Or better still, wait until the election. So we can beat them ALL back to their crypts in Alberta...or Alabama.

Make Canada SAFER.

Chase those dangerous and incompetent zombie klowns out of office.

Before they jail kill us all...

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