Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Stephen Harper and the Canada the Cons Created

Everywhere I went today one of the latest Con attack ads seemed to follow me around. At home, at work, in the corner store, wherever I looked there it was. It was horrible, like something out of Big Brother.

The creepy leering voice..."Michael Ignatieff wants it soooooo much..." sent a shiver down my spine. I kept looking over my shoulders to make sure I wasn't being followed by a pervert. A sinister Con operative.... or podium goon. 

Or the bumbling bigot Jason Kenney.

"Simon, Simon, Big Brother doesn't want a majority soooooooo much. He wants YOU !!! And so does JESUS !!!!"

I tried to block it all out by cranking up the music in my ears, and closing my eyes eh?

But tonight, after locking the door, and barring the windows, I decided to take a close look at it...

And when it was over, all I could think of was how low have we fallen to accept that kind of political pornography as the new normal?

What kind of a filthy mind could come up with a sleazy ad like that one?

What kind of a totalitarian mind could distort the facts, bombard us with lies? And expect us to believe them.

What kind of deranged maniac would seek to destroy his opponents in such a vile way. Because he wants to be the King Stalin Big Brother of Canada?

The Conservatives now claim there has been no policy change to rebrand the government of Canada as the “Harper government.”

And lie so blatantly about it.

What kind of economist money manager fraud artist would screw taxpayers? In and out, in and out, in and out. With this porky scam?

Oink. Grunt. SQUEEEEEEEEEAL !!!!!!

What kind of Canadian would turn our politics into the sewer politics of Amerika?

And of course the answer to all of the above is obvious...

The crazed leader of the Harper AmeriCon Regime.

The weird, angry, deeply disturbed man who would do ANYTHING for a majority. So he can cut government to the bloody bone, attack the rights of women and gays, ban abortion, strangle medicare. 

Kill the CBC.


Blow Big Oil like a trumpet. And of course, screw the poor.

Until they BLEED.

Or lie hungry in the streets...

You know... I don't think Stephen Harper is going to like OUR attack ads. But we live in the Canada the Cons created.

He does sooooooo deserve them. And it's going to be sooooooo EASY.

I've already got a good punchline eh?

After five years of this filthy sewage swilling AmeriCon Harper Regime.

Isn't it time to vote CANADIAN?

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