Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Federal Court Nails the Con Porkers

It began with a police raid on Con headquarters, to seize documents from Stephen Harper's inner circle. 

It became known as the "In and Out Scandal."

The Cons squealed like porkers claiming they were innocent. That it was just an "administrative issue". And that another court had cleared them.

So much for that defence.

A civil court victory the Conservative Party has touted as vindication against charges of election wrongdoing has been unanimously overturned by the Federal Court of Appeal.

The ruling confirms Elections Canada's interpretation of electoral spending laws and says it was reasonable for the electoral watchdog to reject the way the Conservative Party reported national advertising expenses for the 2006 election.

But did we really need a court victory to tell us what we already knew?

The Cons tried to steal an election, they tried to rape our democracy. They never should have been elected.

And they are no longer fit to remain in office.

You know I've always thought the name "In and Out Scandal" was horribly appropriate eh?

What better name to describe what Stephen Harper is doing to this country?

Oink. Oink. Squeal. Grunt...

So even the dumbest Canadians can get it.

Oh boy. All I can say is if these piggy Cons won't resign.

When can we ARREST them?

And of course.... WHOOOOOOPEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!

Let's  PARTY !!!!!!!!!!!

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ck said...

Doesn't really matter. Harpercons now in majority territory--43%--Liberals--27% and NDP -- 13%


I've come to the conclusion long ago that Harper can murder his grandmother and he'd probably go up to 60%.

If you're a Harpercon, anything goes it appears--nothing must stand in the way of that destructive neo-con utopia

Case and point--they hang on to ADSCAM. I bet if ADSCAM were committed by Harpercons, it would've been long since forgiven.

Likewise, that in and out scam and that Bevie Odious document doctoring were done by Liberals, Canadians would be screeching for their heads on a silver platter.

Anonymous said...

Hey Simon,

This was an excellent decision. In fact, the initial lower court decision by Martineau must have raised a few eyebrows. However, it is possible that Justice Martineau might not have seen the documents that the FCA were given. CBC reported that Retail Media apparently claimed that many of the invoices/receipts submitted to EC were not done by them. They pointed out the same error in the spelling, as "NVOICE".

Today's decision from the FCA, in my view, upheld the only part of Martineau's decision that appeared to be make sense (the valuation of the services purchased).

Meanwhile, Ipsos Reid has the Cons up at 43% today. If I recall correctly, Ipsos Reid had also predicted Harper majorities in the 2006 or 2008 election (or both?). Does any one remember if my recollection is correct?

Annie said...

Heard someone say, if Harper killed his grandmother... he would go all the way to 60%.
I hate to think what this Country is turning into, when the people can be so easily be brainwashed...what is the matter with them ?? Harper has already raped our democracy.

Simon said...

hi ck...well thanks for cheering me up. ;)
Yes this poll is rather alarming. Who knew there were so many dumb people in Canada? But the Cons are bombarding the airwaves with their hideous ads, adverising works, so until we start firing back the situation is not going to change.
However, I still believe that when we do, we will get some good results...
Hey. Eveyone needs an optimist. Aren't you lucky you have me... :)

Simon said...

hi anonymous...I not as familiar as you are with the details of the case. All I know is that it resembled a money laudering operation, and was clearly an attempt to subvert the rules.
But then as Don Newman recently reminded me Harper's problems with Elections Canada go back a long time, and before he was even a politician.
He has absolutely no respect for democracy, and if only for that reason he should be FIRED...

Simon said...

hi Annie...yes it is a depressing situation isn't it. I like to give ordinary Canadians the benefit of the doubt. Many are probably too busy to keep up with the news, so they are easily fooled by the Harperites and their propaganda machine. And of course the others are Cons or IDIOTS. ;)
But as I told ck, we mustn't give up. As soon as we start firing attack ads at them, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Con cookies crumble in a hurry...