Monday, March 21, 2011

The Unmaking of Stephen Harper

He is without a doubt the most grotesque and contemptible Prime Minister in Canadian history.

And the grubbiest Wicked Wacko Witch of the West this country has ever seen.

But here's the good news eh?

He can mute the screaming voices in his head, so many Canadians can't hear them.

But when the pus starts oozing out of his ears, and other orifices, even the dumbest  can smell it.

Trust in the Prime Minister’s leadership has waned over the past month, amid charges that the Conservative government is in contempt of Parliament for hiding information; after party officials were charged with breaking the election law in 2006; and now with allegations emerging that Bruce Carson, a former confidant of Mr. Harper, sought to win contracts that benefited him and his much, much younger girlfriend.

A poll conducted by Nanos Research for The Globe and Mail and CTV reveals a sharp drop in the past month in Mr. Harper’s leadership index score – a compendium measuring Canadians’ attitudes toward the trustworthiness, competence and vision of political leaders.

That score declined from 99 in February to its current level of 83, eliminating the gains in popularity that the Conservatives had purchased through a saturation campaign of negative advertising.

And when we focus our attacks on the man monster.

Who is corrupting our Canada and its values...

Theo Moudakis/Toronto Star

And attack him like he has attacked the decent people of this country.

We will DESTROY him...

Are you afraid of an election?

I'm not.

Tin Man...can I borrow your axe?

Bring it on BABY !!!!!!

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Kev said...

He's baaaack, vintage Simon

The best news is that he is losing the support of the seniors. I'm not all that surprise by that though. Last xmas, my 80yr old mom, who has always voted PC or con(just like every generation of her family before her had), declared that she will never vote for that "bastard Harper" ever again.

This is part of the reason for my optimism, for whenever I have wavered I simply tell myself that if they have lost my mom, then there is always hope.

Anonymous said...

Does Montreal Simon ever miss the mark?

Simon said...

hi Kev...Yup I'm baaack...on my broom stick from Montreal. I just can't abandon English Canada at this point... ;)
Seriously though... I was very happy to see this poll, and that Harper spent all that money on those hideous ads, only to end up where he was before. Hah hah hah.
And yes, I LOVE seniors and I love your Mum... :)

Simon said...

damn...YES. Quite frequently in fact. But the Harpo witch of the west is an irresistible target, and I'm glad you liked this post. :)

Anonymous said...

I can't quite picture Harper sitting as leader of the opposition. I can almost get orgasmic about the thought--him sitting there madder 'n a wet hen.

He loses this one and the knives come out and someone else ought to take the leadership--but who has the skills on that side of the house? Certainly not the Ontario trio--Clement, Baird and Flaherty.

Slim pickings for the Cons unless . . . .unless Harper quits and Prentice comes back as an MP from Calgary.

I can dream, can't I?