Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Integrity Commisioner and the Con Zombie

Well I see the former Integrity Commissioner has finally appeared before a parliamentary committee, and wants everyone to know that the Auditor General got it all wrong.

And she's the victim.

Ouimet found no cases of wrongdoing in the 228 complaints her office received over the three and a half years she was in the role.

But she says she lost much by leaving her career early.

"I lost seven years income, seven years pension. I lost my reputation, I lost my health," Ouimet, who spent 28 years in the public service, told the public accounts committee.

SHE didn't bully her staff, and ignore most whistleblower complaints. SHE was the one who was bullied, for "speaking truth to power."

Yes really.

Golly. I'd buy a ticket to watch a show like this one. It's better than Evita...played by Lindsay Lohan. Especially this part:

On to the second round, starting with Navdeep Bains, who first quizzes Ouimet on whether she discussed cases with any minister's office - a suggestion she stoutly denies, noting that she was downright zealous about confidentiality, to the point that she ... called in the AG's office to investigate a possible breach. Wait, what? The same AG she was just seconds ago describing as a cross between a Witchhunter General and Dirty Harry?

Because it makes me want to know even MORE, about her apparently cozy relationship with the Con zombie Vic Toews.

In a June 2009 letter to Toews, Ouimet tells the minister she was “delighted” to have met with him earlier. She writes about the “very strong support” her office has received for its “approach in dealing with cases” and adds: “In that respect, your role and leadership continue to be instrumental.”


And so it goes in Harper's Big Brother Canada, where everything is either backwards or upside down. Right is wrong. Bad is good. Transparency is censorship. The bullies are the bullied. The Big Lie RULES.

And if you doodle what the Cons are doing to this country it would look something like this....

Pity the poor people who tried to blow the whistle on the Harper Regime.

Ignorance is strength. 

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