Thursday, April 20, 2023

Why Is Pierre Poilievre Always So Angry?

I'll never forget the day I attended a Poilievre leadership campaign rally at the Steam Whistle brewery in my neighbourhood.

It was a hot day, the Cons were sweating like pigs. And Poilievre's speech was so boring I was getting ready to leave, when suddenly the grubby demagogue started chanting "Defund the CBC" "Defund the CBC!!"

And the crowd went wild. 

Nothing motivates the Cons more than the idea of dismembering the CBC, with their bare hands if necessary.

And whenever they get a chance to vent that hate, it's both disturbing and disgusting...

Thursday, April 13, 2023

Donald Trump and the Bestiality of Pierre Poilievre

As I watched the ritual humiliation of Donald Trump the other day, I couldn't help wondering how his Canadian stooge Pierre Poilievre was feeling.

For Poilievre owes him so much, and so many of his Convoy Party are also Trump supporters.

The ghastly Pee Pee was too cowardly to come out with a statement of support, for obvious reasons.

But he has found a way to let his MAGA Cons know that he's one of THEM.