Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Andrew Scheer's Sad and Horrible Halloween

As I'm sure you can imagine, it wasn't Andrew Scheer's best Halloween ever.   

He's looking a little ragged these days. The creepy smile is gone, he's angry and desperate.

He's been going after Justin Trudeau as if he wanted to bite him.

And trying to turn his carbon tax into a nightmare.

Donald Trump: How It Ends, The Short Story

As we all know, Donald Trump and the New York Times have a rocky relationship, with Trump invariably calling the newspaper the "failing" New York Times.

And the Times regularly embarrassing Trump with stories like this one. 

So when the newspaper's book review department decided to ask some of America's most talented spy and crime novelists to imagine Trump's next chapter, in a short story, I could hardly wait to read them. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Biodiversity, Climate Change, and the Attack of the Ocean Cockroaches

Earlier today I wrote about a new report that shows that in the last fifty years humanity has wiped out 60% of the mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles who share this planet with us.

And I quoted scientists who said that the destruction of nature is as dangerous as climate change.

So I thought I'd share this story where both climate change and the destruction of biodiversity are both combining to devastate coastal waters.

How The Migrant Caravan Is Exposing Trump's Extremism

The irony couldn't be greater. With the midterm elections now only a week away, Donald Trump is stepping up his insane rhetoric.

Accusing a caravan of desperate men, women, and children of trying to invade the United States.

Even as he prepares to go where many do not want him. 

Humanity's Horrifying War On Animals

If the animals who share this planet with us could send us a message, it would be that one.

But is it already too late?

For at the rate we naked apes are going, there soon won't be many of them left.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Andrew Scheer And The Threat Of The Sinister Clown

Yesterday I wrote about how the failing Con clown Andrew Scheer has announced that he intends to go after the Con media.

For believe it or not, being too LIBERAL. 

And I suggested that the real reason is that his polls are tanking.

Well now Scheer is going after Justin Trudeau. Again.

How To March Out Of The Darkness of Trump's America

Another day in Trump's America. Another horrible massacre of the innocent.

Brought to you this time by this Nazi loser.

So soon after another loser was caught mailing pipe bombs all over the place.

And although both cases are different,  I hold Trump responsible for both of them.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Andrew Scheer And His Cons Declare War on the Media

Almost as soon as Andrew Scheer became Con leader, I warned that there was something different and strange about him.

And that politically speaking at least, he was more American than Canadian.

And sure enough now he has revealed his true colours.

For less than a year to go before the next election, Scheer and his ghastly Cons are going full Trumpling.

Donald Trump and the Growing Darkness

Afterwards just about everybody agreed, it wasn't one of Donald Trump's better days. 

He was up at 3:14 am angrily tweeting out this:

Which let's face it, wasn't very Presidential. Just very Trump.

Only to have his day, a few hours later, become even worse.

The Bigot Bromance of Tommy Robinson and Ezra Levant

Two weeks ago I wrote about the bigot bromance between Tommy Robinson and Ezra Levant.

And how Levant got so carried away with his slobbering love for Britain's most notorious hate monger, he triggered an investigation by the British police. 

Well at a bigot rally the other day to celebrate his release from jail, Robinson told his supporters how much he appreciated Levant's support.

And the result couldn't have been more disgusting.

Friday, October 26, 2018

How Canada's Cons Are Losing The Carbon Tax Battle

You might think that Andrew Scheer would tone down his anti-carbon tax rhetoric, now that Trudeau's new plan to fight climate change has been well received by most in the media.

But it seems that Scheer just can't help himself.

He has no plan of his own, but is still wallowing in his own planet burning excrement.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Day Maxime Bernier Went Over The Deep End. Again.

As you may know, Maxime Bernier has always reminded me of the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz.

The one who is travelling with Dorothy and the others, in the hope that the Wizard will give him a brain.

Because as he proved again yesterday, he clearly doesn't have one.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Justin Trudeau Sets Out To Battle The Anti-Carbon Tax Gang

Adam Scotti

It was a showdown that has been building for some time. So I was glad to see Justin Trudeau finally take on the grubby gang of premiers who have refused to join his plan to fight climate change.

The ones who have been trying to portray a federal carbon tax as something satanic, instead of the best way to reduce emissions and green our economy.

And the way Trudeau went about doing it couldn't be more brilliant.

Doug Ford and the Ontario Cannabis Fiasco

The situation couldn't be more ironic, or for Doug Ford more embarrassing.

For once upon a time, when he was still a young man, he is alleged to have been a big time hash dealer.   

But now that marijuana is legal, he is the man ultimately responsible for the Ontario Cannabis Store.

And it's a monumental bust.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Hog Trump and the Big Blue Wave

It's hard to tell when Hog Trump is honking louder than usual, for he does honk all the time.

But he is squealing really loudly these days about a caravan of desperate men, women, and children fleeing poverty and violence.

He's even accusing some of them of being Middle Eastern terrorists, even though there is no evidence of that,

And even though he has his own Middle Eastern problem.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Andrew Scheer and the Nasty Election

On this day one year from now, we will know the winner of the next election. And yesterday Andrew Scheer was trying to make people believe that it will be him.

By organizing a rally at a convention centre in Ottawa, to make it look as if he is ready to defeat Justin Trudeau.

But all he managed to do was demonstrate why he must never be prime minister.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Andrew Scheer and the Scary Portrait of a Con Clown

When I saw this photo of Andrew Scheer getting his portrait as Speaker hung in the House of Commons, I couldn't help thinking of Oscar Wilde's classic story The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Where a portrait of the murderous Dorian ages, while he remains unchanged.

Except that in my version of the story nobody gets murdered, but as the portrait ages Scheer looks more and more like a loser or a Con clown.

For so many reasons.

Starting with the fact that he was one of the worst Speakers this country has ever known.

The People's Vote March and the Con Brexiteers

It was the biggest march London has seen in more than twenty years. A massive march to demand a second referendum on the looming catastrophe called Brexit. 

The centre of London ground to a halt as an estimated 700,000 people from all over the UK marched peacefully on parliament to demand a second referendum on Brexit. It was the biggest outpouring of public opposition to government policy since the anti-Iraq war protest in 2003.

With nothing less than the future of Britain at stake.

Friday, October 19, 2018

The Reefer Madness of Andrew Scheer (Continued)

In one of my last posts I said that judging from Andrew Scheer's body language, I was sure he would re-criminalize marijuana if he ever became Prime Minister.

If only to destroy what will almost certainly be one of Justin Trudeau's most popular legacies.

And sure enough, Scheer has now made that only too clear.

The Day the Federal Liberals Deflated Doug Ford

It's the kind of news that can make some people scream in horror, and others like myself keel over laughing.

But believe it or not, Doug Ford has only been Premier of Ontario for 111 days, and although he's been acting like a bull or a hog in a China shop, and clearly doesn't know what he is doing.

He already thinks the job is too small for him, and he's going after something bigger.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Andrew Scheer's Pathetic Reefer Madness

Chris Young/Associated Press

It was one of the biggest parties this country has seen for a long time. The one  that began when the bud came down at the stroke of midnight.

And millions of Canadians celebrated the end of the Great War on Marijuana.

But not Andrew Scheer. 

For him the whiff of weed in the air must surely have reminded him of Justin Trudeau, the leader who had the guts to legalize marijuana, and the man Scheer hates more than anyone else on earth.

So the party pooper who would be our jailer, just couldn't restrain himself.

Why Did the Saudis Want Jamal Khashoggi Dismembered?

With every passing day what the mad prince of Saudi Arabia had happen to Jamal Khashoggi becomes more depraved and more gruesome. 

Leaving a horrified world to wonder what Khashoggi had done to have his fingers severed, his head sawn off, and his body cut into little pieces.

And in my opinion the answer can be found buried in the last article he ever wrote.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Justin Trudeau and Marijuana Freedom Day

I still have trouble believing it, but in just a few hours it will be Marijuana Freedom Day in Canada.

And although some of the old geezers in the blogosphere are claiming it's no big deal.

It is a big deal, for this reason alone.

Doug Ford and the Billion Dollar Carbon Tax Boondoggle

Earlier today I wrote about the way Canadians could punish the members of the Carbon Gang for waging war on the federal carbon tax.

Even though scientists believe that they are the best way to fight climate change, and green our economy.

Well now it appears that one of the Carbon Gang members, Doug Ford, has just shot himself in the foot.

And inflicted a three billion dollar penalty on his own province.

Andrew Scheer's Disgusting Return To Parliament

If the failing Andrew Scheer wasn't such a wonky nerd, he would have known that he should have taken a couple of days off to recover from his trip to India.

Especially one that had so many people laughing at him.

Instead he couldn't wait to rush back to Question Period to attack Justin Trudeau, or try to Schmear him.

But Trudeau wasn't there, so the jet lagged Jolly Wolly went after Chrystia Freeland as only he could.

How To Use The Carbon Tax Issue To Destroy The Cons

As you know, I believe that some of the most powerful Cons in the country, the ones I call the Carbon Gang, have made a fatal mistake.

They have all vowed to destroy Justin Trudeau's federal carbon tax at a time when scientists are warning the planet is burning.

And carbon taxes are the best way to save it. 

But unfortunately many Canadians don't understand how a carbon tax works.

And as CTV's Joyce Napier explains that's a big problem for the Liberals

Donald Trump and the Deadly Deniers

We've known for a long time that Donald Trump is a climate change denier. For a long time his ridiculous tweets have made that only too clear.

And although the sweltering heat, and all those hurricanes, have forced him to admit that in his words "something is going on out there."

He's still, as Paul Krugman writes, floundering about like a beached whale, or a maniac in a straitjacket, in the three stages of climate denial.

Why We Should Be Scared About Fascism in America

When I was in high school my friends used to make fun of me for regularly predicting that fascism was coming to America.

And telling them that if they thought it couldn't happen here, they were dead wrong, or worse dangerously deluded

But as the years went by, I began to think that maybe they were right.

And it really couldn't happen here...

Monday, October 15, 2018

Andrew Scheer's New and Desperate NAFTA Scam

Well, Andrew Scheer's Great Scam Tour of India is finally over, and I think it's safe to say it was a total bust.

The idea was to make Scheer look "prime ministerial" by NOT wearing Indian garb, like Justin Trudeau did when he was in India.

And making a virtue out of BOOOORING.

But it just didn't work.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Andrew Scheer and the Saudi Monsters

It's a grisly story. The disturbing allegations that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had the dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi murdered and dismembered. 

It has leaders all over the world reassessing their relationship with the barbaric desert kingdom and its perfumed prince.

Justin Trudeau is once again not hesitating to criticize Saudi Arabia's human rights record.

But Andrew Scheer is as mute as a carp, and for good reason.

Is Donald Trump Driving Progressives Crazy?

Like a lot of progressives, I've always clung to the happy thought that Donald Trump would go crazy before I did.

It seemed like a no-brainer. 

No President has ever disgusted so many people all over the world with his abominable ignorance, and his vulgar behaviour.

No President has scared so many people, and made them wonder to what dark place he might lead them, and how long they had to live.

So I figured it was just a matter of time before Trump cracked up, hopefully not anywhere near the nuclear button, and was carried away in a straitjacket.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Will British Police Charge The Ghastly Ezra Levant?

If you've read the hate mongering Rebel recently, you might have noticed that it spends most of its time writing about Britain rather than Canada.

With its lizard leader Ezra Levant championing the cause of the notorious British bigot Tommy Robinson.

But now it seems all that cheerleading for Robinson may have landed Levant in trouble.

Doug Ford, Jason Kenney, and the Carbon Tax Deniers

When I first saw this picture of Doug Ford and Jason Kenney staring into each other's eyes I thought they wanted everyone to know how much they love each other.

But sadly I was wrong.

It seems it was just their way of letting everyone know how much they hate the idea of a federal carbon tax.

And sure enough, it wasn't long before the Con ape was sounding off. Again.

The Racist Cons And The Consequences of Hate

When I first saw this Con attack ad, I remember recoiling with horror.

No just because it says so much about who the Cons are, the dirtiest party or cult this country has ever known.

But also because I know that blind hatred has consequences.

And sure enough, here is a racist horror story in three chapters.

Friday, October 12, 2018

The Real Reason Andrew Scheer Is In India

In my last post I took a look at Andrew Scheer's Great Tour of India, and as you can imagine, I was not impressed.

I thought it looked like an elaborate scam, with Scheer posing as a Great Economist Leader who NEVER wears Indian garb.

In a desperate attempt to look more prime ministerial than Justin Trudeau i.e. Schmear him, for crass political purposes.

And sure enough I was right.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Andrew Scheer's Farcical and Humiliating Visit To India

Justin Trudeau's visit to India last April was the best thing that ever happened, to Andrew Scheer.

For the Cons with the help of our shabby Con media were able to mock Trudeau's traditional Indian garb, and claim that he had been shunned by the Indian government  for having invited a convicted Sikh extremist to a reception in New Delhi.

Trudeau's national security adviser, Daniel Jean, claimed it was a setup by the Indian government.

But the Cons and their bought media wouldn't believe him. Trudeau lost five points in the polls, and Scheer began to dream of becoming Prime Minister.

So now he's trying to recover some of that lost magic, by travelling to India himself.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Carbon Gang And The Planet Burning Cons

They are the ring leaders of the so-called Carbon Gang. The gang that never saw a carbon tax they didn't want to kill.

And they like to brag about that all the time. Or should I say they did.

Because unfortunately for them a new apocalyptic report makes what they're doing look both crazy AND criminal.

So much so that Andrew Scheer is now complaining that Justin Trudeau's Liberals are the ones who are consumed with carbon taxes.

Not him.

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Why Only The New Generation Can Save The World

When I saw the IPCC report warning that Planet Earth is in even worse shape than most humans thought it was, I was stunned.

So soon, so devastating. 

The world is failing in its effort to avert catastrophic climate change, a United Nations panel warned Monday, and the result will be more deaths and climate refugees due to extreme weather and rising seas, a greater rate of species extinction and reduced economic growth.

wondered how we were going to get out of this one, and where do we go from here?

And the only thing I could think of was the urgent need for generational change.

Monday, October 08, 2018

Canada, Thanksgiving, and the Right Wing Threat

It's Thanksgiving Day in Canada, and in this crazy screwed up world we do have a lot of things to be thankful for.

We're a big, beautiful, still relatively young country. 

At a time when the hard right-wing is on the march, and would be dictators are popping up like mushrooms, we're governed by a leader who, whatever else you might think about him, is decent, polite, and very Canadian.

And most of us can be grateful, that in a world being slowly poisoned by bigotry, or convulsed by xenophobia, we're still celebrating diversity and living together in relative harmony.

But that might be changing, in the worst possible way.

Saturday, October 06, 2018

Why Andrew Scheer's Prison Game Is So Dangerous

As we all know Andrew Scheer is having jolly good time. Playing prison guard, and exploiting the memory of a murdered child to try to smear Justin Trudeau.

In a manner so obscene it can only be described as pornographic. 

But at least Scheer is not Prime Minister. Because if he was, we'd all be in big trouble.

For what he's doing is not just disgusting, it's dangerous....

Friday, October 05, 2018

Lisa Raitt and the Con Waahmbulance Chasers

In my last post I looked at how Lisa Raitt had finally managed to provoke Justin Trudeau into losing his temper, and letting the Cons know how he felt about the way they were turning our parliament into sewer.

And the way Andrew Scheer's perverted Harperite cult was using a murdered child to try to smear him.

In his moment of anger Trudeau called them "ambulance-chasers."

And in that regard yesterday there was a sensational development, both pathetic and hilarious. 

Thursday, October 04, 2018

The Day Justin Trudeau Struck Back At The Pervert Cons

For weeks Andrew Scheer has been using a dead child to try to smear Justin Trudeau, as only a political pervert could.

Claiming that the person who murdered the child nine years ago should not have been transferred from a medium security prison to a medium security healing lodge.

Refusing to accept that the Correctional Services of Canada decides a prisoner's fate not politicians, and all but calling Trudeau a criminal over and over again. 

And yesterday was more of the same.

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Are The Cons Trying To Steal the Next Election?

Who can forget the way the Cons tried to steal the last election?

Who can forget how Pierre Poilievre tried to suppress the vote with his so-called Fair Elections Act?

Well it seems the Cons think we can be made to forget, because they are trying it all over again.

Trying to take us back to the monstrous years of the Harper regime

The Day Donald Trump Was Exposed As A Sham

It had to be one of Donald Trump's worst days as President. 

For the hits just kept on coming. Boom. Boom. Boom.

Each one hit him like a cruise missile, left him looking like that other mad emperor.

Naked as a baby.

Or as grubby as a mobster.

Andrew Scheer and the Grubby Con Losers

As we all know Andrew Scheer has been playing a nasty and rather kinky game. 

Where he uses a dead child to try to smear Justin Trudeau, and pretends he's a prison guard who can move prisoners around at will. 

Which is bad enough.

Looking as it does, like a tacky remake of Caged in Paradiso.

But unfortunately it gets worse.

Now he's also claiming that he could have got a better trade deal than Justin Trudeau. 

Monday, October 01, 2018

The Free Trade Victory and the Con Losers

For some reason I remember that cartoon well, even though it was published in January 2017, when Chrystia Freeland had just replaced Stephane Dion as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

And Canadians wondered how she would do when pitted against the King Kong in the White House.

And the answer came in yesterday.