Friday, October 19, 2018

The Reefer Madness of Andrew Scheer (Continued)

In one of my last posts I said that judging from Andrew Scheer's body language, I was sure he would re-criminalize marijuana if he ever became Prime Minister.

If only to destroy what will almost certainly be one of Justin Trudeau's most popular legacies.

And sure enough, Scheer has now made that only too clear.

He won't commit to keeping cannabis legal if his Cons form a government. 

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer isn’t promising to keep cannabis legal if his party wins the 2019 election. Instead, he said they’ll scrutinize the rollout of legal pot and go from there.

“The Conservative Party will do our due diligence, examine the consequences of this decision, and we’ll examine the reality on the ground,” he told Don Martin on CTV Power Play Thursday.

Which knowing how the Cons and their creepy leader feel about marijuana and Justin Trudeau...

The Conservatives almost universally either abstained from voting or voted against the cannabis legalization bill, Bill C-45, at third reading in the House.

The Conservative leader was among those who voted against legalization -- despite having admitted to smoking cannabis when he was young.

Means that the Cons, should they ever form a government, will almost certainly re-criminalize marijuana.

Even though legalization is enormously popular.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said the move has been “broadly supported” by Canadians -- a claim that was beefed up by the massive lines and supply shortages at legal retail stores on Wednesday.

Even though the Cons are undermining confidence in a billion dollar business that is creating thousands and thousands of jobs and saving little towns all over the country.

Even though legalization is a historic move...

deAdder/Hill Times

And even though it has made many Canadians, especially younger ones, feel good about themselves and their country.

Graeme MacKay, The Hamilton Spectator

Which is something the Cons just can't understand, because they hate our Canada with a passion.

And what they also don't understand that in the next election the millennial generation will be the largest voting bloc. 

For whom there is nothing like the idea of seeing themselves and their friends being threatened with jail again to get them to turn out in record numbers.

And vote for the leader who had the guts to end the Great War on Marijuana...

Which will almost certainly mean another massive majority for Justin Trudeau.

While the Andrew Scheer and his Cons will be left in the rubble of their old and rotting Canada.

Clinging to their reefer madness...

I don't know why they hate Canada so much, or why they enjoy hurting people so much.

But the Cons died yesterday.

And they don't even know it...


  1. e.a.f.1:45 PM

    loved the carton, last spike, first joint! YES!

    If the next election is fought on the subject of weed, the Cons may never recover. What will they ban next, coffee, tea, booze, dancing. The list goes on. Of course if he's a friend of Kav.'s he'll keep beer, because they like beer and they drink a lot of beer.

    Weed became more popular back in the 1960s and people have been smoking tons of it ever since. we're still here. Canada is still standing. corporations still make money, roads are still being built, science is continuing to make strides in cancer treatment. In other words the world did not come to an end. Want to ban weed again, some Cons' political career's will end.

    Smoke, Drink, Eat too much of any thing and its bad for you. too much sugar can kill just as well as any "illegal" drug or legal one at that. So can too much caffeine.

    Scheer needs to take his act and find something else to do.

    Scheer may have forgotten, weed is going to be big business in Canada and provide a lot of job, which will include the tourist industry. Will some one please find a new leader for the Conservative Party and turn it back to the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.

    1. Hi e.a.f....I honestly believe that Scheer's refusal to rule out re-criminalizing marijuana is a huge political mistake. His religious base may be up in arms, but judging by the demand for the drug, Scheer is on the wrong side of history. Even those who don't use marijuana realize the move makes sense, and if the Cons had any hopes of winning over younger Canadians they can forget that now...

  2. Sure was fun watching Byron Muldoon today. Ho Ho Hoing like second rate mall Santa, be tried to evade questions about his opposition to cannabis while in power. Now, the Hienz/Karl money having run out , he's bragging about getting into the business. Money over principles every time for the Bai boy.

    1. Hi rumleyfips...I know, isn't it hilarious? First Julie Fantino and now the Bloater Mulroney. Those Cons keep taking hypocrisy to a whole new level. However I'm glad Mulroney is getting into the pot business, because it will only make Scheer's position look even more like reefer madness...

  3. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Scheer is on the wrong side of history on this one. Even former prominent Conservatives are embracing cannabis - and, they're hoping to make big bucks on it.

    I don't smoke (gave it up when I was 13) and am not interested in marijuana. But, it's about time this happened. However, public education on the rules is needed. They just simply need to be a combination of tobacco and alcohol regulations. Ontario was taking the hard way. At least Ford is getting this right - maybe.


    1. no brick and mortar sales till April??? This is incompetence or design. Maybe Ford wants to say for the first six months the black market has soared and blame Justin. Wynee had a plan in place, maybe not a great plan but a plan.

    2. Hi UU...I agree with you. I think Scheer's rabid hate for Justin Trudeau has him failing to understand the symbolic power of legalization. It's a bold move which is sure to be followed by other countries, and will be especially welcomed by millennials who as I keep repeating will be the biggest voting bloc in the next election.

  4. Jackie Blue2:39 PM

    Looking at the social media traffic, Andy's obvious hostility to weed is only driving even more disaffected Cons over to Mad Max. Unlike Trump, Andrew Scheer can't shoot himself in the dick on Parliament Hill without losing a lot of votes.

    1. Hi Jackie...yes I've noticed that Scheer is not getting much support from his own Cons, and it is the kind of issue that is sure to drive many in their libertarian bloc over to Mad Max. I think the Cons realize that because they are now downplaying Scheer's reefer madness. But it is too late because nobody will trust him now...

  5. Anonymous3:50 PM

    I hope he runs on criminalizing it for it will be the last spike in the Con coffin of hare brained ideas. The only Con supporters who would favour re-criminalization would be from the sanctimonious "do as I say, not as I do" crowd of religious zealots or the idiots who use but wont applaud because JT made it happen.

  6. Weak Andy weak mind. Even he cant be stupid enough to re criminalize.

  7. what so great is how this is obviously driving the Harp Cons insane. they are ignoring good politics to cling to a dead issue. they finaly gave up on abortion or did they....

    1. Hi Steve...yes, Scheer seems to have placed his fundamentalist ideology before political good sense. But he has made it a point to oppose everything Justin Trudeau proposes, and I guess he can't change. He's obviously hoping that legalization is a disaster, somehow, and can then say I told you so. I'm betting he's wrong, and that his negativity will kill him...

    2. He like Canute will have to concede to tides. My guess is age 21 and no personal growth. This will keep the black market in place and give him something to make policy for.

  8. Anonymous9:24 PM

    The Scheer Cons seldom take a stand on anything. The insinuate, find the voting subset that is really motivated by the insinuation and then motivate them to vote Con with tailored propaganda. Their party is nothing more than a collection of one trick ponies frolicking in the mist under the big tent of taxation alchemy, dire warnings of fiscal armageddon and bigotry.

  9. Hi RT...You're right, the Cons have no platform, they are just the Schmear Party, against everything Justin Trudeau believes in. And they have been that way since Harper first introduced the politics of personal destruction. Let's not forget that when Scheer first ran for Parliament he accused his main opponent, the NDP's Lorne Nystrom, of being soft on child pornography. He came from the gutter and to the gutter he will return...

  10. What cons fear most is low productivity from the masses. That is why the hate pot.