Saturday, October 13, 2018

Will British Police Charge The Ghastly Ezra Levant?

If you've read the hate mongering Rebel recently, you might have noticed that it spends most of its time writing about Britain rather than Canada.

With its lizard leader Ezra Levant championing the cause of the notorious British bigot Tommy Robinson.

But now it seems all that cheerleading for Robinson may have landed Levant in trouble.

With British police investigating whether he broke the law. 

London police are looking into a video posted on Ezra Levant’s Twitter account of anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson. According to an email statement issued by the City of London Police, the video appears to show filming taking place inside a U.K. courthouse. 

Filming inside a courthouse is illegal in Britain, and although Levant is refusing to confirm whether he did break the law, in his usual cowardly fashion.

When contacted by the Post, Levant was asked “Did you record this video? If not, do you know who did?” Levant did not answer those questions, but he did say: “The substance of your story is trivia and gossip, of no public interest and not worth a response. It is likely motivated by malice.” 

Levant said what was newsworthy was “a man sentenced to ten weeks in solitary confinement, who is literally starved in prison and he loses 40 pounds”.

If he is planning to base more of his operation in Britain, he will have to watch his step, for in that country they take hate mongering seriously.

Unlike Canada where you can get away with just about anything.

The man accused of a mass shooting in Fredericton, New Brunswick last month once named Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media as his most trusted source for news. Matthew Raymond stands charged with four counts of first-degree murder in connection to a mass shooting in Fredericton last month that claimed the lives of two local police officers.

So with a little bit of luck, and even before we strengthen the hate laws in this country.

Or investigate how one of Levant's buddies Hamish Marshall ended up as Andrew Scheer's Con campaign manager...

Levant could end up in the place where I've always believed he belongs...


  1. Jackie Blue12:19 AM

    Gavin McInnes needs to face terrorism charges too, and Levant double the trouble for spawning the career of that POS. The fucking Proud Boys beat up a group of anti-racist protesters in New York a couple nights ago -- and then the protesters got arrested by the NYPD, which only goes to show that the cops are being enforcers of or at least sympathizers with fascism rather than protecting against it! And to top it all off McInnes BROUGHT A FUCKING SWORD!

    Oh, and by the way, can someone please do something about Postmedia and the Sun in particular being the propaganda arm of right-wing domestic terrorism already? Sue-Ann Levy belongs behind bars with Levant, McInnes, Goldy and all the rest of them. She spread a lie about a hotel where refugees are reportedly staying, incendiary fake news that originated on the alt-right cesspool sites. Now someone has tried to start a fire at the hotel after she made it go viral. Levant used to work at the Sun. This is what "conservatism" really believes. LOCK THEM UP.

    As if that wasn't bad enough, can the rest of Canada's soory excuse for "journalists" like Global News and the Corrupt Bullshit Corporation PLEASE STOP PUTTING A MICROPHONE IN HERR HARPER'S FACE?

    1. Hi Jackie...yes, the Con scum and their stooge media are really on a roll aren't they? But at least Gavin McInnes and his so-called Proud Boys have been exposed as the Nazi scum they are, and governor Cuomo is demanding that they be prosecuted. As for Sue-Ann Levy, she has never looked more like a right-wing moron, and she deserves to be sued for her lousy stories on the Radisson Hotel. It's a disgusting situation, but the way I see it the Cons are just desperate, and that can only be good...

  2. You know, for a lawyer or former lawyer, Levant is amazing legally gaffe-prone. This one seems like it has the potential to go beyond civil actions though.

    1. Hi jrkrideau...Levant's list of losing court cases is long and deplorable. But sooner or later he's going to be accused of inciting mass murder, and that will be the end of him...

  3. Apparently the British press takes plain brown envelopes from Sandy counties. I wonder if any American owned Canadian institutions are on the mailing list. Watch carefully how they cover the Khashoggi disappearance. The usual suspects are already laying cover, it was a Iranian plot to harm Israeli, Saudi and US relations. I am sure Putin will somehow figure in to the final report.

    It would be nice to see Levant do some quality time in the crowbar hotel.

    1. Hi Steve...Saudi Arabia has the Briitish establishment wrapped around their little fingers. Between the arm's sales and the real estate deals, I don't think Britain could survive without them. But the perfumed prince has gone too far, and good luck trying to cover up his latest atrocity...

  4. I'll bet you anything that Tommy Robinson is also an anti-semite. The kind of anti-semite (like the evil terrorist Anders Behring Breivik) who supports Israel in order to simultaneously make their home countries Judenrein and use the Jewish emigrants as cannon fodder against the Muslims they hate even more.

    But gets a pass from Ezra Levant.

    1. Hi lagatta...Robinson is basically a street thug who appeals to all kinds of bigots and xenophobes. The other day he was seen posing with a group of very young soldiers from the north of England, and to see those naive teenagers treat him like a celebrity almost made me vomit...

  5. e.a.f.3:53 PM

    Levant will go where the money and publicity is. Canada, isn't such fertile ground anymore, or at least his brand of racism.
    When I read about the possibility of charges in G.B. it was highly entertaining. of course Levant won't admit he did anything because he might wind up in jail and being the racist snow flake he is, he simply isn't ready to put his personal comfort about his beliefs.

    I'm waiting for the brits to deport him.