Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Why We Should Be Scared About Fascism in America

When I was in high school my friends used to make fun of me for regularly predicting that fascism was coming to America.

And telling them that if they thought it couldn't happen here, they were dead wrong, or worse dangerously deluded

But as the years went by, I began to think that maybe they were right.

And it really couldn't happen here...

But then came Donald Trump, and my nightmare came true.

For he is the real thing.

This story reminds me of the way Hitler's brownshirts used to run wild in the streets of the doomed Weimar Republic.

For one weekend, a violent misogynistic and homophobic street gang of proto-fascists ran amok on the East Coast and West Coast, seeking out and then assaulting protesters in Portland, Oregon, and New York City.

So I believe the Times is right to suggest that if you're not scared about fascism in the U.S., you should be.

And yes, that's true: the day we normalize fascism we'll all be in terrible trouble. 

And so is this:

The day we put their American Fuhrer on trial for treason, and crimes against human decency.

Will be a happy day indeed... 


Marmalade said...

The clock is ticking, and I'm NOT talking about POT!

Steve said...

Comming? The coup in 64, Kent State, and regardless of the truth, before 911 the PNAC document pleaded for facism and after 911 it was implemented. Trump is just not a skilled facist, he is obvious.

Anonymous said...

Fascism is an autocrats dream weapon. Give me you heart, mind and freedom and I will lead the fight against the "others" who are the source of all your problems. So far much of western fascism lives in the virtual world on opinionated propaganda outlets such as Fox, The Rebel etc but it is slowly seeping into the real world as our democratic institutions become increasingly corrupted. Just imagine what a wonderful place the world will be when 9 billion people and their governments start solving their problems by first blaming and then measuring success by winning against their neighbors. Some of us just might not survive. Ironically societies supported by sophisticated infrastructure are likely the most vulnerable.

e.a.f. said...

I'm not seeing them put Trump on trial for anything, especially fascism. The U.S.A. has turned the corner and there will be no coming back in our life time, perhaps sometime in the future, in the meantime Canada might want to build a wall, to keep the American out, not refugees, but those who supported Trump and his rise to power. by the time Americans realize what they have done, it will be too late.

the fascist agenda moves ahead slowly with one test run after another and they keep going, until they make their big move and it will be all over in the U.S.A. They got Kav. on the Supreme Court. They figured out mass detention isn't going to get them kicked out of office, denying groups of children health care is o.k., leaving public schools without heat in the winter in major American cities is o.k. so they are just about good to go.

There was an interesting column I used to read named 5 things (or whatever number) Jeff Sessions did this week, while we weren't looking. Its those types of things we need to look at. The rest is distraction. While they rolled back EPA standards on radiation, what didn't get much attention was the elimination of the EPA department which over saw how EPA standards/the environment effected children. not a big budget item, just a few million dollars, so why do it? Because only the children of the rich will have clean water and a fairly pollution free environment.

Jackie Blue said...

Easing the immigration rules a tad for Americans might be a winner for JT, as well as any of us decent Yanks stuck on the wrong side of the Orange Curtain. (I include myself in that category.) Primarily because it'd dilute the Cons' racist hysteria about Syrians and Haitians by inviting a significant number of white liberals, which seems to be one of the reasons Pierre's welcoming of the Vietnam draft resisters didn't generate the amount of outrage that his son's refugee program is now. (Beside the fact that Conservatives then still had a conscience.)

Either that or loosen the marriage laws for any "maple chasers" seeking polyamorous "citizenship ceremonies" before a Justice of the Peace. Or Justin of the Peace. Hey, if the Moonies can have 50,000 people in a football stadium get hitched, then so can the Trudeaumaniacs in a hockey rink, eh? John Lennon might approve of such a love-in. Or to paraphrase Pierre Berton, perhaps a Canadian-in-waiting is someone who can exchange their V-card for a green card in a canoe..... 😉

e.a.f. said...

No you can not have a "polyamorous citizenship ceremony". In B.C. we just finished a polygamous trial, with boys who were of the Warren Jeffs variety. (its been a 20 yr fight) but our refugee laws are pretty good and given the rate Trump is going, I wouldn't be surprised if it keeps going this way, Americans will get refugee status.

The draft dodgers simply came and many moved to rural areas and got on with life. During that time period many families also immigrated to Canada so their sons would never have to be drafted.

However, the U.S.A could still be salvaged, perhaps, we'll see after the mid terms. My own opinion is, if Trump/Sessions/Miller go to deport those Dreamers Canada ought to send them all an invitation. Hey we could not lose. the majority are university educations, 70% own their cars, 16% own homes and they're under 30. with the shortage of teachers in this country, not to mention all sorts of other trades and professions, we'd be in good shape if we accepted the dreamers. Now of course most of B.C. has a housing shortage and you need $1.78 Million to purchase a liveable house in Vancouver........but there are other parts of our lovely province, which is much less expensive.

O.K. Jackie Blue, I'm sure we could get you in some way, some how without having to go through some mass marriage ceremony......yikes, just the florist bill would be enough to settle the national debt and weddings are so unenvironemntal

Anonymous said...

Your so called fear of 'fascism' is only a hallucination. While fascism has proved to work really well the problem is the fact that its a leftist type of government, and turns evil kind of fast, but Communism is 100x worse and eviler in every category, including Human Rights. What America needs is more HIGHLY nationalistic types of leaders like Donald Trump. But truth be told if it came down to your communist "utopia" or a fascist government I'd happily die fighting for fascism. At least that way there'd be no "sharing the wealth shit" that DOES NOT WORK. Ocasio Cortez is a dumbass and so is Bernie Sanders, with such high tax rates how the fuck and why the fuck would a person work. If you take 50% 80% or some ridiculous portion of a persons wealth after they worked their asses off for years why would they work for anything? Businesses would fail or leave meaning we'd all have to wait in bread lines of a suppressive government, and what happens after we dont have any money left to tax? Now you might say well "Im not a commie Im just a democrat" well the left USED to be 'somewhat okay' I mean at least they used to care about the country. There was a radical leftist sometime around 2000s I think? Anyways he was for blocking off the border and preventing all those useless leeches from coming over because they hurt our society and take jobs and vote for freebies and handouts. Now the left wants uncontrolled immigration nowadays. Wanna know why? Its not because its 'morally right' its so those scumbags in power can hold on to it. The people in charge of the left are liars heartless monsters. They don't care about you or anyone. Just look into these things yourself. Look how Hillary sells out the country and how Pelosi makes highly questionable private deals with China. The media is nothing but a propaganda pusher, and unless you do YOUR own research on both Conservative and Liberal sites, then look at the statistics. Unless you do that you'll never be enlightened. Everyone you disagree with isn't a Nazi. Trump isn't a Nazi or a dictator trying to seize power. He's just a nationalist who loves his fellow countrymen and wants nothing but the best. Look into the deals he makes for the country look at everything he's doing. Its all to rewrite the world order in OUR favor because all of his predecessors were nothing but fools and sellouts wanting globalism. Now I admit he's not perfect, but he's a 1000 times better then Hillary. I hate Conservative senators and reps, because they're nothing but weak foolish cowards. ---However the conservatives are better then the dems.