Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Andrew Scheer's Sad and Horrible Halloween

As I'm sure you can imagine, it wasn't Andrew Scheer's best Halloween ever.   

He's looking a little ragged these days. The creepy smile is gone, he's angry and desperate.

He's been going after Justin Trudeau as if he wanted to bite him.

And trying to turn his carbon tax into a nightmare.

As only a climate change denier could.

But now that he's going after the shuffling stooges in the Con media, and accusing them of being too LIBERAL.

I'm afraid he's really gone over the deep end...

His inner religious fanatic is in overdrive. He's damning EVERYTHING. 

His rabid base is screaming with excitement.

But after seeing what happened to their colleagues in the U.S., where Donald Trump declared war on the "Fake News," and his rabid base screamed for blood, our media is not impressed.

Gary Mason wonders whether Scheer is trying to become Canada's Trump.

If federal Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer declares journalists the “enemy of the people,” we will know he will have unburdened himself of any final reservations about adopting U.S. President Donald Trump’s war with the press as a means of winning and maintaining power.

And trying to play the same dangerous game. 

The type of hate and anger Mr. Trump is fomenting toward the press is dangerous. At one rally, he praised a politician who had body-slammed and hurt a reporter who had asked him a simple question. He routinely calls the media the “enemy of the people.” 

There is a growing unease that we are approaching a day, as one U.S. commentator put it, when blood on a newsroom floor will be blood on a President’s hands.

God forbid that day arrives. But this is the danger of Mr. Scheer adopting a strategy that is obviously aligned with what Mr. Trump is doing in the United States.

And to make matters even worse, as Steve V points out, Scheer's claim that the media is too Liberal is just one more Big Lie:

A lie that could trigger a tragedy. 

Can you believe those Cons? How low can they go?

But then as I said, they are desperate. It's all going horribly wrong. 

Scheer's inner circle is starting to panic.

A Conservative staffer known for "going for the jugular" against critics — including the media — has left Andrew Scheer's office, citing a health issue. Jacqui Delaney was hired as the Conservative leader's manager of media relations and issues management about five weeks ago, just as Scheer began touting his plan to stand up to "this government, the media and the privileged elite."

Or crack up.

And at a parliamentary meeting yesterday, a Con MP, and some Con staffers, were spotted boozing it up. 

A meeting to elect a new MP as chair of the Canadian NATO parliamentary association descended into chaos Tuesday night with what appear to be Conservative staffers and at least one Conservative MP, Garnett Genuis, seen in video obtained by Global News breaking into a rendition of Stan Rogers’ Barrett’s Privateers while pouring and passing around a bottle of unknown liquid.

Which makes me wonder what will they do next, sniff gasoline?

When asked what was in the cup, Genuis said on his way into question period “it tasted like gasoline” and had been purchased by one of his staffers.

And also wonder whether Andrew Scheer is still in charge.

Because with these kind of numbers.

The latest Nanos federal ballot tracking has the Liberals at 39.4 per cent support, followed by the Conservatives at 29.2 per cent, the NDP at 19.3 percent, the BQ at 2.8 per cent, the Greens at 6.5 per cent and the newly formed People’s Party of Canada (PPC) at 1.0 per cent.

And this kind of serious tanking....

Scheer won't be leader for long.

Not after Sherlock Trudeau buries his Cons...

And wins another massive majority.

Of course, a lot can happen between now and then.

And Andrew Scheer and his Trumpling Cons have made this country a much more dangerous place.

But at least the beast is cornered now.

And on his way to oblivion....

Oh boy, I'm loving this horror movie.

Happy Halloween everybody...


e.a.f. said...

fake news was a term first used by Hitler on his rise to power. Guess Scheeer must have obtained a copy of Hitler's old play book from dtrump or some of his and Kenny's friends or perhaps ford's good friend Faith Goldy.

"speaking" of Jason, Northern Reflections has a good article up about Jason's plans for war rooms in Canada and around the world to do "battle" with environmentalists who he accuses of bringing Alberta to its knees.

Had a wonder Halloween with lots of kids coming to the door. the best one was a kid who announced he was not a "man in black" like the two other boys, he was Benny Goodman! He couldn't have been more than 10. Bow tie was impeccable.

Looking at the children this evening it becomes even more clear we have a responsibility to the children of this country to ensure haters like Scheer, Kenny, and Ford don't take over governments in this country. Their association with racists is much too dangerous.

Referring to the press as fake news will end in tragedy, as we have seen with the death of Mr. Khashoggi. It has been reported CNN has received 3 pipe bombs. the press in Canada has not treated Scheer poorly, so his start of an anti press campaign leads me to conclude he is getting ready for when they turn on him.

now off topic; for the past two weeks Front Line on PBS has run a documentary on Goggle and its impact on politics and people. It clearly outlined its "contribution" to the deaths in the Philippines because of its President's vitriolic expressions and how it helped move the message of murder against Muslims in Miramar. It was quite frightening. Then when you read about the contracts ICE is giving to silicon valley corporations, how long will we have privacy and freedom of thought and speech. I know your blog and others here and in the U.S.A. have a spot for a google account. I don't use that. I think its dangerous. Perhaps some bloggers would have a look at the Front Line documentary you might re consider the use of google because they are no friend of democracy and freedom of speech.

e.a.f. said...

just realized I typed in Goggle, when the Front Line article was about Facebook, not Google, my apologies for the error.

Steve said...

the alphabet agencies. Google changes its name to alphabet. Master of the Universe humour.

Steve said...

Fake news Simon. Weak andy has already surrendered in the war on the media, if fact it never happened and I quote " the media is here to hold us to account" weak andy channeling Noam Chomsky, I might vote for him now.

Jackie Blue said...

Thug Fraud met with Andy Doody recently too, ostensibly to whine about the carbon tax and their general dislike of all things Liberal and everyone named Trudeau save for maybe the unrelated Doonesbury cartoonist. Word around the water cooler is that he's got his sights on Andy's job and it's possible -- even probable -- that the party apparatus is desperate enough to let the Ford monster truck plow right over him, to set up a WWE-style confrontation next year between Trudeau and Ontario's Trump. (Justin Time for the holiday season, an early exchange.) But what's really dangerous is the rhetoric that the big galoot used: he said he wants to "get rid of Justin Trudeau." Presumably with a Conservative election. But in light of what just happened in the U.S., with the synagogue massacre and the mail bombings, and the kind of things already happening in Canada, that kind of language is liable to literally trigger one of the innumerable nutcases obsessed with right-wing conspiracy theories and has a frothing hatred of Trudeau and/or members of his family.

Ontario Proud released one of their idiotic memes saying it was time to "bring down" Trudeau. You mentioned Jacqui Delaney with her "go for the jugular" rhetoric. Now Count Dougula wants to go for the juggla or should I say Dougie Kong is out for gorilla warfare. With what we know now about stochastic terrorism and how Trump and the GOP have weaponized their words, I honestly think the authorities in Canada need to get involved and investigate the Cons before someone gets hurt or killed.

Jackie Blue said...

I downloaded the PBS video and am going to watch it later tonight. Google's no saint either, trust me. Really no Silicon Valley company is. But Facebook in particular may have a lot more to answer for after that Frontline documentary. I just read on TechCrunch that both the British and, now, Canadian parliaments are demanding that Zuckerberg testify before investigative committees regarding the malicious influence of fake news and hate speech and his utter failure to properly address either one because of his mealy-mouthed commitment to libertarian-utopian "free speech" ideals (really, the Citizens United definition of "free speech" -- which is to say, all the fighting words and advertising data that money can buy).

My take is that social media has been utterly disastrous for society. It's a misnomer: created by insular tech geeks who have no idea about how to actually relate to people, except as "hackable NPCs" (non-playable characters) in a role-playing video game. As if they took Shakespeare's axiom about all the world being a stage far too literally and have lost control of the plot. The Gamergate crowd calls this weaponized autism for a reason. Mass-induced Capgras syndrome as political warfare. You add the free-wheeling, devil-may-care, laissez-faire ethos of the First Amendment plus the "I got mine, fuck you" selfishness of deregulated corporate America, and the fact that the Internet itself once upon a time was a creation of the U.S. military, and what you have is a weapon of mass destruction built for a widespread shock-and-awe campaign of informational warfare by the world's #1 net exporter of "socially acceptable" terrorism.

We should have listened to Eisenhower about the military-industrial complex. Mark Zuckerberg is the bastard child of Don Draper and Robert Oppenheimer. "I am become death, dank-memester of worlds."

Steve said...

I dont thing Doug will get away with non stop falsehoods. On the other hand he was never called on his saved a billion dollars for Toronto BS.

Steve said...

Polls show Carbon tax gaining steam. Weak andy in acid rain.

Anonymous said...

Google, Facebook and others are similar to unregulated toxic chemical companies that only use sales volume as a measure of success. Their systems are designed to promote and amplify the number of clicks regardless of toxic content. That has to change and it can be accomplished without censoring free speech. If someone wants to falsely link Soros to the caravans that is their prerogative but it should not become viral with more than 100 million recipients and make the jump to MSM in a matter of days. Its not technically challenging to allow the expression part while impeding the viral part in a totally unbiased manner. This however will not be self imposed as it would reduce perceived user volume and associated advertising sales. Its unfortunate but legislation is required, the same thing has been said for tobacco and other manufacturers of toxic chemicals. Free to exist but constrained by a framework that gives some protection to society.

John B. said...

When it comes to the press, the cons always want it all. They’ve got to have it. If you aren’t cheering for them, you’re too liberal. They’ll make the accusation that a media organization has taken a position when it hasn’t. You‘re taking the position of their opposition if you don’t demonstrate support for theirs. Ask one of them a question that challenges or just makes them uncomfortable and you’re “attacking” them. The foolishness escalates when they realize that, because many of the segments that they target deliberately for support consist of stupid and uninformed people who can’t wait to get into a knot over any something or other, it’s easy to turn their party’s intellectual shallowness and insecurity into an effective political tool. Something here must be fake or, better yet, dishonest.

Well-all-I-know-is, if it isn’t black it must be the other one. What else could it be?