Thursday, November 01, 2018

Doug Ford and the Con Carbon Gang Dumbos

He's the self appointed leader of the anti-carbon tax gang. And Doug Ford has been on a rampage recently.

Yesterday he officially killed Ontario's cap-and-trade program, while his ghastly Cons sang the Monster Mash.

The day before he met with weak Andrew Scheer to coordinate their planned assault on Justin Trudeau's federal carbon tax. 

Reinforce their power relationship.

And agree to do just about ANYTHING to pleasure their idol Donald Trump. 

But if Boss Ford is hoping to make opposition to the carbon tax his ticket to power in Ottawa, it looks like he may be disappointed. 

A new poll released Thursday shows most Canadians support the federal Liberals’ carbon tax. 

Since Prime Minister Trudeau unveiled his plan last week to rebate all cash from the carbon tax back to Canadians, the poll from the Angus Reid Institute shows 54 per cent of people now support the scheme. That’s a nine-point increase from the last poll the firm conducted in July.

Support for Trudeau's carbon tax plan is rising like a rocket. Even in Ford's Ontario. 

Ontario Premier Doug Ford made axing the tax a key promise and rallying cry during the province’s spring election, but, since he took office, the poll shows support for a carbon tax has actually gone up. In July, only 43 per cent of respondents supported a carbon tax. That’s now up to 54 per cent.

And in Scott Moe's Saskatchewan... 

The biggest jump was in the province where it was the least popular. In Saskatchewan, the poll shows support for the tax rose from 11 per cent in the summer to 29 per cent.

You know Moe, the Premier who may just be even dumber than Ford.

And is helping make Justin Trudeau look like a genius...

While Ford looks like a loudmouth bully, and a moron.

And that's before the Liberal government takes some time to explain to Canadians how a carbon tax works. How much money they could make. 

And of course why we need one. Badly.

The world’s oceans have been soaking up far more excess heat in recent decades than scientists realized, suggesting that Earth could be set to warm even faster than predicted in the years ahead, according to new research published Wednesday.

Because it's those kind of stories, and there will be many more before the next federal election, that will sink the carbon gang.

By not only making them look like a crazy cult of insane planet burners.

But also like an equally crazy gang of Con bandidos who don't want the government to give us money.

And that should prove fatal.

Yeah, Monster Mash that one.

The Con dumbos backed the wrong horse, at the wrong time.

And now they're all going down together...


Marmalade said...

Hopefully Common Sense Will Prevail.....but I'm not holding my breath!

Anonymous said...

Scheer, Ford, Moe and Kenney. The four shit-heads of the apocalypse. They are fighting a losing battle though they think by ganging up on JT will be a win for them. Sadly, they've already lost.
What JT should do is slap an excise carbon tax on the four of them for the excessive amount of methane they expel every time they open their big mouths.