Saturday, November 10, 2018

Donald Trump and the Blue Wave That Just Kept Growing

I can only imagine what state Donald Trump must be in this weekend, after the way he reacted to the midterm election results.

Going after and then banning CNN's Jim Acosta from the White House, firing Jeff Sessions, mocking some of his own defeated Republican candidates. 

Firing off inflammatory tweets like this one. 

Denying that his staff used a doctored video to ban Jim Acosta.

Only to lie like a thief, again. And sound like a maniac.

But then who can blame Trump for finally losing it in public? 

At first he thought the Republicans had won at least a moral victory by winning a few more Senate seats. And extravagantly praised himself.

Until he realized that little blue wave wasn't so little after all... 

And that it was still growing.

In the early hours of election night on Tuesday, a consensus began to take hold that the vaunted Democratic blue wave that had been talked about all year was failing to materialize. Now, with a handful of races still to be called, it’s clear that an anti-President Trump force hit the country with considerable, if uneven, strength. 

Democrats appear poised to pick up between 35 and 40 seats in the House, once the last races are tallied, according to strategists in both parties. That would represent the biggest Democratic gain in the House since the post-Watergate election of 1974, when the party picked up 49 seats three months after Richard M. Nixon resigned the presidency.

So the the Republicans really did get clobbered.

It turns out the 2018 midterm elections were pretty much a rout. Counting all the votes makes all the difference in the world.

And what's becoming only too clear is that Trump is now doing more to damage his party than help it... 

It drives Trump’s critics to distraction to watch him dominate every news cycle and repeat lies that have long since been debunked. They should be upset ; the president’s lies, racism, meanness and ignorance debase the presidency. 

However, Trump’s not helping himself or his party. To the contrary, Democrats just had an extremely successful election and are winning most major policy debates. They should send him a nice fruit basket or something for the holidays.

So no wonder Trump is said to be really depressed.

And no wonder progressives are celebrating. 

We avoided Midnight in America. The president concocted a frightscape, the caravan from hell ready to storm our white picket fences, the military deployed as a political stunt, the Constitution inches from the shredder.

But I’m here to bring you some good news, folks: It will take at least one more election cycle, but the enemies of progress are headed back to history’s basement. And democracy, after a surge of voters who had checked out of their role in the governing part, has a pulse.

For them it can only get better.

For Trump it can only get worse.

Until the happy day in 2020, when he is finally done...


  1. Recounts in Florida and Trump is really, really mad. How can he recount; he can't count at all.

    1. whats crazy is these are the same counties involved in the famous hanging chad butterfly ballots. It seems votes are for sale there to the highest bidder.

    2. Hi rumleyfips...the state of Florida is a sewer of racism and corruption. I don't think they need a recount, they need a whole new election...

  2. Maybe a wave after all. The new democracts are an eclectic lot, lets hope they smash up things just like Trump but in a good way.

    1. Hi Steve...the last thing the U.S. needs is having another party smashing things up. They need a proper government to return the U.S. to some kind of normality. I think most Americans have had enough of all that excitement, and goodness knows so do we...

    2. Want to see what normal looks like in the USA. Watch boardwalk empire.

  3. Anonymous4:28 PM

    I’d like celebrate, but the truth is Trump has never been more dangerous. I am quite convinced that he would start a war if that’s what it took to win the next election. The way he dismisses the way that video of Acosta was distorted, despite all the evidence showing it was, is frightening. What will he not lie about?

    1. Hi anon...I know how you feel, and It will be interesting to see how Trump reacts. I'm hoping that when he realizes the situation he will calm down and try to be the great deal makers he likes to think he is. However that might be a bit too optimistic, and his obsession with China could lead to disaster...

  4. Jackie Blue4:50 PM

    The biggest takeaway I think is the number of WOMEN who won, especially women of color and young progressive women like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. That being said... a lot of white women have some work to do to support the sisterhood instead of being "foot soldiers of the patriarchy." But progress is a marathon and not a sprint, and right now seeing Pelosi and Waters be thorns in Trump's side is icing on the cake.

    1. Hi Jackie...yes, the number of women who got elected was the best thing about the midterm elections. And yet more evidence that women are leading the resistance to Trump. When the Trump era is over, I wouldn't be surprised if it is seen as the time when women finally became equal. Can you imagine how Trump would feel about that? 😎

  5. e. a. f.10:28 PM

    The election clearly demonstrated more people wanted a Democratic House of Representatives and that is a good thing. They can now try to exert some control over Trump. However, they still have the Senate with a majority of Republicans.

    the democrats in the house can control the money and can conduct investigations, which will be important. the scary thing is the new illegal acting Cabinet replacement for Sesssions. With Whitacker replacing Sessions, we really don't know what will happen.

    with Trump in Paris, having a freak out when Marcon suggested Europe could go its own way, militarily, its truly funny. Marcon simply called trump;s bluff regarding his attitude towards NATO. weak trump truly is a snow flake, could not go to the service with Marcon and Merkle because it was raining. too much of a coward to go to Vietnam and now too much of a coward to even go to a ceremony to celebrate the end of WW I, 100 yrs later. oh, well, a liar and a coward.

    1. I hope that at the very least the Whitacker weed wacks Hillary. The same Rot that was the liberal party before Trudeau, is the Democratic party today.

    2. Hi e.a.f...the Democrats can make life very unpleasant for Trump. They can subpoena him until he screams for mercy, they can get him to release his tax returns, and of course if Mueller releases a devastating report, they can impeach him. It won't get ride of Trump because the Republicans control the Senate, but it should drive him crazy, and make him even less popular. As Jackie said, it's a marathon not a sprint...

    3. Hi Steve...Hillary Clinto has suffered enough, and even on her worst days was about a million times better than Trump. The Democrats have a new generation getting ready to set sail, and if Whitaker doesn't watch out he'll be arrested for fraud...