Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Is Maxime Bernier Hurting Andrew Scheer's Cons Already?

Ever since Maxime Bernier left the Cons to form his own party, the People's Party or Max Party, Andrew Scheer has been desperately trying to ignore him. 

Trying to pretend, in public at least, that Mad Max is not a real threat to Scheer's fevered plan to DESTROY Justin Trudeau. 

And no doubt hoping that because he calls himself Mad Max and attracts all kinds of crazies, that Bernier would soon flame out. And that his party would go down with him.

But sadly for Scheer, it seems that Bernier's party is off to a roaring start, and that Mad Max is a real threat.

For as Thomas Walkom writes, he's proving to be a political force.

When he left the Conservatives this year to form his own party, the conventional wisdom held that he’d simply disappear into the political wilderness.

But so far Bernier is very much alive. He spoke to an enthusiastic political rally in Vancouver on Thursday and another in Calgary Friday.

Bernier says his People’s Party has signed up more than 30,000 members. He promises to field candidates in every riding for next October’s federal election and may well do so.

He's making friends in all the wrong right places...

As Gillian Steward writes, he has a fanatical following. 

Maxime Bernier came to Calgary last week and it was clear he has lots of fans here. 

Lots of fans.

About 400 people — 90 per cent male, and 99 per cent white — jammed into a hotel conference room on Friday night and enthusiastically applauded almost everything Bernier said. They praised him effusively during the question period and mobbed him when he finished speaking.

And as the latest Nanos poll suggests to me, that growing support may be starting to do the Cons some real damage.

The latest Nanos federal ballot tracking has the Liberals at 39.4 per cent support, followed by the Conservatives at 27.5 per cent, the NDP at 19.8 percent, the BQ at 2.0 per cent, the Greens at 6.1 per cent and the newly formed People’s Party of Canada (PPC) at 1.4 per cent.

For as the People's Party inches up, the Cons keep sliding, and at 27.5 per cent they are now lower than they were the day Scheer took over.

And if Bernier and his gang keep eating away at their support, Scheer and his Cons won't stand a chance of winning the next election.

And could very well find themselves fighting for second place with the NDP.

All of which had the poor Con fluffer John Ivison wondering what the hell is going on?

When in fact the answer should have been obvious long ago.

Andrew Scheer is a religious fanatic, a misogynist, a racist, and a planet burning climate change denier. A man unfit to be the leader of a Canadian party, let alone prime minister.

His Cons have depended for years on a rabid racist Rebel loving base that screams for that kind of dirty bigoted stuff.

Now many of them are Trumplings, and if they think Bernier is their Trump, they could   hurt the Scheer Cons so badly they might never recover.

Which explains why he is flailing all over the place trying to keep them from leaving.

Posing as a nerdy crime buster, and accusing Justin Trudeau of being a criminal or a terrorist sympathiser.

And this is why it won't work...

We've seen that ghastly act before.

When Stephen Harper built the Cons, he built them in his own image.

And I wouldn't be surprised if not long after he went down.

They all went down with him...


rumleyfips said...

Max-min's fundraising numbers are better than his polling numbers. This could spell big trouble for Sheer Idiocy.

Jackie Blue said...

Why doesn't Fat Cat go away and take up knitting? Or tangle himself up in a ball of yarn. He already pulls the strings for the Cons and Andy Doody the possessed marionette. Now he's off giving interviews to some paper in the UAE, where he calls Emmanuel Macron an out-of-touch elitist for his lauded speech at the Remembrance Day service differentiating patriotism (the love of one's own country) from nationalism (the hatred of others). Which puts him squarely in the camp -- er, Kampf -- with who else but Donald Trump.

This asshole really enjoys letting his Nazi flag fly, doesn't he? When's he going to remove Tony Baloney from his SPECTRE organization as he's clearly a security risk? If any gang members belong behind bars it's the CPC, Criminal Prison Cabal. Bunch of Canadian goose-steppers who smell like what their jackboots just stepped in.

Anonymous said...

Any chance that Harper will come back to "rescue" the party before next election?

Steve said...

Weak Andy, Mad Max and no Goldie lox. I predict Max will run Goldy, I just hope its in a Tory safe riding.

Simon said...

Hi rumleyfips...yes, I've noticed that Bernier is able to raise large sums of money relatively quickly. And of course, every penny that goes to him doesn't go to the Cons. Scheer and his dumb Con gang have been feeding the monster that could very well destroy them..

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...I saw that story and it clearly shows what a reactionary Trumpling Stephen Harper is becoming. Hopefully it will make more idiot Canadians understand that the next election will be a choice between Canadian values and fascism...

Simon said...

Hi anon...I doubt that Harper will return to "rescue" the Cons before the next election. But if or when Scheer loses that election you can be sure he will be waiting for the call. The man has clearly indicated that he shouldn't have lost the last election, and will probably need to be further humiliated before he finally gets it...

Simon said...

Hi Steve...I doubt that Bernier would allow Faith Goldy to run for his party. He's going to extraordinary lengths to try to keep the riff raff at bay, or at least under control. So the last thing he needs is a white supremacist like Goldy...