Sunday, November 04, 2018

Andrew Scheer and the Hidden Hand of Hamish Marshall

It was just over a week ago, when a desperate Andrew Scheer came out of the closet as a full blown Trumpling. 

A secret admirer of the Orange Oaf, and a wannabe Trump himself.

By declaring war on the "fake news" media.

Claiming, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that they loved Justin Trudeau more than they loved HIM.

“We don’t always get the same kind of coverage that (Trudeau) gets in the mainstream media. Have you noticed that?” Scheer asked supporters. 

“(Trudeau has) got the media on his side, he’s got the pundits, he’s got the academics and think-tanks, everyone who wants to lecture you on how to spend your own money and how to live your own life.”

And vowing to go for the jugular.

Only to suddenly change his mind, and start praising the media, in what was a remarkable  turnaround. 

On Friday, the Star reported the Conservatives appeared to be gearing up for a fight with media outlets in the 2019 campaign – not only due to Scheer’s comments, but Conservative MPs and senators publicly accusing individual reporters of Liberal bias.

On Monday, the CBC reported that Scheer’s director of issues management and media relations, Jacqui Delaney, had left his office and returned to working for Senator Leo Housakos – who has on occasion provided his own brand of media criticism on Twitter. Delaney, a former anchor on the Sun News Network and longtime political staffer, told the CBC her departure was due to health reasons.

One moment they were howling like hungry hyenas, the next moment they were purring like kittens, and trying to make it sound like it was all Jacqui Delaney's fault.

But long before all of that happened, it's clear that the idea of attacking the media was being promoted by the hidden hand of Hamish Marshall.

The Con's national campaign manager, and Scheer's ex-Rebel mini-me.

As you can see from this fund-raising letter, written five days before Scheer came out swinging at the media.

"In exactly one year from the date of this letter, we'll finally have a chance to fire Justin Trudeau and elect a Conservative majority, led by Andrew Scheer.

For most Canadians who care about their pocketbook, it should be an easy choice --but not when our opponents record to mudslinging, half truths and disinformation.

And - you know as well as I do - the Ottawa media will search high and low for anything to knock us off course and kill our momentum.

Radical far-leftists are emboldened in a way they haven't been in our country before.

Which in its radical far right-wing way, resembles the kind of fundraising messages that Marshall's buddy, Ezra Levant, sends out all the time...

And explains why so many Con attack ads look like they've come straight from Levant's hate mongering Rebel...

Which in turn can only make many Canadians wonder who is really running the Con gang?

Should it now be known as the Rebel Party?

And how low will those ghastly Trumplings go?

You know, Hamish Marshall is a very stealthy operative. There are almost no pictures of him. He prefers to work in the shadows.

But his hidden hand is steering the Cons to where no Canadian party should go.

So he must be held accountable, along with Scheer, and urged to restrain his Rebel instincts.

Before the two of them, and their filthy Cons, poison this country further...


  1. Jackie Blue9:49 AM

    Where's your Robert Mueller?

    Marshall and the whole Rebel scum party apparatus need to face, at minimum, a parliamentary inquiry and a tax audit if not a criminal investigation. If the media was really holding the Cons' feet to the fire, they'd be running headlines and investigative reports every single day about Scheer's connections to Levant. There needs to be some digging into Atlas and Fraser and Aurea and Munk and definitely Postmedia. I guarantee you'll find Kochroaches and Mercernaries all over the place. Not to mention Harper and the IDU.

    Where's your Robert Mueller?

    Where's your Robert Mueller?

    1. its against the law for a US company to own a Canadian media outlet, let alone a juggernaught of failure the size of the National Discrase. Yet through a loophole a hedge fund in New York appears to be in charge of the National Post, and furthermore seems willing to pour endless dollars into propping up its right wing vision.

    2. e.a.f.5:42 PM

      Steve, I do believe the hedge fund owns 48% of Post Media.

      Jackie Blue, we may not like their opinions, but they are not illegal. They haven't crossed the line to hate speech, yet. Our legal system is quite different as is how our Parliamentary committees work. we really don't need Robert Mueller up here.

      Quebec had a very good corruption inquiry. Now it maybe other provinces could benefit from that, However, Quebec has a provincial police that does a lot of work. In other provinces, except for Ontario, there aren't provincial police forces. they have the RCMP. they aren't worth much at a provincial level. In my opinion, they are too interested in keeping their twenty year contracts going with the province. In B.C. money laundering was a big time industry, via our real estate markets and casinos, but hey did the RCMP do much. No, and when they did, the unit would be disbanded by the politicians who were in office at the time, the B.C. Lieberals, who ought never to be confused with the federal Liberal party.

      Of course Ontario does have to be careful because one of the first things Doug Ford did was hire the former Premier of B.C. Gordon Campbell as his advisor.

      Levant in my opinion is a creep and the federal Conservative Party having hired his former associate should give many Canadians pause. However, it will be up to the other political parties in Canada to point that out. Don't ever expect the media to do that.

      Canadians just need to exercise their right to vote. We don't do voter suppression the way the U.S.A. does and our voting is supervised on a national level by Elections Canada. It has federal government workers, not political hacks. Its one of the things which makes Canada a lot different from the U.S.A. Much of our bureaucracy has career federal government workers, who continue from one government to the next. They don't all get fired when there is a change in government and that goes for provincial and municipal governments also. All these workers are represented by Unions which are quite engaged insuring their members are not fired by politicians.

      What Canada also has, are provincial and federal Human Rights Commissions which have a major impact on our lives, when organizations, politicians, employers try to impose their will and ways on workers and/or citizens. These H.R. Commissions/tribunals can render decisions, levy fines, return people to their jobs, etc. if their decisions are not followed they can be enforced by the Courts.

      Many of the H.R. violations I see in the U.S.A., IN Canada would be dealt with by a H.R. hearing. In the U.S.A. you have to find the money to go to court and that can be very costly. I'm not saying we're perfect, but I do believe we, as citizens, have more protection than the average American.

    3. Hi Jackie...The problem we have in Canada is that the Liberals didn't want to set up any kind of investigation into the crimes of the Harper regime. And of course the media was only too glad to avoid having to investigate their friends. All of that might have worked if we were dealing with a Canadian party. But the Cons are about as Canadian as a three dollar bill, and they should have been prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Hopefully we won't make the same mistake with the Scheer gang...

    4. Hi Steve...That hedge fund seems to be cover for right wing interests who want to turn Canada into Trumpland North. The National Post I'd bad enough, but the Toronro Sun doesn't even pretend to be anything but a Con propaganda organ. I pray for the day the whole rotten crew go down together...

    5. Hi e.a.f...I agree that the situation is better in Canada than in the United States. But nobody should fool themselves into believing that the same thing can't happen here. We've already had at least one clear attempt to steal an election, and the Scheer Cons are the dirtiest political organization this country has ever seen, so I fully expect the Cons to try again. Also, remember that Hamish Marshall used to specialize in setting up multiple accounts for the Rebel. So I fear that Scheer's Rebel gang will flood us with bots and fake news. We are already seeing some evidence of that, and will report on that soon...

  2. Anonymous3:26 PM

    I wondered what kind of influence Hamish Rebel Marshall was having on Scheer’s Cons, and now I can see where he is leading them. If he’s willing to make the views in that letter public, what must he be saying in private? Scheer and the his Cons must explain why they hired such a right-wing extremist.

    1. e.a.f.5:45 PM

      We may like them to explain it to the public, but there is no obligation for them to do so or legal requirement. Why he hired Hamish is most likely because the Cons believe he can lead them to victory, on the Trump train. It works in the U.S.A. its given Merkel in Germany a run for her money. the same philosophy almost put an ultra right wing group into power in the Netherlands. the rise of fascism/racism is out and about and the pendulum swings from left to right as time goes on. It is up to individuals to ensure that doesn't happen or as history has demonstrated, one day they will come for you.

    2. Hi anon@3:28PM...I too would like to know what kind of people Marshall brought with him from the Rebel. Judging from the kind of attack ads that they put out they really must be a scummy gang of political pornographers. But don't worry the Cons are playing with fire, and sooner or later they will pay for it...

  3. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Even though they'd like us to think that they've distanced themselves from the rebel after Charlottesville, the Cons are as close as they ever were to their racist buddies. They just try to keep it hush hush, sorta.
    Remember Hamish cozying up to Fraulein Faith at that restaurant patio a while back? Or Duh...g Ford with his arm around the She Skank of the SS not so long ago?
    The Cons have denigrated themselves to the point where they count on those deplorable votes and cater to them by blowing their little dog whistles every now and then.
    Having Hamish Marshal as your campaign manager after he was up to his neck in rebel hate was just what Sheer needed to ensure he didn't lose those votes and anyone giving credence to Hamish after being so close to (and probably still is) to Levant is either extremely gullible or just as much a racist as he is.
    As you say Simon, he does like to keep a low profile, much like a rat or a cockroach would. Hamish is to Scheer what Stephen Miller is to Trump. A sly, snivelling racist coward who is the voice of poison in the ear of an equally racist coward. A marriage made in Hell.

    1. e.a.f.5:50 PM

      but if you listen hard, late a night you can always hear the rats and mice in the walls, if you put in the effort. Most of society doesn't want to do that.

      How to deal with the Cons and their racist views is very simple. Put ads in ethnic newspapers advising their readers of it. The Cons may be carrying on with Hamish but they don't tell the party memembers. Some of course are good with it. they're racist and that is why they support Scheer and the Cons. there are others who support the Conservatives because they have conservative social values, and that is their right, unless they try to impose them on those of us who don't. Having said that, they don't tell ethnic groups, part of their "values" is keeping people of colour out of this country. Once that is out and about, then the Conservatives may find they don't have the support they do in some socially conservative ethnic groups. its very simple, in Ontario Ford attacked Wynne's sex education program. Many socially conservative ethnic groups agreed with Ford. what Ford didn't tell them was he hangs out with racists. If that becomes a message, then they may not vote for Ford next time.

    2. Hi JD...just like a fish rots from the head down, Scheer and his little Rebel gang are corrupting all around them. Just look what they're doing to Cons like Lisa Raitt and Erin O'Toole, or for that matter Michelle Rempel who has debased herself beyond recognition in an attempt to impress her bosses. The Ottawa media normalizes their disgraceful behaviour, but hopefully we can shame them into changing their ways. One thing is for sure, the time to play patty cakes with those ugly Cons is over...

    3. Hi e.a.f...That's a pretty good idea, exposing the Cons in the ethnic press. Most ethnic ads are soft and mushy, but a hard edged campaign might be just what the Cons need. They like to dish it out, but my experience with those cowardly bullies is that they can't take it...

  4. There is a face book group called Ontario Proud. They claim to have done in K Wynne and now are going after Justin. However they claim even though started by a Harper staffer to be non political. If you on face book which I am not fight back.

    1. Hi Steve...I am well aware of the Ontario Proud gang. They are a disgusting group and I and others would really like to know where they are getting their money from. As for their claim that they are not political, that couldn't be more absurd. And I assure you they will get a taste of their own medicine....

  5. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Cons are the ass backwards party. Normally political parties have a vision based on trends, scientific data and social needs along with other considerations. They then formulate and communicate a political roadmap and as election time rolls around they try and convince voters that their vision will improve a majority if not all of society and that they are best equipped to deliver.
    Scheer has a vision but its only popular with a small subset of the population so instead he hired a propagandist to launch a 4 year political campaign to win the next election. Now as election time rolls around he discovered some were interested in seeing a political platform so one was hastily backfilled based on the 4 year election campaign. Then people naturally asked about an action plan so another hasty backfill and here we are. Because the whole thing is based on a propaganda strategy the action plan is Scheer nonsense sitting comfortably outside societies needs as well as our scientific, legal and other democratic institutions. For example he claims pipelines are easy... all you have to do is accept the flawed Transport Canada report and pass legislation to have them built... forget the scientific, environmental, legal and social implications. All of those democratic institutions are just modelling clay in the hands of a master (con) artist.
    Scheer is not a clown he is more a crash test dummy who sees the concrete barrier at the end of the road but takes a swig of holy water and accelerates down the road believing that he will burst through into the promised land on the other side. Unfortunately the back seat is filled with both willing and reluctant victims. Stealthier politicians with hidden agendas usually see the barrier and devise a way around it but not puppet Andy and master Hamish .... full speed head on!
    Trump and Dougie are other versions of crash test dummies. I suspect Trump is well instrumented and his data is being fed into a quantum super computer to see if out of sample forecasts hold or if the program should be tweaked. Then again perhaps I am wrong as I thought the same about Bush and look how that ended. Perhaps they are all just dummies with no scientific purpose.

  6. Leaders try to create great societies, Tyrants try and create great power.

  7. Hi RT...I like the idea of Scheer as a crash test dummy. Religious fanatics are like that. They think their faith will give them the strength to hit a wall, and emerge unscathed on the other side. And of course I encourage those kind of delusions.
    But remember one thing, Scheer has a vicious streak in him. Lorne Nystrom warned us about him, after Scheer smeared him off being too soft on child pornography, for no good reason.
    He's got the drive of a religious fanatic. But no smear is low enough for him.
    And the man behind that creepy smile, is still dangerous...

    1. Harpo blessed him. Of all the people he could have blessed he took the smiling demon. Does that not tell you everything. In our system, in three election cycles he will be PM.