Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Donald Trump's Painful Crazy Day of Reckoning

Well it wasn't the big blue wave I had been hoping for, to bury the sinister sand man Donald Trump once and for all.

But it was quite a wave, it has crippled Trump. 

Democrats seized control of the House while Republicans held the Senate on Tuesday in a national referendum on President Trump that drew record numbers of voters to the polls and opened the door to tougher oversight of the White House over the next two years. 

The dramatic conclusion of the most expensive and consequential midterms in modern times fell short of delivering the sweeping repudiation of Trump wished for by Democrats and the “resistance” movement. But Democrats’ takeover in the House still portended serious changes in Washington, as the party prepared to block Trump’s agenda and investigate his personal finances and potential ties to Russia.

And all you have to do to know how deeply the orange fascist has been wounded, is to read his pathetic tweets.

Praising himself extravagantly, before threatening his opponents.  

President Trump threatened Wednesday to retaliate with a “warlike posture” should the new Democratic House majority use its subpoena power to launch investigations into his administration, warning that any probes would jeopardize prospects for bipartisan deals.

Then holding a bizarre news conference where he fought with reporters and even ordered that CNN's Jim Acosta be silenced.

Looking more like a thug dictator than a president...

Or a maniac.

Only to return to his office and fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned on Wednesday at President Trump’s request, ending the tenure of a loyalist Trump had soured on shortly after Sessions took office in 2017 because the former senator from Alabama had recused himself from oversight of the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Because that's how winners act.

Or more correctly that's how cowardly scumbags like Trump act, when they know that the next two years are going to be a living hell...

Know that everything he hoped he could kept hidden will now be revealed.

And that it won't be long before Robert Mueller comes calling.

The beast has finally been at least partially restrained.

And the time has finally come when he can slowly be destroyed...

If he doesn't destroy himself first. Painfully I hope.

Big wave, small wave.

It feels like a sweet victory to me...  


  1. it was a very narrow win for the anti trumps. Very scary as normal mid terms see a 60 plus gain in the house. The fact that the increased in the senate scary.

    1. HI Steve...There are many reasons the margin wasn't greater in the House, like gerrymandering, voter suppression, and the brutish racist message of the bigot Trump. As for the Senate race, it favoured the Republicans right from the start, and the Democrats clearly need to work harder to win more votes in rural areas. But despite all of that, I'm happy at the results. Trump has been restrained and 2020 will finish him off...

  2. Anonymous6:19 PM

    There is just something psychologically disquieting about people who constantly refer to themselves in the third person, especially an already poor excuse for a president. The following article expands on that premise but in Trumps case the disconnect between his reality and projected self is foreboding.

    When we hear it happen, habitual illeism — the barely pronounceable word that describes the act of using the third person when talking about oneself — tends to signal to the rest of us one of a number of personality quirks in the speaker, none of them good: A stunted intellect (“Sloth loves Chunk”); the presence of psychotic personality disorders (“Smeagol hates nasty Hobbitses”); rampant egoism (“Doctor Doom shall be master of Earth!”); or a journalist using horribly awkward turns of phrase that belong in the print era (at least, that’s in the opinion of your present author).

    1. Hi RT...thanks for that article. I hadn't though of it before, but extensive use of the third person does strike me as the kind of thing a megalomaniacal narcissist would indulge in. Admiring themselves from afar and making themselves look bigger than they are. My first reaction when I read the two tweets in my post was that there is some gigantic black hole in the orange oaf. He has to reassure himself all the time that he is great, despite the fact that he managed to fool so many people into making him president. Sad...

  3. Jackie Blue9:36 PM

    If Democrats really want to make Trump stroke out, they should nominate Beto O'Rourke. He'd be a shoo-in for 2020 if he pledges to appoint a Trudeau 50/50 cabinet if elected. Besides the gender-balance ratio, Trudeau's cabinet is one of the most ethnically diverse and features ministers whose personal or professional backgrounds render them a perfect fit for their mandates. Freeland, a globe-trotting journalist who speaks multiple languages, is Foreign Minister; Sajjan, a veteran, is Defense Minister; Garneau, an astronaut (!) is Minister of Transport, and so on. Beto could replicate this formula with i.e. someone like Kamala Harris as AG, Elizabeth Warren at Commerce and Christiane Amanpour as UN Ambassador or even Secretary of State. The Trudeau model offers a good case study not only for a prospective campaign by the candid, charismatic Texan moderate himself, but for the Democrats to take notes on in general.

    He's got the requisite balance of youthful energy and mainstream affability to win over a broad cross-section of the country. Considering the backlash to Obama and Clinton at the presidential level, and the raw tribal divisions in the US not seen at this level since the chaotic 1960s, it may not be a good time to run a woman or minority at the top of the ticket. Plus, the media landscape means it's essential for the Democrats to out-spectacle Trump, and the handsome skateboarding rock musician turned tech-startup businessman, who's been described as "Barack Trudeau" is exactly the kind of screen-friendly candidate we'd need.

    If I were Beto and planning to ride the wave of a perfect storm -- a party hungry for ABCD (anybody but Czar Donald), the short attention span of the populace (by 2024 he might be "Beto who?"), and the Democrats' necessity for youth mobilization strategies to counter the old and flagging Fox News voters who'll turn out for Trump no matter what simply because he owns the libs -- to a hoped-for nomination in two years, I'd have my team get hold of Trudeau and study the Liberals as they stand right now. The comparisons are uncanny; Trump wouldn't stand a snowball's chance at Mar-a-Lago against him, and he would probably lose his marbles so much that he starts tweeting about "Justin O'Roark" and alienates the base altogether by attempting to levy tariffs on Texas!

    1. Hi Jackie...I completely agree with you. I've been waiting for good progressive leaders to come forward, and O'Rourke fits the bill perfectly. And although his defeat in the Senate contest was disappointing, it leaves him free to spend the next year or so campaigning all over the U.S., and I believe that the more Americans get to know him, the more popular he will become. I'm sure other good candidates will emerge, but it's good to know that Beto is there, and ready to roll...🏂

    2. what the dems need is a proven leader to emerge. A Governor or bloomberg. Not some media darling.

  4. e. a. f.12:34 AM

    and first thing wed. he fired Sessions and replaced him with someone who will do what he wants. by the time the new Congress is sworn in democracy as the Americans have known it, may be all over.
    It wasn't the blue wave man wanted so its clear a lot of Americans don't care and others like this fascists regime.

    today was interesting to watch. Trump looks enraged, and accused an African American journalists of being a racist. Things are well on their way to becoming a dictatorship of dtrumpl.

    1. Hi e.a.f...yes, Donald Trump has shown his inner tyrant again, but thank goodness he doesn't control the House any longer. For if he had won both the House and the Senate he would have been able to do anything he wanted. Now he can't. He will be forced to deal with the Democrats, and they will be able to make life miserable for him. I predict the orange blimp will blow up well before next Spring...

  5. lin black1:15 PM

    there was a man named trump whose popularity was in a slump of this there was no doubt he could not figure it out because his brain was in front of his rump