Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Welcome to the Andrew Scheer and Kevin O'Leary Show!!

I've tried to describe how Andrew Scheer must be feeling these days, but words and pictures seem so inadequate.

How can I possibly convey the depth of his despair, or his growing panic?

Especially now that John Ivison has revealed that some of Scheer's Cons are already sharpening their knives, and that he'll be on their cannibal menu very quickly if he fails to defeat Justin Trudeau.

But I think I've finally found a way to quantify that despair. 

This is how desperate he is.

Yes, believe it or not, he's teaming up with Kevin O'Leary and planning to take The Andy and Kevin show on the road during the election campaign. 

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer's campaign for prime minister next year will get some star power from businessman Kevin O'Leary, the two said in Toronto Monday.

"We need a new manager, we need a new government, we need new policy. That's why he's here," said O'Leary at one point, gesturing toward Scheer. "And we're going to do this all across the country."

And as a bonus, O'Leary is even promising to haul out his spatula again...

O'Leary said the country needs saving from "weak, weak managers." "The whole cabinet is weak," he said. 

"It's a spatula we need. ... Scrape it clean and start again."

Oh boy, isn't that a blast from the past?

Isn't this hilarious?

"Were going to fire and we're going to hire," O'Leary said of the Tory plan for the government. "I'm so motivated to get out there and make this change happen because I smell it. I smell the winds of change."

And which Con cut that fart?

But of course, the burning question must be is Scheer serious? Is he really THAT desperate?

Or that deluded...

Does he really believe that touring the country with Mr Wonderful, will make him more popular?

Or that O'Leary is looking out for Scheer instead of HIMSELF? 

When he is probably dreaming of replacing his buddy Andy as soon as he fails.

Which reminds me, in this long, very long clip of the opening episode of the Andy and Kevin Show, both of them managed to get in the word " fail" as in "Trudeau fails" a record number of times.

In a desperate attempt to make themselves look like winners rather than losers.

But when I look at some stills from that video, I think I can safely predict where that show is going.

At first Scheer looks traumatized but happy, at the thought that O'Leary might win him some votes... 

Because goodness knows he need all the ones he can get, or he will end up on that cannibal menu.

But then, as it finally sinks in that Mr Wonderful's big mouth might make him look bad 

And cost him more votes that those O'Leary might attract,  you can see the frozen look of horror on his face, and the loser look in his eyes. 

And then finally there is the poignant scene, or the pathetic one, depending on your point of view.

From what I'm almost sure will be the last episode of the Andy and Kevin Show...

Where a shattered Scheer is comforted by the hustler O'Leary, who tries to pretend he doesn't want him to fail, and be carried out in a straitjacket, so he can have his job.

Shortly before the Andy and Kevin shit show goes down the drain...

And what is there left to say?

Except that the Cons are desperate, their dying party is starting to stink out the country.

We got to do something to clear the air.

And in my humble opinion, we can't flush them soon enough...


Steve said...

Kevin Leary is insufferable. Check out how he made his fortune, yeah gentic lottery.

Jackie Blue said...

He's just not ready to be Apprentice PM. Nice lack of hair, though.

Anonymous said...

Scheer is desperate and has every reason to be. I was in the Brockville, Ontario restaurant that Prime Minister Trudeau visited today to support Mary Jean McFall in our local by election. He genuinely likes people and that was very evident as he moved throughout the room and greeted everyone. His remarks were all positive and his charisma was on full display. Unlike our closet diving former prime minister, Justin Trudeau makes me proud to be a Canadian. The Reformatories should be very, very afraid.

Anonymous said...

I didn't expect it to happen so soon. That Con moment when all is lost and all that's left is a self-inflicted, embarrassing sideshow. We all remember the last one right? Ka-ching!!!

e.a.f. said...

The two of them on a road shop during an election. OMG, hide, hide, hide. what could o/leary possibly add? O.K. shine a light on his chrome dome and no one will notice Scheer,

Marmalade said...


Anonymous said...

If only this Trump-light "businessman" from tee-vee can bring some zing and zap to my Trump-like but nonetheless "Canadian" election rallies...I, too, can squeak through with a Trumpish victory and then oh then...we'll make Canada great again...

Anonymous said...

Oh Leary's version of selfish self-aggrandizing capitalism will certainly woo the Con base, but he sucks so much oxygen out of the room that it will leave Scheer looking like an asphyxiated corpse. Although Cons will vote for zombies, to be effective the leader needs to at least appear undead and be admired by other zombies like a Tony or a Pence.

Anonymous said...

Zombies indeed. That is funny. Keeping in the spirit of this, Scheer reminds me of Homer's shortcomings in this clip
that clearly shows what Andy is lacking for bringing Mr. Blusterful on his campaign trail.