Sunday, November 11, 2018

Remembrance Day 2018

It's Remembrance Day 2018, and a time to remember all those who fought and died for our country.

A time to remember and celebrate my fighting grandfathers.

Who survived the horror of war, but like so many others were marked by it forever.

Like this young Canadian soldier, 22-year-old Pte. Thomas Welch, who survived a tour in Afghanistan.

Only to kill himself three months after returning to Canada in May 2004.

And for the next thirteen years, although he had been a good and brave soldier, was officially forgotten by the Canadian military, who refused to accept that his death had anything to do with his service in Afghanistan.

Fortunately that injustice was finally corrected in June 2017. His mother, Anita Cenerini who fought so hard to right that wrong, will be this year's Silver Cross Mother. 

And will represent ALL the mothers who lost a child to military service, and those soldiers who are still living and suffering with the horror of PTSD.

As well as all those who died not in battle, but still serving their country.

Like many of the Canadian flyers buried in this, and other small cemeteries in the north of Scotland.

Who were learning to fly bombers at a big RAF base near my family home, only to have their planes go down in the North Sea or the misty highlands...

Every year, I spend a day tending to their graves, so that they should know that although they don't receive many visitors, we will never forget them.

And that I will always thank them for sacrificing their young lives so that we could live in freedom.

And every year, I also vow to fight to the death if necessary, to prevent the fascists in this country from threatening that freedom, that was bought with the blood of so many Canadians.

Remember our heroes, and those who loved them, still do, and are still suffering with them today.

And since this year is the 100th anniversary of the First World War, and Scotland marked that anniversary by turning buildings like Edinburgh Castle poppy red.

Let the words of the Canadian doctor Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae, written in poppies, pay tribute to them all...


  1. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Very touching and well said, Simon. We can never forget what was fought for, and we can never let it happen again.

    1. Hi JD...thank you. We can never forget what so many young Canadians sacrificed their lives for, or let the fascists they fought parade around unchallenged in the streets of our country. I was extremely happy that the soldiers who committed suicide after their military service were finally recognized this year. It has been a long time coming, and the military brass should be ashamed that they took so long to take action, and recognize the effects of PTSD. But now they are and I am happy for the soldiers and their families...

  2. Replies
    1. HI Steve...I could never forget since I come from a family and a clan with a long history of military service. And every year we would mark the day by travelling to the commando monument in the shadow of Scotland's biggest mountain Ben Nevis. And although I have no time for war myself, I recognize that they are sometimes necessary, and I honour those who fell to prevent fascists from stealing our freedoms..

  3. Jackie Blue12:15 PM

    Trudeau's speech at the WW2 Dieppe memorial last year went viral for how timely it was considering Trump's vain and disgraceful cowardice, canceling an outdoor event to commemorate Remembrance Day because he didn't want his already ridiculous hair to get mussed in the rain. All our surviving vets, and their forebears and comrades who gave their lives, deserve better, and I for one am grateful that there are still flickers of hope, courage, and true leadership left in this world.

    1. Hi Jackie...yes I saw that Dieppe clip, and I greatly enjoyed how it was used to make Trump look like even more of a ninny, if that's possible. There was also another video that had the leaders marching down the Champs de Élysées with Trudeau being one of the only ones without an umbrella, and Trump apparently gliding behind them in a limo. Bone spurs Trump reporting for duty, but only if it's sunny...🌝

  4. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Simon...appreciate your past efforts and future commitment to promote truth and freedom in these challenging times where history is trying for a modernized fascist rerun in virtual color rather than boring black and white.

    1. Hi RT...thank you, I may have my share of failings, but not hating fascists isn't one of them. After the horror of World War Two I can't believe those grubby rodents are back and threatening our future again. But when you see the graves of those who died to defeat them, it's impossible not to take up the torch and try to finish off the fascists once and for all...

  5. None of this had to happen. Russia is not a threat today. Wake up Zombies.

    1. Hi Steve...the Russians played a huge and heroic part in destroying Hitler's forces. And I have a great deal of respect for the Russian people. But these days Russia's leaders look a lot like fascists themselves. And when combined with the hollow belligerence of Trump do pose a threat to us all. Although if the Third World War begins , it will probably involve China.
      which makes it even more imperative that Trump and his war monkey John Bolton be fired as soon as possible...

    2. But these days Russia's leaders look a lot like fascists themselves.

      Hi Simon,
      I don't think the Russian leaders are fascists but they all were raised in the Soviet system. We are not talking natural democratic leaders. Putin, who may think he's a democratic leader, is a product of the Soviet system. He is a lot more democratic than Stalin but it is a measure of degree.

      The current Russian concept of democracy and the Canadian concept are just a "bit" different. Chalk and Cheese?

      Russian leaders are not the equivalent of the actual fascists we see in Germany or the Western Ukraine. I really do not see them as a threat to world peace unless provoked badly. The problem is the blasted Americans seem to think that Russia is the USSR.

      Putin and crew seem a bit more rational than the Washington Circus but they probably can be pushed too far or think that they may have to respond to Trumper action. This is not good.