Thursday, October 11, 2018

Andrew Scheer's Farcical and Humiliating Visit To India

Justin Trudeau's visit to India last April was the best thing that ever happened, to Andrew Scheer.

For the Cons with the help of our shabby Con media were able to mock Trudeau's traditional Indian garb, and claim that he had been shunned by the Indian government  for having invited a convicted Sikh extremist to a reception in New Delhi.

Trudeau's national security adviser, Daniel Jean, claimed it was a setup by the Indian government.

But the Cons and their bought media wouldn't believe him. Trudeau lost five points in the polls, and Scheer began to dream of becoming Prime Minister.

So now he's trying to recover some of that lost magic, by travelling to India himself.

For the sole purpose of trying to draw a contrast between Trudeau and himself. 

Which just shows how desperate he has become.

And although the Cons are trumpeting this meeting as a big victory. 

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer landed a one-on-one with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the second day of a business trip to India on Tuesday, a much quicker meeting than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau received during a controversial trade visit in February.

All it really proved was that Daniel Jean had been right, when he said that the Hindu extremist Modi had been trying to embarrass Trudeau, for having what he considers too many Sikhs in his government.

And of course also proved that Modi is a VERY good friend of Stephen Harper.

Such a good friend in fact, that in 2015 he invited Harper to fly with him on his plane all the way from Ottawa to Vancouver, in a humiliating exercise never seen before...

And now of course Modi is also a member in good standing of Harper's uber right-wing International Democrat Union.

Which no doubt explains why Jason Kenney was also recently spotted in India...

And was also seen posing as a statesman, or as Rachel Notley called him the "Minister of Make Believe," which of course couldn't be more hilarious.

Or in Scheer's case more devastating. 

The prospect of the Opposition chief using his time in India for partisan point-scoring has loomed since this summer, when the visit was announced as a bid to “repair” the damage Mr. Trudeau had wrought. The possibility irked then. It has been even more grating to see Mr. Scheer go through with it. 

Opposition leaders are entitled to travel for research – indeed, it’s a good idea, in case they find themselves in power one day – but they have no business running a parallel foreign policy or trying to undermine their country’s leader with veiled jabs on foreign soil.

Especially since it isn't the first time Scheer has tried to stab our government in the back...

And he really must decide whether he's an American, or an Indian...

Or a Saudi...

But one thing is for sure, he's no Canadian statesman.

For a man who likes to call Justin Trudeau a "failure" this must really hurt:

His visit has to be classed a failure. The Conservative Leader’s goal was to show how different he is from Mr. Trudeau by conducting a sober foreign trip free of shallow domestic politics. He managed to do the opposite.

He has embarrassed himself and his country enough.

And the sooner we can get rid of him the better... 


  1. Speaking of the Saud. Russia and Moldova Jackson–Vanik Repeal and Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2012, little brother is going to put MSB in its selective cross hair. How delightful.

    As for weak Andy, it appears his jig is up. The MSM has decided they would rather have Doug or Kenny to do their dirty work.

  2. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Modi has been accused of encouraging Hindu extremists to attack Muslims, in sectarian riots where thousands were killed. So to see Andrew Scheer, like Harper before him, all but lick his feet is totally disgusting. Like Trump our Cons are the real scum of the earth.

    1. Jackie Blue12:14 PM

      He doesn't seem to like Sikh people much either. Reportedly he wasn't too happy about Trudeau's statement that he had more Sikhs in his cabinet than Modi. So that's two strikes against him from Modi's perspective. No matter how much of a fake embrace he lends the Trudeau family for diplomatic purposes, Justin's not a spiteful ethnic nationalist like Modi is; he's a universalist and a humanitarian, and they will never see eye-to-eye. Modi has more in common with disgraced "peace advocate" Aung San Suu Kyi than he does Gandhi, as a willing participant in the global Islamophobia industry being dialed up to unfathomable levels by the USA and the spreading cancer of fascists in Europe.

      What's really pathetic, though, is that Modi doesn't seem to mind, or be aware of, the fact that Andy's white nationalist and Eurocolonialist base doesn't care about brown people. Rebel scum stormtroopers refer to people from India as "cheap tech support," "dot heads" and "street shitters." Yet the M$M would rather obsess about Justin and Sophie snapping a photo with Atwal the photobomber, than Andy and Doug cozying up to Faith Goldy or Kenney showing up for a Beer Hall Putsch with the Soldiers of Odin. Gee, I wonder why.

    2. Anonymous12:17 PM

      Indian extremists are also targeting the Christian minority but not a word from weak Andy. So fixated on Trudeau revenge that he is prepared to sacrifice his own when it suits him. Like Trump its the mark of a true leader!

    3. Anonymous4:49 PM

      The amount of hate, you, white people, have for Hindus. You only get outraged when Hindus attack Muslims but stay silent when Muslims do the same. Is Hinduism that strange to you and instead of trying to understand the religion, you decide to hate it and attack all Hindus? Christians and Muslims have killed way more people around the world than Hindus and yet you all criticize only the Hindus but are fine when Christians and Muslims do the same. White people are just a bunch of self-righteous hypocrites who stick their noses into other cultures and cause destruction and then have the audacity to criticize. You don't really care about non-whites, you just like to be the white savior pretending to fix what you think is wrong with other cultures with no understanding or knowledge, when you end up making things worse. White people have done far more harm to others than help.

    4. I am white, I dont even know a single issue I could hate Hindus for.

    5. Anonymous5:43 PM

      Hi Anon 4:49
      I have not seen any animosity directed against Hindus on this site, just morally and rationally challenged extremists of all stripes.

    6. Jackie Blue6:33 PM

      The comments specifically said EXTREMISTS. Who's saying Trudeau or anyone on this board hates Hindus? White colonialism has brought about centuries of problems to be sure, but prior bullying is no excuse to turn around and bully someone else. For instance, Netanyahu has no right to do what he's doing to the Palestinians just because Hitler was a monster to the Jews. And actual Holocaust survivors have even called him out.

      There is a global Islamophobia problem to be sure, but that's no reason to give the Saudis a free pass for Wahabism or the genocide of the Yemeni people. That's a Muslim-against-Muslim power grab by a belligerent and corrupt petrostate. Canada has also welcomed in Yazidi and Druze people persecuted by ISIS. Just because Modi is a problematic individual shouldn't be interpreted as an indictment of 100% of Hindu people around the world. That's crazy.

      Cruelty is cruelty regardless of who's responsible. Two wrongs don't make either of them right.

    7. Hi anon @4:49 PM...I have no hate for Hindus or any other religious group. I would not allow anyone to publish hateful remarks on my blog. And I am against sectarian violence of any kind. It's not only against everything I believe in, but also because I was once victimized by some bigot at a soccer game in Scotland. A Protestant bigot who stabbed me, a Protestant, for defending a Catholic friend of mine. I also agree with you that white Christians have caused much suffering in the name of God and Empire. However, having said that, there is no denying that Narendra Modi is a Hindu extremist who has been accused of encouraging mobs to attack Muslims and Christians, and is biased against the Liberal government because it has quite a few Sikh ministers and Sikh MPs. The truth is the truth and it will set us all free....

    8. Hi RT...thank you. I have never claimed to be perfect, and I occasionally lose my temper. But I have always done my best to make sure that bigots don't get to use this humble blog, as a platform for their foul ideas. Every week I have to delete at least twenty comments from the worst kind of people. If readers saw the kind of abuse aimed at me and others they would be shocked. But they can rest assured that this blog will always provide a safe space for progressives to make their views known without being exposed to all that hate mongering Con garbage...

    9. Hi Jackie...well said:
      Cruelty is cruelty regardless of who's responsible.Two wrongs don't make either of them right.
      I hate cruelty of any kind, whether it's directed at people or animals. So I was shocked by that reader's comment accusing me and others of being biased against Hindus. I can be accused of being stubborn, or hot headed, or even tragically Scottish, or hopelessly Canadian. But nobody will ever be able to accuse me of being a bully or a bigot...

  3. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Failing Andy fails again. He tries to impersonate a Prime Minister, and ends up with egg all over his face. Ha Ha Ha Ha.

    1. Hi anon...yes it really is pathetic. Scheer is becoming a total joke. But of course we have to take him seriously because if that creepy Con ever becomes Prime Minister, he could destroy this country...

  4. Jackie Blue11:52 AM

    As Trudeau said at the beginning of the boxing documentary, "you can't underestimate the power of symbols in this world." I notice that Hamish laid out his clothes for him, because Andy showed up wearing the trademark blue suit and brown shoes, effectively cosplaying as Justin to mock him even further. His swastika socks must have been on backorder, though. What a pathetic little troll. Perhaps his next Nazi mission will be a journey to Africa, and he'll borrow Melania's piss -- er, pith helmet.

    As for Salman bin Lyin'? Wow, the Gaul of some people -- he just launched a bid for Saudi Arabia to join La Francophonie! But according to France24, he's not likely to have much luck. Not the way he's been behaving lately, and certainly not with Trudeau and Macron there... and Michaƫlle Jean the Secretary-General. I don't know if Salman even speaks French. What I do know is that Scheer's is plainly awful, and that the only language all these scumbags are fluent in is the language of GREED.

    1. Anonymous12:48 PM

      They are all fine people. It now seems that if they cannot lure dissenting journalists back into their jurisdiction in order to imprison them the next best thing is to lure them into a Saudi consulate and murder them.

    2. Hi Jackie...I had no idea that the Saudis wanted to join the Francophonie. I have always considered it to be a grotesque collection of dictators and bigots, so adding the Saudis could only make things worse. The fact that anyone in this country could defend Salman and and his thugs is simply beyond belief. Hopefully their latest atrocity will wake people up and turn them against them at last...

  5. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Another horrible embarrassment involving the horrid Saudi attack on a journalist in Istanbul.

    A few weeks ago when Minister Freeland made a Twitter comment supporting human rights in Saudi Arabia, after the jailing of a journalist with ties to Canada, the Conservatives and Ottawa media embarked on a talking point tirade against her. They really went so far as to give some moral room in support of the extreme Saudi reaction. They were right Canada, Minister Freeland and the Trudeau Government, were wrong, Freeland made a big mistake, embarrassed the country they said.
    OK Cons and media what to you have to say now?

    J. W.

    1. Hi J.W...yes, I'd like to know how the Cons are feeling about their friends in Saudi Arabia now. For despite the fact that our government was right to criticize the Saudis, Scheer chose to play cheap politics with the issue, and once again undermined his own government. I hope to write something about that as soon as possible, for the Cons should not be allowed to get away with murder, and unfortunately we can't count on our bought media to hold them accountable...

  6. Anonymous12:30 PM

    My take on all of this is that Trudeau made a number of amateur mistakes in his first 2 years of office.
    It's not an 'accusation' per se, it's just that the rabid intolerance that we see on the 'other side' pushes us to believe that perfection is a basic job requirement when running for office.
    Even though perfection is extremely hard to find when looking to Conservative (or Republican) camps.
    When the media backs you up on wild accusations and various tantrums, it's hard to understand why someone would persist the way Trudeau has.
    And yet he and his government has, despite these odds.
    They've matured and they're definitely driving the bus now, despite all the landmines laid by Harper and his appointees and Scheer and his manic hysteria.
    Junior gets my vote in 2019.
    Hands down.

    1. Jackie Blue2:08 PM

      The orange monstrosity in Washington too. Papa would be proud. Nixon was an asshole but Trump is Stupid Hitler on steroids. Harper or Scheer would be fellating him right now like Kanye is. Kanye changed his name to "Yeezus," maybe Andy can change his name to "Yeesh."

    2. Hi anon@12:30 PM... I feel like you. I didn't vote for the Liberals, but Justin Trudeau impressed me with the way he bulldozed Harper's foul legacy and restored our standing in the eyes of the world. I don't agree with everything Trudeau has done, but he has always behaved in the manner I expect a Canadian to behave, and his basic decency has managed to almost make me forget the horror of the Harper years. Despite being savagely attacked by our Con media, he has managed to keep his cool, and has not retaliated in kind. And for all those reasons I will be voting for him in the next election...

  7. Into this mess of gutter politics we have religious freedom. Doug Ford says that GOD will decide who dies riding a motorcycle. It has to be all or nothing Doug.

  8. e.a.f.2:24 PM

    god will decide who dies riding a motorcycle? Expect to have all worker safety rules repealed shortly because god will decide who lives or dies. Perhaps dougie ought to drop his security people, so god can decide whether he lives or dies. when dougie cuts back on health care, will he say god will decide who lives or dies. omg, that man is an idiot. if god decided who lived or died, then we can blame god for all the genocide going on around the world, the murder of women for being women, the starvation of children in yemen........