Tuesday, October 30, 2018

How The Migrant Caravan Is Exposing Trump's Extremism

The irony couldn't be greater. With the midterm elections now only a week away, Donald Trump is stepping up his insane rhetoric.

Accusing a caravan of desperate men, women, and children of trying to invade the United States.

Even as he prepares to go where many do not want him. 

By visiting the city that was the scene of a massacre his incendiary rhetoric may have helped trigger. 

President Trump plans to visit this city Tuesday despite pleas from the mayor and some Jewish leaders that he stay away — and accusations that he and his administration have fueled anti-Semitism through their rhetoric, both before and after Saturday’s massacre inside a synagogue.

Even as he directs the same kind of hate mongering rhetoric at that human caravan. 

For the last two weeks, Mr. Trump and his conservative allies have operated largely in tandem on social media and elsewhere to push alarmist, conspiratorial warnings about the migrant caravan more than 2,000 miles from the border.

But as the country processes the cumulative trauma of two actual crises that occurred inside its borders — a spate of pipe bombs sent to the president’s political opponents, and the massacre of 11 people at a synagogue by a man who spewed anti-Semitic vitriol and called immigrants “invaders” — there is clear overlap between the hatred and delusion that drove this lethal behavior and the paranoia and misinformation surrounding the caravan.

With Trump now calling the midterms "the election of the caravan," and his fellow Republicans taking racism and xenophobia to new lows of depravity.

With the kind of dark language usually reserved for true catastrophes like the Sept. 11 attacks, conservative commentators and politicians have led a concerted push to elevate the caravan as an issue. They have called it “an invasion,” “a national emergency,” “an illegal alien mob,” “an attack on America” and a crisis with implications that are “critical to the future of our civilization.”

Michael Savage, the conservative radio host, estimated the caravan’s size at 14,000 on his program last week as he predicted that its eventual arrival would spell “the end of America as we know it.”

With only Shepard Smith, the token Fox News liberal, daring to challenge this politically motivated hysteria.

And I'm sure getting more vile threats than he can count.

But then why should anyone be surprised by anything Trump says?

At a political rally in Kentucky this month, Mr. Trump declared that Democrats “want to open America’s borders and turn our country into a friendly sanctuary for murderous thugs from other countries who will kill us all.”

The man is a lowlife demagogue, and he is desperate. 

And of course, in this country so is Andrew Scheer, who is playing the same game...

Who with every passing day is sounding more and more like a Trumpling.

Will in the course of time be shown to be the same kind of racist.

And hopefully suffer the same fate...


Anonymous said...

Scheer's taking his cues from the US alright, but not from Trump. Scheer's modeling himself after Mike "The Only Good Jew's a Christian Jew" Pence.

e.a.f. said...

Trump's rantings are simply dumb. of course his base eats it up, but really, "some gang members and very bad people" like aren't gang members very bad people already. over kill. of course there is no proof there are "gang members" in the caravan or that there are "very bad people" in the caravan. of course there do seem to be a lot of toddlers and when they go through the terrible 2s......perhaps he's afraid of them. well he was too afraid to go to Vietnam, so who really knows how much of a coward dtrump is. afraid of toddlers, yes, that's about it. Parents of toddlers are usually too busy looking after them to do much else. there haven't been reports of crime amongst the people in the carvan, but I do know 11 Jews were murdered in their Synagogue, 2 African Americans were murdered and pipe bombs sent to at least a dozen people/organizations and then of course the there is a mass shooting some where in the U.S.A. each and every day. So really, its dtrump's U.S.A. which is full of gangsters and criminals. One could say he is a criminal and who knows the southern district of N.Y. may decide he is one also, along with his children.

the number of people in this caravan could walk into a Vegas casino and no one would really notice.

Jackie Blue said...

Trump just declared that he wants to end birthright citizenship. He knows that some of the women in the caravan are probably pregnant and wants to block what the xenophobes call "anchor babies" (though at the same time he wants to placate the religious obsessives by preventing them from having abortions). He's not going to deport Barron to Slovenia, that's for sure. But now is a good time to remind Canadians that Scheer officially put himself in the camp of the Trumpenreich this past summer, when the CPC convention in Halifax voted to add the same proposal to the party platform and not once did he push back on it. Blood-and-soil, blood-and-soil, the rallying cry of the Nazi-adjacent everywhere is "blood and soil." The Proud Boy's obsession with "milky" whiteness (or orange-flavored milkshake, in Trump's case) is as rancid and odious as an open dairy carton left out to curdle in the hot desert sun.

Anonymous said...

As the travelling bag of bullshit holds rally after rally and sinks lower and lower on the morality scale I cling to hope that sane Americans will get out and vote next Tuesday. Send Trump and his legion of assholes a message and my wish will come true and hopefully more of my wishes fall into place:
The GOP loses the house and senate.
Mueller's report is grounds for impeachment.
Trump is impeached.
Trump is dragged, kicking and screaming from the white house while the press gallery waves goodbye.
The thoroughly corrupt Trump organization goes down in flames.
Trump goes to jail.
Justice is served.
God bless America.

hinofan said...

Just one thing disturbing about your vision.
President Michael Richard Pence.
Apocalypse NOW, Lord!
Make MJP your instrument!!
A rabid evangelical fanatic with the nuclear codes!
God help us!!!

Frank said...

Exactly Hinofan,

I don't know who's worse. Pence and his ilk actually believe in the rapture and want the end to come so the sinners will be punished. They are the Christian version of the Taliban.

Anonymous said...

The only orange glow coming out of Washington would be Trump in his prison garb. I'd take my chances with a lame duck temporary president Pence over Trump any day of the week.

Simon said...

Hi anon...yes you’re right, I’m sure Scheer has a portrait of Scheer in his study, or his inner sanctum, and like Pence prays daily for Trump’s demise. For as that Jews for Jesus gaffe clearly demonstrated, Pence is Scheer’s model Christian fanatic....

Simon said...

Hi e.a.f...Don’t underestimate the damage that caravan could cause. There is no group of humans I fear more than the ones they call the terrible two’s. 😳
But of course Trump sending 15,000 soldiers to the border to stop a bunch of desperate people who are still in southern Mexico is both absurd and obscene....

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...yes, I heard Trump claim that the U.S. is the only country that allows birthright citizenship, which is of course another big lie. I believe there are about forty including Canada. I’m also not surprised that our shabby Cons are as racist as Trump and his Trumpenreich supporters. I can’t wait for the day when the U.S. gets a decent president...

Simon said...

Hi JD...I like your list of fantasy outcomes. But I’m afraid we’re going to have to be patient. I understand the Democrats can take the House, but the Senate will still stay in Trump’s hands. Still that would be a huge blow to Trump’s fragile ego, and with a little bit of luck might drive him over the deep end. And of course, if the Democrats do manage to capture the Senate as well, Trump would be finally muzzled, and would probable decide that he doesn’t like playing president after all...