Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Andrew Scheer and the Grubby Con Losers

As we all know Andrew Scheer has been playing a nasty and rather kinky game. 

Where he uses a dead child to try to smear Justin Trudeau, and pretends he's a prison guard who can move prisoners around at will. 

Which is bad enough.

Looking as it does, like a tacky remake of Caged in Paradiso.

But unfortunately it gets worse.

Now he's also claiming that he could have got a better trade deal than Justin Trudeau. 

Which is truly pathetic...

Especially since, as everybody knows, Scheer and his treasonous Cons did all they could to undermine our negotiating team.

So I'm glad to see someone like former Prime Minister Kim Campbell take him to the woodshed. 

The Conservatives should stop criticizing how the Liberals negotiated the new North American trade agreement, and instead trumpet their contribution in striking the deal, says former Canadian prime minister Kim Campbell.

I think that it's a bit cheeky for the Conservative leader to suggest that his party could have done better. 

To the extent that we've managed to dodge the bullet, I think all parties should take credit for it and not nit-pick.

And try to remind him what it means to be a Canadian.

It won't work of course, Scheer hates Justin Trudeau even more than he hates Canada, for obvious reasons.

His dirty old Cons get a perverse pleasure from cheering against their own country...

Like them Scheer is always trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

And Trudeau is right to call him and his Cons, losers and haters.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the Conservative party’s response to the new North American free trade deal is proof they are a one track party. 

“Automatically hating something just because of who did it is a weak point in politics that, quite frankly, I know Canadians are better than,” Trudeau complained to a Liberal party fundraiser in Toronto Tuesday night.

And unfortunately he's also right about this:

Trudeau suggested the Conservatives’ response to the new trade deal is the latest proof that the next election could “be the most divisive and negative and nasty political campaign in Canada’s history.”

But the good news is that the trade deal is sure to boost Trudeau's popularity.

As Tom Toles, the distinguished cartoonist for the Washington Post suggests, we have the right leader for the times we live in...

And when the time comes for the final battle with the forces of evil.

The treasonous Cons will bury themselves...


  1. how low can he sink? I sure hope Canada comes out to condemn him.

    1. Jackie Blue10:15 PM

      You want to see low, get a load of these obvious Con trolls:

      Andy got tagged a number of times on those threads asking him to straight-up condemn this. How pathetic does someone have to be to refuse to denounce personal attacks on the PM and his dead father and brother?

      This isn't about policy disagreements. Scheer has no policies. He and his base have nothing but hate. Yet he has the gall to record a bullshit video about "cyberbullying" for Pink Shirt Day even as cyberbullying is the entirety of his campaign strategy. He and Melania would make a fine couple. #BeBest

      If silence is complicity, Andy just took a great big dump right smack-dab in the middle of Kokanee Lake. Shitting all over dead people to own the Libs. Very fine people indeed.

    2. @ Steve 3:06 PM
      how low can he sink?

      He's well into the magma and still sinking fast. The rumour is that he has a shovel with him.

    3. Hi Steve....There is no limit to how low Cons can go. They lack a moral compass, and only know how to attack, smear, destroy. So brace yourself, the next election campaign will be the dirtiest one ever...

    4. RHi Jackie..I'm glad I didn't see Scheer's ad for Pink Shirt Day because I'm pretty sure I would either have thrown something at the TV or vomited uncontrollably. Pink Shirt Day is a wonderful event, and to have the homophobic Scheer contribute anything to it, is the height of hypocrisy. I will have something to say about Scheer's virulent anti-gay past soon. But everyone should know that the man is a hideous bigot who should never come anywhere near the Prime Minister's Office...

  2. Anonymous5:22 PM

    I love that graphic of Scheer as a lap dog. That’s exactly what he is, a cowardly ball of fluff who yaps at anything that moves. Kim Campbell has more class in one finger than Scheer has in his whole body.

    1. Hi anon...Thank you I'm glad you liked Fluffy Scheer. I'm now working on weiner dog Scheer, that I believe is closer to the real thing. 🐶 As for Kim Campbell, she is indeed a reminder that the Cons weren't always as bad as they are now. I never could have voted for the, but at least I could relax and not have to worry that they would sell our values down the river. But as soon
      as the ghastly Harper remade the party in his own image, it was all over....

  3. Anonymous5:43 PM

    The idea of Scheer being able to negotiate a better deal than Trudeau and Freeland did is hilarious. Does he really believe that nonsense, or does he just say what he’s told to say? Is he really running the Cons or is Stephen Harper still pulling his strings?

    1. Hi anon...Andrew Scheer lies like a thief, so maybe he thinks one more little lie won't matter. But you're right, the idea that he could negotiate anything is hilarious, and since Stephen Harper was equally incompetent, I wouldn't be surprised if he is pulling Scheer's strings...

  4. Anonymous6:24 PM

    It’s weird, but the Scheer Cons seem to be repeating all the mistakes the Harper Cons made in the last election campaign. They seem to have a death wish and I couldn’t be happier.😂😂😂

    1. Hi anon....yes, it does seem as if they are playing the same old game. I think that many of the Harperites thought their 2015 plan was a good one, and it was only the execution that failed.
      Like you I hope they keep harbouring this delusion, for it should prove fatal...☠☠☠☠

  5. e.a.f.6:42 PM

    Scheer thinks he could have negotiated a better deal? I thought recreational weed wasn't legal until later this year? Either that or he is drunk out of his mind or delusional. Don't recall Scheer or his bunch having negotiated anything more than the hall ways to the bathroom.

    This deal is the best Freeland could have got from the U.S.A. Just how Scheer thinks he could have gotten a better deal is beyond me. Guess he doesn't know the U.S.A. has a population of 350M and Canada 36M. We came out well, given the current leadership in the U.S.A.

    Scheer might want to ask himself when was the last time he got complemented by two previous Conservative P.M.s. then of course they were Progressive Conservatives and not as stupid as scheer.

    1. Hi e.a.f...since we know that he believes that marijuana users should be jailed, it must be either too much wine, or gross self delusion. By claiming he could have done better he is insulting the whole Team Canada negotiating team that worked so hard to save us from the bulky Trump. Scheer is a very little man, and let's hope when he is defeated that he will be quickly forgotten....

  6. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Rodney Stafford never met a microphone he didn’t like. He exploited rhe memory of his own daughter to get publicity for no reason and nothing, nothing gained or accomplished. Let her Rest In Peace for God’s sake.
    The Cons exploited Stafford because they want to put all alternative rehabilitation centres of all kinds in disrepute and have them closed.
    Don’t forget these are the people who closed the prison farms because they “coddled” prisoners.

    J. W.

    1. Hi J.W....I can forgive Rodney Stafford because of the tragedy that happened to him, even though victims in this country need to understand the justice system is not just about them, it serves a higher purpose than mere revenge. But I can't forgive the Cons for exploiting his grief so shamelessly. And thank you for reminding me about the prison farm closures. It reminded me once again of what beasts the Cons are, and why we must work to defeat them...

  7. Jackie Blue10:04 PM

    Trudeau is right that they're nothing but grotesque ambulance chasers, although I would say that it's the Cons themselves who need to be strapped to a gurney, sedated, and carted off in the paddy wagon. Scheer needs to be moved to a healing lodge for his own protection and to keep him away from civilized society -- and by healing lodge, I mean a rubber room. Call it a "monastery" to appeal to Scheer's hypocritical holier-than-thou sensibilities ("no one expects the Hamish inquisition!") and send Rempel away to a convent at Allan Memorial where she can have as much holy wine as she likes.

    1. Hi Jackie...I was very pleased to see Trudeau strike back at the Cons, and amused to see how those beasts howled like chihuahuas. However, I wonder if he should have called the hearse chasers, because that's what they are doing; using the dead for crass political advantage...

  8. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Somebody reporting that Wettlaufer is in a psych hospital in Montreal. No bars! TV, Internet, residential Go Andrew, Go Lisa, go Michelle.
    J. W.

  9. Hi J.W....One of the things that sickens me the most is how selective the Cons are. There are all kinds of murdered people and victims who believe that their killers aren't being punished enough. But they would choose the case of a little sweet looking blonde girl, for maximum. What happened to that little girl is horrifying and tragic, but exploiting that tragedy takes special kinds of monsters...