Sunday, October 21, 2018

The People's Vote March and the Con Brexiteers

It was the biggest march London has seen in more than twenty years. A massive march to demand a second referendum on the looming catastrophe called Brexit. 

The centre of London ground to a halt as an estimated 700,000 people from all over the UK marched peacefully on parliament to demand a second referendum on Brexit. It was the biggest outpouring of public opposition to government policy since the anti-Iraq war protest in 2003.

With nothing less than the future of Britain at stake.

For not only could Scotland leave the U.K. if Theresa May's Cons can't avoid a so-called hard Brexit. 

So could many young people. 

Europe is where many of our young people, this country’s future, already dwell, spiritually, culturally, politically and aspirationally. For them, Brexit is a wanton act of family separation, brutally wrecking the European home where they were raised. Unrealistic claims have been made about civil unrest if Brexit is thwarted. Yet if it goes ahead willy-nilly, the prospective backlash among our younger generations at seeing their future opportunities and prosperity so cruelly curtailed should alarm everybody. Many of Britain’s best and brightest may simply up and leave.

And there is no other way to describe the situation than an absolute calamity.

Britain is on the brink of a historic calamity, for which the country’s entire political class must share the blame. Brexit, on any currently available terms, will be a disaster. No deal will be worse. The politicians have failed, so the people must take charge. We must have a second referendum.

Which if you live in this country begs the question: why is Andrew Scheer Brexit's biggest Canadian supporter?

Why did he preach the Gospel of Brexit with the fervour of a religious fanatic? 

Far be it from me to tell Britons how to decide their future, but, as a former speaker of the House of Commons in Canada, I had a unique vantage point from which to witness the democratic gifts the British people gave the world: responsible government, the Westminster parliamentary system, ordered liberty and the common law. 

It’s a powerful intellectual and political inheritance that has served free people around the world very well for more than 800 years and will provide a solid foundation for the future, if Britons choose to leave the EU. And, in my humble opinion, they should, as what’s at stake is nothing less than the basic principles of self-determination, subsidiarity and economic dynamism.

How could he have been so wrong?

And if his economic arguments were sheer nonsense.

What was the REAL reason he wanted Britain to leave the European Union?

Answer: so that the British Cons could sever its relationship with the European Court of Justice, that among other things guarantees the human rights of women, workers, and LGBT people.

Which also explains why Jason Kenney is such a passionate Brexiteer.

For we all know what he thinks of LGBT children and Gay Straight Alliances, just as we all know religious fanatics and bigots of a feather flock together.

And no, you won't read about this in our shabby media, which won't even concede the possibility that people like Kenney and Scheer have a hidden agenda.

Either because they're covering for their corporate masters, or because they're too damn ignorant.

But trust me, that hidden agenda is only too real.

And just like Brexit is destroying Britain.

If these tools of the religious right are not stopped, they will destroy our Canada...


  1. Jackie Blue11:48 AM

    Zut alors! Send this one to his wolf pups in Québec. "Andrew Scheer says the ENGLISH are the ones who gave Canada its gifts of good government." They'll be demanding a referendum to separate Andy Antoinette from his head!

    1. Hi Jackie...Andy Pandy or Andy Panderer will say anything to win votes whether it's true or not. He won't get anywhere in my beloved Montreal, but out in the rube lands of the province all he has to say is "the immigrants are coming!!!" and the ignorant rubes, most of whom have never seen an immigrant, will vote for him and his bigots...

  2. The EU is goverment at its worst and best. All the waste, all the stupidity is not greater than a week of war. Thats why the EU exist.

    1. Hi Steve...the EU is a great civilizing idea, it promotes understanding, finances cultural projects all over the place, and helps fight the curse of narrow minded insularity. It's not perfect but it's better than Little England...

  3. If someone want to claim the crown of democracy yesterday or today its the French, not the first past the post Monarchist.

  4. He did say British, not English ...

    I assure you that not only La Meute would be pissed off if we had read that here - I rarely read the Pest and it is not a read of choice for most of the QuébécoisES I know who are fluent in English.

    Speaking of the Celtic fringe, one of the worst effects of Brexit as it is now designed would be to re-establish the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic. The lack of a "hard border" has benefited the Irish people, both south and north, in many ways, economic but also social and cultural. Many of the fundies, Protestant and Catholic alike, have simply died out, and the Republic has taken many giant steps in terms of LGBT+ and women's rights.

    1. Hi lagatta...yes, I didn't mention the Border problem because Brexit is complicated enough to those who don't have to follow it every day like the poor people of Britain. But you're right the Irish border situation is a real problem, especially since the May Cons depend on the DUPmbigots to stay in power. The border region,which I know well, used to be so dangerous the British army could only patrol it in helicopters, and if Brexit fouls the progress that has been made, goodness knows what might happen...

  5. e.a.f.2:45 PM

    Not only will Scotland be very unhappy and perhaps vote to leave G.B., but the Irish question might raise its head again. With a hard exit, there is supposed to be a border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. Right now things are fairly peaceful, but with a border, who knows. It will make good cover for another "uprising" which of course means the drug and arms dealers will once again be back in business with a great cover.

    Brexit was all about not wanting to have immigrants in G.B. If the Brits had not voted for such lousy Conservatives they would have a better education system better tax laws, better health care system and not be so anxious to grab every scrape for themselves. They don't seem to understand one generation later, immigrants will have a British accent and be looking for their tea.

    1. Hi e.a.f...As I told lagatta, I know Northern Ireland quite well since one of my best friends comes from a place called Londonderry and I used to visit him and his family all the time. By then the so-called Troubles were mostly over, but wherever you go in Northern Ireland you are reminded of what happened, and reopening those wounds is the last thing anyone needs.As for the reasons Brexit happened, I remember being told by Canadians that it was all about globalism and the beginning of a socialist revolution blah blah blah, but I who also know the north of England knew it was mostly about xenophobia and racism. And the sad fact that hate crimes have skyrocketed all over England only proves that I was right...

  6. Mackenna5:04 PM

    Brexit is part of Putin's plan to dismantle the European Union and conquer individual democratic nations one by one. He's bankrolling white supremacists across Europe. His on-line trolls and bots support Trump, Scheer and Bernier.

    1. Anonymous8:48 PM

      There is enough stupid to get the job done without the Russian trolls but the money supply that's another story. Like phlogiston it somehow just gets sucked out of the ether.

    2. Hi Mackenna...yes, now we know that the Russians were doing their best to encourage The UK to split from the EU, in order to weaken NATO and help install right-wing governments all over the place. Our useless media should be investigating the situation because I'm pretty sure the Russians will try to influence the results of our election. But they won't until it's too late...