Saturday, October 27, 2018

Andrew Scheer And His Cons Declare War on the Media

Almost as soon as Andrew Scheer became Con leader, I warned that there was something different and strange about him.

And that politically speaking at least, he was more American than Canadian.

And sure enough now he has revealed his true colours.

For less than a year to go before the next election, Scheer and his ghastly Cons are going full Trumpling.

And announcing that they are declaring war on the media. 

The Conservative party appears to be gearing up for a fight with news outlets as part of its 2019 electoral strategy. 

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s office has revamped its communications team to provide a more rapid response, war room-style operation. And they have not been shy about calling out reporting they don’t like.

Can you believe it? 

After all the Con media has done to help them, they are now accusing those shabby stooges of being too LIBERAL !!

At a rally in downtown Ottawa last Sunday, Scheer said he would stand up to “the media” and accused journalists of siding with the Liberals in the carbon tax debate. 

“We don’t always get the same kind of coverage that (Trudeau) gets in the mainstream media. Have you noticed that?” Scheer asked supporters.

And it's not just Scheer who appears to have gone off the deep end, so have some of his filthy Con gang.

On Thursday, finance critic Pierre Poilievre called a journalist for the Bloomberg business wire a “Liberal reporter.” The same day, Conservative Sen. Leo Housakos accused Maclean’s columnist Paul Wells of being a “liberal” masquerading as an independent journalist. Earlier this year Michelle Rempel, the party’s immigration critic, suggested the Canadian Press newswire took marching orders from the Prime Minister’s Office.

And this at a time when Donald Trump's war on the media has led, as I pointed out in my last post, to terrorist attacks on news organizations like CNN. 

On Wednesday, CNN’s New York offices had to be evacuated after a suspected pipe bomb was found in their mail. A second improvised explosive sent to CNN contributor and former Obama administration official James Clapper was discovered on Friday. And there are other journalists and pundits have been similarly threatened or attacked in recent months.

Which can only make me wonder what are those Trumplings thinking?

For Andrew MacDougall, Stephen Harper former flak's explanation, just doesn't cut it.

“(The 2019 election) really will be an elite, or an establishment, or an opinion-forming establishment against the Conservatives (and that’s) what they’re trying to gin up,” MacDougall told the Star. 

“The carbon tax being the ultimate issue, where this is kind of a policy that’s almost universally supported by academics, economists, pundits … the Conservatives are betting that there’s more of a common-sense crowd who still have to gas up their car, who will be open to a message that this is elitism ignoring your concerns,” MacDougall said.

For while the carbon tax has left Scheer and his Cons on the wrong side of history.

As I pointed out yesterday

Do our shameful treasonous Trumplings really think that the media should be supporting their climate change denial that would put greed before the survival of the planet?

And if so what planet are they living on, and how many journalists must die before they are satisfied?

It's treason, it's terrorism, it's murderous insanity.

And while Dale Smith, the least biased reporter in the Parliamentary Press Gallery, and a favourite target of the Cons, has this explanation:

The problem is that this isn’t actually about the media, but rather about undermining the foundations of the institution and the trust that people place in it. Why? Because in the wake of the growing success of populist leaders and movements, they’ve decided to abandon all shame and simply straight-up lie.

And if you do call them on those lies, well, you’re the one who is suspect, whose motives are driven by partisanship, or because you’re looking for some kind of government job, (or my favourite, that I’m allegedly performing sexual favours for the PM).

And while that's true and so is this: 

So yeah, this is going to get worse, it’s going to get Trumpian, and they’re going to keep insisting that they would never demonise the profession, but don’t believe them. It’s in their interests to undermine journalism, and they lack any shame in doing so.

I think there's also another much simpler reason, the Cons are desperate.  

The latest Nanos federal ballot tracking has the Liberals at 39.5 per cent support, followed by the Conservatives at 29.4 per cent, the NDP at 16.9 percent, the BQ at 3.6 per cent, the Greens at 7.0 per cent and the newly formed People’s Party of Canada (PPC) at 1.4 per cent.

For if this poll is accurate it shows Maxime Bernier's People's Party starting to gnaw away at Con support.

And if the Cons can't halt that erosion, they won't stand a chance of winning the next election.

So they are going full Trumpling to try to win over some of Bernier's supporters who might be attracted by that kind of wild assault on the media.

But sadly for them, I don't think it will work, will instead make the choice of Canadians even clearer.

Are you with Scheer that American leader and his foul Trumplings.

Or are you with this real Canadian leader and his anti-Trump party?

And you know what I believe.

Justin Trudeau is heading for a majority even greater than he got last time.

While Andrew Scheer and his Cons are heading for oblivion...


rumleyfips said...

Bernier's fundraising numbers should terrify wee andy.If they morf into votes the reformatories are done.

Jackie Blue said...

If you do call them on those lies, well, you’re the one who is suspect, whose motives are driven by partisanship, or because you’re looking for some kind of government job, (or my favourite, that I’m allegedly performing sexual favours for the PM).

Oh, geez! I'm not sure if this is Scheer Desperation or Scheer Insanity, or more likely a little of both. Didn't Crooked Lying Andy start his career by accusing his NDP opponent Lorne Nystrom of being a "pedophile sympathizer" or some such disgusting allegation? Somehow I knew that the last rabbit he'd pull out of his hat (or out of his wherever) was going to involve more sexual Schmears against Justin Trudeau. Nobody cares about the Kokanee bullshit involving a woman (a journalist who they obviously don't really care about either), or the salacious pings here and there from the trollbots accusing him of multiple affairs with Mélanie Joly, Chrystia Freeland, and Iqra Khalid (gotta make sure to get some bonus Islamophobic digs in there). So they escalate matters further and go directly to homophobia. They've really jumped the shark if they've Kokanee'd Dale Smith!

Sooner or later they'll 'ship Margaret Trudeau with Jean Chrétien and/or Peter Mansbridge if they haven't already. Use your imagination, and the icing on the cake will be Hillary Clinton in a séance threesome with the ghosts of Pierre Trudeau and Peter Jennings, on the Aga Khan's island or in the basement of the Sakura restaurant. Sophie had alien lizard babies with Prince Charles! Michel is alive and doing QAnon ops with JFK Jr.! If you play a Nickelback album backwards, it says Hillary killed Gord Downie! (Actually, if you play a Nickelback album backwards, it still sucks, but that goes without saying.) Don't believe it? Then you're just a Liberal shill who swallows the globalist Soros propaganda coming from Elections Canada at the U.N.! FREE BEN GHAZI!!!11!

If Scheer and/or his dwindling supporters really believe that the people talking to them through the tee vee box are sending magic mind-control signals their way, with Illuminati-patterned socks and visions of satanic orgy sugarplums dancing in their heads, then they're all in need of serious professional help. Nobody wants Andy's (or Hamish's) terrible celebrity gossip fanfic, and his Austrian shitposter-artist memes aren't even funny. So just like Ron Hubbard, Trump, or the guy on the sidewalk holding a sign that reads "The End is Near," he's looking to repackage his just-so stories about Bigfoot and the House Hippo as gospel truth that "the powerful elites in the liberal media" want to suppress. Low-IQ fake news no-action pol. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Like Harper before him, Scheer has no vision for Canada except whatever's on offer among American Republicans. More American than Canadian...a good slogan for the Cons.

Steve said...

what media is he talking about, Bell Media IMHO is totaly conservative biased. Don Martin might as well be his press secrectary. QP is a total love fest hate Trudea 12 step program. The National Discrace, Setting Sun Media is nothing but Conservative propaganda. Talk radio is nothing but Conservative propaganda. The CBC panels have no liberals or someone like Stephen Le Drew. What Media is he possibly talking about, maybe its Montreal Simon.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I actually like Nickleback. I guess I need to renew my meds.


Anonymous said...

The media hates us is a proven election hacking strategy. The media is revenue driven and sensationalism sells much better than boring factual news. Rather than occupy the obituary section of the broadcast the strategy is to hit the front page by making an outlandish or totally false claim. The downside is that media might call your statement false or totally unrealistic. That's where the clever part of the strategy kicks in ... before ramping up the outlandish statements launch a propaganda campaign framing the media as biased against you which drives people to seek out other "news" sources. Coincidentally these sources not only support but embellish upon your claims. In essence a perfect feedback loop a) outlandish claims b) free front page advertising on all media c) public debate with polarization of opinion driving individuals to seek alternative news sources d) alternative sources with tailored psychological propaganda designed to mobilize the victims to vote for the underdog now that they have discovered the TRUTH. It also leaves the unconvinced slightly uncertain and less inclined to vote. The strategy has worked well in third world countries, the UK and the US so why would it not work in Canada? There are weaknesses in the strategy such as the sensationalists and the fake news sources need to be in sync. This is usually coordinated by a third party that acts as a firewall between the two but targeted legislation can curtail the free for all as it is still a coordinated campaign. The fact the Cons have openly declared they are going with "the media hates us ploy" means that Canadian legislation has been extremely remiss in learning from other countries and implementing legislation that effectively shuts down this type of scam. In my view when political parties refuse to play by ethical rules its time to bring out the big stick! Trudeau seems to be playing a different game ... hope he is right.

Anonymous said...

Fuck (((journalists))). I have more respect for drug dealers.

Simon said...

Hi rumleyfips...I don’t know how Bernier’s organization is doing, but I read that it’s doing especially well in Saskatchewan. That alone is enough to keep Scheer up at night, and probably accounts for some of his crazy behaviour...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...I don’t know where that slur against Dale Smith came from, but many of the attacks against him are homophobic, so probably from the usual suspects. But then I’m sure Scheer loves that kind of dirty stuff, and it could very well have come from Hamish Marshall’s circle of depraved Rebel elves. I would love to be a fly on the wall and listen to their morning meeting, except I’d probably be so disgusted I’d lose my grip and come.
crashing to the ground. So I guess I’ll have to wait until they’re all put on trial for crimes against Canada....

P.S. I’m sorry I’m so late answering comments, but I had to fly down to Boston on family business (why me Lord?) and I have been totally discombobulated...🤪

Simon said...

Hi anon...Exactly, you summed it up well. Most Canadians have no idea how much Scheer is influenced by the American alt right. Our shabby Con media has never taken a close look at the things that make him tick, and I only hope they will before the next election, or anything could happen...

Simon said...

Hi Steve...yes it is completely absurd isn’t it? Most of the media couldn’t be more Con friendly. So I hate to imagine what they might look like if they were even more biased. And no I don’t think they,re talking a out this blog. I’d be honoured if they were, but I’d hate to have to go into the witness protection program...😎

Simon said...

Hi RT...All that you say may be true, but I wonder if this Scheer/Hamish Marshall production is aimed at those who might be tempted to support Mad Max Bernier, because he must be looming like that iceberg in the path of the Titanic, and taking on the media is the sort of thing that might appeal to Bernier’s supporters. As for the Liberals, I agree with you. I realize they want to be ethical and decent, but when you’re dealing with Cons, you need to be firm and carry a big stick...

Simon said...

Hi UU...don’t worry, I am also partial to loud rock bands like Nickelback. I don’t boast about it, but when cornered just say “hey nobody’s perfect” 😉

Simon said...

Hi anon...There are still some good journalists in Canada, and I wouldn’t compare the others to drug dealers. I would compare them to other far worse professions, some so bad I dare not mention them...

Jaundiced Eye said...

Federal (Pseudo-)Conservative (Pseudo-)Leader Andrew Scheer is less than a pipsqueak, and I can prove it:

Let us first disregard the Bloc Québécois party: it never runs a full federal slate—not that it hasn’t been influential, but has since suffered serious decline (it’s always bad when a caucus members leave to sit as a separate party, just ask Stockwell Day, but in the Bloc’s case the majority of caucus hoved-off, with no elected leader in the House).

In a rough, ad hoc index (combining leader/party distinction, party unity, popularity trends and prospects going into social and meteorological inclemency) Justin Trudeau holds a comfortable lead, even if he takes a bit of a haircut in the next election; as strange as it first seems, Elizabeth May, with the only Green seat (officially an Independent) rates second on the index even though the party has had its schisms and remains in single-digit territory in most of Canada—but the Green’s ascent can’t be denied, its recent provincial successes likely a boon to the federal party’s fortunes. Jagmeet Singh leads the crestfallen seatlessly, but the party appears stable in its torpidity, has managed to take a look-before-you-LEAP position without coming apart, has put a sock in Nathan Cullen’s yap (reversing a spiralling decline that only the wrap-up of the special committee on electoral reform could stop), and the NDP still has that extremely valuable foothold (well, toe-hold, now) in Quebec—so surely Jagmeet’s idex comes in higher than Scheer’s because...

...Scheer’s SoCon margin of victory was virtually zero against his Blue-Flame leadership rival Maxime Bernier who now sits as leader of the fifth party (officially an Independent) in the Commons, meaning Scheer now leads half a membership who voted against him. Bernier’s People’s Party, in contrast, has room to grow, and probably will at the Cons’ expense, can boast a leader with a seat and a party 100% behind him, and a simple, if simply sinister, policy platform: keep Canada libertarian white. Meanwhile Scheer’s platform looks scattershot, at best, laughable at worst.

Thus, Scheer’s and Bernier’s indexes tie for last place—my proof that Scheer, always the pipsqueak, is, in politcal terms, really only half of one, sharing pipsqeakdom with his one-time party-leadership rival.

These indices don’t lie; but analysing just how the leader of the Loyal Opposition, with the second-highest number of seats, comes in last is not quite so easy. A number of possibilities stand out. The first is obvious: it’s gotta be a pretty screwed up party to elect half a pipsqueak for leader. Not too hard to see how screwed up they are: the only moderate—one of the few left in the party—was summarily rejected among a leadership contestant field of racists, religious and economic reactionaries, and a petulant egomaniac. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face! The Cons’ steady descent toward extremism has driven moderate Tories to other parties and the one chance of enticing them back never even got close to the final ballot. D’uh! And the geriatric Con base just attrits with no younger recruitment. Perhaps it’s not entirely Andrew’s fault, after all.