Wednesday, October 03, 2018

The Day Donald Trump Was Exposed As A Sham

It had to be one of Donald Trump's worst days as President. 

For the hits just kept on coming. Boom. Boom. Boom.

Each one hit him like a cruise missile, left him looking like that other mad emperor.

Naked as a baby.

Or as grubby as a mobster.

Starting with this powerful report in the New York Times. 

President Trump participated in dubious tax schemes during the 1990s, including instances of outright fraud, that greatly increased the fortune he received from his parents, an investigation by The New York Times has found.

Which revealed that his relationship with his father Fred...

Was more generous than had been imagined.... 

And was followed by this devastating editorial.

“I built what I built myself.”

It’s a classic American tale of ambition and self-determination. Not Horatio Alger, exactly, but appealing, and impressive, nonetheless.

Except that, like so much of what Mr. Trump has been selling the American public in recent years, this origin story was a sham — a version of reality so elaborately embellished that it qualifies as fan fiction more than biography. Also, as we’ve come to expect from Mr. Trump, the creation of this myth involved a big dose of ethically sketchy, possibly even illegal activity.

Which I'm sure will make even more Americans want to vote against him in the upcoming mid term elections.

But Trump's bad day wasn't over. 

For in the evening PBS' Frontline aired a two-hour documentary which looked at his attempts to undermine the very idea of independent justice...

Which again made him look like a mob boss, but did also explain why he's running scared.

And then came the third hit. The one Trump inflicted upon himself.

When he mocked Christine Blasey Ford, and once again exposed his monstrous misogny.

Once again showed America, and the world, why he is unfit to be President.

Honestly, I don't know how anyone could survive a day like that one. 

But I did love this shot of the New York Times' presses rolling...

As the word went out, Trump is a sham.

And at the end of the day, this is how I summed it all up...

It really is a horror story.

But a few more days like that one, and he really will end up in the place where he belongs...


  1. Anyone who thought Trump was a self made man has not been awake for the last 30 years.

    1. Jackie Blue10:24 PM

      Woody Guthrie recorded a famous song about Fred Trump the racist slumlord. No wonder the Trumps have always been hostile to art.

    2. Hi Jackie...that's amazing, the great Woody Guthrie writing a song about Fred Trump. Too bad it wasn't played a lot during the election campaign to warn people about his son...😼

  2. Anonymous5:29 PM

    I notice that Trump hasn’t tweeted anything about the tax scam story yet. Normally he would be all over a story from the “failing” New York Times. But I guess this one hit too close to home. As that editorial suggests it’s time for him to make public his tax returns.

    1. A couple of times last night on the radio, I heard on the New York State Revenue Agency are taking an interest. Even Trump "might" be smart enough to keep quiet though I doubt it.

    2. Hi anon...yes it's curious isn't it? I guess Trump doesn't want to attract even more attention to the story, for it's a stunning piece of journalism. I read somewhere that the paper was so thick they had to bring in extra people to man the presses...

    3. Hi jrkrideau...that's probably why Trump has been so quiet. He's got so many cases going now he must be running out of lawyers...

  3. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Trump is a sexist pig. He never treats men as badly as he treats women. Only a coward would mock a woman who has been sexually assaulted. He must have some serious mummy issues.

    1. Jackie Blue10:29 PM

      A new book by a psychiatrist who's done "forensic profiles" on presidents Obama and George the Lesser seems to think so. And what do you know, he's another smart fellow named Justin who, "in his guts, knows Donald's nucking futs."

      Putting Trump on the couch to examine his feelings doesn't seem to be nearly enough. He belongs locked up somewhere he can't cause any further harm to others. The man is an "Unsub" straight out of Criminal Minds.

    2. Hi anon @5:51 PM...In a more decent time Trump would have been seen as a vulgar man wiith no class, and a contempt for woman that should have disqualified from most jobs. But the Republicans only care about getting that right-wing judge, and like the porky denizens of Animal Farm are now strutting around on their hind legs and oblivious to human decency...

    3. Hi Jackie...thanks a lot for recommending that Guardian article, even if I'm sure it will give me nightmares. 😉 Gawd, why did his mother have to be Scottish? And what do you do with a man as emotionally damaged as Trump? And how in the world did he come to hold our fate in his hands?

  4. e.a.f.6:36 PM

    Remember who Trump's granddaddy was or what he did. He came to Canada during the Gold Rush years and ran so they report, whore houses and salons. he went back to Germany, which wouldn't accept him as a citizens because he hadn't paid what he owed the government on his way out and deported him to the U.S.A. Its genetic. Then came his father.

    His father, had been grooming him for this role since he was a child. There is a documentary which has his father coming to visit him at military school on weekends, with a beautiful young woman in tow each time. it was part of the image his father started to cultivate for him, as a young man.

    Trump is a "little" short in the ethics department and that isn't ever going to change. His rant at the rally attacking Dr. Ford was disgusting. However, the crowd cheered on and on. His delivery is much like those comedians from the 1950s and that is where I think Trump's brain is stuck.

    Trump could not continue with his "routine" if it were not for his enablers, the republican Party, the Republican Senators, Congress people, Govenors, voters, etc. He meet the expectations of many millions and that is the truly frightening thing.

    Kav. will be confirmed, and American corporations will have achieved what they want. After that they may toss Trump to the dustbin. he is simply the tool to achieve the end of a 40 yr dream for the conservative, white men in America control of the Supreme Court.

    1. Jackie Blue10:21 PM

      I think we're all familiar with how Trump's grandpappy got his start in the "hotel" business back in the day. Trudeau looked like he could barely stifle his laughter when at G7 he presented Putin's putain with that "family heirloom" representing the Trump dynasty's longstanding ties to the "bed and breakfast" industry in Canada!

    2. Hi e.a.f...yes it's quite a family isn't it? It would make a great TV series, half Beverly Hillbillies, half Addams Family. And I agree, Trump's Republican enablers will have a lot to answer for some day. Trump is Trump, but they should have known better...