Saturday, October 27, 2018

The Bigot Bromance of Tommy Robinson and Ezra Levant

Two weeks ago I wrote about the bigot bromance between Tommy Robinson and Ezra Levant.

And how Levant got so carried away with his slobbering love for Britain's most notorious hate monger, he triggered an investigation by the British police. 

Well at a bigot rally the other day to celebrate his release from jail, Robinson told his supporters how much he appreciated Levant's support.

And the result couldn't have been more disgusting.

Although as you saw in that video Levant couldn't have been more delighted.

And saw nothing wrong about wearing a poppy to a rally of fascist goons like that one.

At a time when we are preparing to honour our heroes who fought and died to defeat them.

At a time when Donald Trump's hate mongering is turning America into a violent jungle.

And the hate mongering Rebel inspires crazed killers like this one.

As I said, it couldn't be more disgusting.

But at least now we know what company Levant keeps, and that bigots of a feather flock together.

And why we need to strengthen our hate laws, so that Levant and all the other hate mongering Cons who are poisoning this country.

Can end up in the place where they truly belong...


  1. Anonymous10:56 AM

    I gotta wonder about guys like Ezra and Dinesh. Don't they know that Tommy and his boys would stuff them into ovens faster than you can say 88?

    1. Jackie Blue11:47 AM

      Funny, Caitlyn Jenner all of a sudden is having buyer's remorse about Trump just the same. Just another useless idiot kapo for the Leopards Eating Faces Party.

    2. Hi anon...Robinson does have a good number of anti-semites among his followers, but he manages to conceal them by focusing his hate on Muslims. Which explains why he has been invited to address members of the US. Congress and is expected to take in about $1 million dollars from an upcoming speaking tour. And why Levant likes him so much...

    3. Hi Jackie...yes I saw Jenner’s pathetic statement, and I have absolutely no sympathy for her. What an idiot. For collaborating with the enemy of LGBT people she deserves to have her head shaved...😼

  2. Jackie Blue12:03 PM

    For that matter, Ezra should be thrown into the Greybar Trump Hotel for giving Gavin McInnes a platform, and McInnes in turn should be deported from the US and flung into the same cell. Ezra is an attention-seeking twerp who has been a troublemaking shit disturber for 30 years. He has not only done SFA about the threats against Justin Trudeau, his family and members of his cabinet, but seems to encourage it so he can get video views and attract "loonies" from the grift economy. On the surface, it's all about the Bin Ladens for Ezra, but really it's all about the Benjamins. Hate is bigly profitable, and he's just another craven disaster-capitalist who sees tragedy as a fundraising opportunity. If the worst of the worst happened to Justin Trudeau, he'd charge subscription fees before sending the Westboro Baptist North brigade out to picket his funeral. And then blame Muslims like usual.

    The fact that a former president was targeted with assassination in the US, and deadly attacks have already been linked to the radicalization rhetoric of Rebel Media, means it's time to stop letting these stochastic terrorists hide behind the excuse of "free speech" and toss them in the roach motel where they belong. It needs to be sooner rather than later before someone else gets hurt or killed.

    1. Hi Jackie...I find it interesting that Levant and the Rebel now spend more time writing about British stuff than they do about what’s happening in Canada. I’m not sure whether it’s rage pounds that attract Levant, or whether his followers in Canada are getting tired of his act. I would love to have him move to Britain, for their hate laws are much stricter, and he would almost certainly end up in prison...

  3. e.a.f.7:34 PM

    The Courts need to start defining when free speech becomes hate speech and so does the public.

    Having seen some of the things which were said about Soros, it was time to gag. One of the prominent Republicans running for re election was taking at run at Soros and was referring to his religion. Why did he have to refer to Soros as a Jew? Then 11 people were murdered in a synagogue, the Republican removed the world Jew.

    In Canada we do need to be very aware of what goes on in the U.S.A. spills over into our country and we have seen what has happened in Ontario with dougie and scheer.

    Hitler didn't suddenly spring to where he was when the war broke out. He started a long time before that. It would appear dtrump has his play book and some Canadian politicians have taken pages from it. What all people ought to remember, is in the end you didn't need to be a Jew, Gypsy, LGBTQ, etc. all you had to do was disagree with Hitler and his Nazis and you were dead. Our Mother explained all of it to us while we were still in elementary school. She also told us, it could happen again.

  4. Hi e.a.f...your mother was right, it could happen again, and in many parts of the world it is happening again. The circumstances may be different, but it’s the same old search for some ghastly Fuhrer. I’m starting to wonder whether there is something in humans that predisposes them to fascism. But whether there is or not, progressives need to get their act together and resist them as fiercely as they can...