Saturday, October 06, 2018

Why Andrew Scheer's Prison Game Is So Dangerous

As we all know Andrew Scheer is having jolly good time. Playing prison guard, and exploiting the memory of a murdered child to try to smear Justin Trudeau.

In a manner so obscene it can only be described as pornographic. 

But at least Scheer is not Prime Minister. Because if he was, we'd all be in big trouble.

For what he's doing is not just disgusting, it's dangerous....

As Benjamin Perrin explains here.

Mr. Scheer wanted politicians to have the power to single out a particular offender and decide how they get treated. That approach, which may well stir up voters, raises some serious concerns. This is the antithesis of how our democracy works, based on centuries of hard-learned lessons about limits on the abuse of state power.

Political interference in the administration of justice is a disturbing phenomenon we see in other countries. It leads to things such as political leaders telling the police who to arrest or ignore, prosecutors who to charge, judges who to find guilty, and wardens how to treat certain prisoners. There’s a populist calculus that doing so can gain favour with the electorate, yet it profoundly undermines justice and democracy.

Simply put, governments don’t get to treat certain individuals differently than others by singling them out for worse or better treatment.

Can you believe it?

The creepy Scheer wants to give the Prime Minister, who he hopes he soon will be, the powers of a dictator.

And since he is a religious fanatic, and a misogynist, and a stealthy bigot.

Can you imagine what living in his Canada, or his Conada, might be like?

You know, the other day Justin Trudeau warned that the next election could be the nastiest one ever. 

Next year's federal election campaign will likely be the nastiest one yet, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Tuesday.

And although he said he would take the high road just like he did the last time.

"I can tell you, we will do the same thing we did in 2015: No personal attacks, strong differentiation on issues of policy. I will not engage in personal attacks and none of our team will either."

Andrew Scheer aka Schmear was quick to rush in and claim that if the next election is the nastiest ever, it will be Trudeau's fault...

And that should tell us all we need to know about Scheer and his ghastly Cons. 

They are toxic, they are crazy, they are dangerous.

And Schmear, our would be Great Warden Leader. 

Should never ever ever be allowed to become Prime Minister...


  1. Jackie Blue1:23 PM

    People who say Justin doesn't measure up to his father need to 1) cut him some slack and 2) take note that "the current year" isn't 1972. Nixon called Pierre an asshole, to which Pierre famously responded "I've been called worse things by better people." But that was about it, and Pierre didn't have the Internet, 24/7 cable news and a Conservative opposition completely bereft of human decency to contend with. Nixon was Nixon, but Justin has to face off in a WWE Royal Rumble against Trump, a revenge-seeking megalomaniac like Harper lurking in the shadows (while making friends with Eastern European dictators), and Harper's junior psychopath-in-training Scheer.

    Plus the Con MPs themselves turning Question Period into the "Jerry Springer Show," and the utter savagery directed at Trudeau and everyone in his family from the frothing mobs on social media. When you see 8-digit trollbots and inbred/incel mouthbreathers who follow Faith Goldy and Jordan Peterson in their timeline, echoing a chorus of "the wrong Trudeau died in the avalanche," you know this has fuck-all to do with disagreements on policy. They want blood. And they "don't really care, do U?"

    But Andy and his Con media enablers -- who, like Lorrie Goldstein with his abhorrent "don't let the Sun catch you crying" article, have proven their own willingness to go for the jugular and sink to the level of playground bullies -- will go ahead and pretend that this is all about "free speech." Or "economic anxiety" relevant to carbon pricing mechanisms and the new Not-NAFTA deal. To paraphrase the old saying about tea in China, what's any of this got to do with the price of milk in Canada?

    If this campaign is to be the nastiest that Canada has ever seen, it's because of not only this mutant iteration of the Conservatives, but their orange idol and his evil Russian puppeteer dialing the cruelty up to levels not seen since the 1930s. Aided and abetted, of course, by the indifferent techbros of Silicon Valley who let this filth proliferate in the name of "free speech" (really, free-market ad revenue) and the Fox News/Breitbart equivalent birdcage-liner papers of the Postmedia cabal, their "trickle down" colleagues at the Conservative Bullshit Channel, and Ezra Levant's two-minute-hate Mercernary propaganda outlet. A wretched hive of Rebel scum stormtroopers indeed.

    I hope that when the election comes along, they learn a "bigly" lesson from all this: if they want to be a Trump party, they're going to end up a rump party. And I also hope they end up facing the mercy of the courts themselves, as a result of strengthened and updated laws against fomenting hate.

    1. Hi Jackie....I think you summed up the situation beautifully. If the Cons behaved more like the old PC party members used to behave, I doubt I'd be blogging as much as I do, or be so obsessed with defeating them. But as you point out, Scheer's Reform Cons are a hate mongering mob with no sense of decency, and absolutely no shame. They have done so much damage to our political environment, they deserve to be disbanded, and charged with crimes against Canada. The Trudeau government needs to strengthen our hate laws, and we need to put some Cons behind bars as an example to others...

  2. When I went to school somewhere along the line I think grade 9 or 10 we learned about Parliament. One of the key take aways is that Parliament or the Goverment can not act against a single person. Even the Cons know this, they must have had some inside knowledge that the talking heads would ignore this basic fact.

    1. Hi Steve...Since it's obvious the Cons can't control themselves, the media should have reined them in, and pointed out what you learnt in school, and what most decent Canadians expect from their politicians. Its simply outrageous that Schmear should use a dead child to whip up the lowest elements of society into demanding that some prisoner should be tortured or whatever as if that was the way a justice system should be run in a country like Canada. Scheer should keep his kinky prison fetishes to himself and stop behaving like a fascist...

  3. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Scheer is sounding more like Trump every day, and that video is a great example. When accuse of being nasty, accuse your opponent of being even nastier. Why the media doesn’t call him out is beyond me. This country which should have so much to celebrate is being dragged into the mud by a party that might as well have come from outer space...

    1. Hi anon....The Scheer Cons are indeed acting more like Trumplings every day. Everybody knows that Trudeau makes Scheer look like a scummy beast, and that despite all the filth the Cons throw at him and his family, he has managed for the most part to remain above the fray. While Scheer brags about his "positive message" Trudeau is the one who avoids the gutter, while the Cons splash around in their own excrement...

  4. e.a.f.4:25 PM

    What Scheer is promoting is the revenge system, not the justice system. One could understand victims wanting revenge, but some one who didn't know anyone involved, well that is just stirring the pot or mob, whatever you want to name it.

    Scheer actually wouldn't have the balls/guts to confront anyone of a crime of violence, because he is too much of a coward, but to stand afar and stir up the mob, well that just works fine. What he is talking about is revenge and if that is what Canadians want, then just turn the murderers over to the families of the victims.

    People like Scheer talk about "revenge" the death penalty, etc. but most people, including him, just don't have the balls to take another person's life. Scheer is just like Harper, hides in a closet when the going gets tough and dangerous. Getting the mob to do your work for you is oh, so much easier.

    if we are to remain a democracy then the rule of law needs to be followed and that does not include using the law to single out people you don't like. Politicians need to stay out of the workings of the justice system, that is why we created a bureaucracy to handle the day to day matters.

    I know Trudeau got into a boxing ring for a charity event and won. don't think Scheer, Levant, or any of those other "talkers" would ever do that. They would be screaming like it was the end of the world. Most people simply can't do hard things. They talk a lot, but simply don't have what it takes to do it on their own.

    1. Anonymous11:41 PM

      I think Scheer and some of his accomplices should be arrested for inciting hatred against the Prime Minister and other government officials. Hamish Marshall's propaganda team should also be investigated to make sure they aren't breaking any laws or getting any foreign money.

    2. Hi e.a.f...That's exactly what it is, the revenge system, as if we were living in the Middle Ages. It's disgusting and it's not Canadian. I can see Scheer as some creepy inquisitiorn member torturing people with a weird grin on his face, but unfortunately for him we live in the 21st Century not the 14th, and people who think like him should be jailed, or confined to a mental institution...

  5. the cons had the Justice system for 12 years, aside from their mandatory nonsense, and closing prison farms they did not seem to have any problems with the Justice system. The hypocritical is legend.

    1. Hi Steve....the Harper Cons began the dirty game of using our justice system for crass political purposes, and if our great Supreme Court hadn't stood up to them they would have turned this country into a police state. The way the Harper gang went after the Chief Justice has to be one of the most sordid episodes in the history of this country. And I expect that Scheer and Doug Ford will keep keep behaving that way until the day they are defeated and/or arrested...

  6. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Scheer is such a cowardly nerd. I would love to see him in a boxing ring getting pounded by Justin Trudeau. I bet he would scream like a ninny. Cons like to dish it out, but like most bullies they just can’t take it.

    1. e.a.f.8:49 PM

      At the advanced age of pushing 70, I'm sure I could get in to the ring with Scheer and send him crying to his Mom or Dad. or Levant. Now that is not to say, fighting is a symbol of strength because its not, but Scheer is advocating violence, so it usually begets violence, not peace.

      Now if Scheer is such a good Christian, what about turning the other cheek? If he is such a good Christian, why doesn't adhere to the 10 commandments. if you're a ethically/morally challenged person, just following those 10 simple rules can get you through life, without being an arsehole, bully, crook, etc.

    2. My impression is that many, so-called, "Good Christians" are a lot nastier that your average atheist.

      They mouth Christian platitudes and then proceed to do anything they can get away with because they are "Good Christians". They are very good at compartmentalizing: Ten commandments on one side, a bit of embezzlement or adultery on the other. Look at the scandals in the Catholic Church or those poor preachers in the US who need just one more private jet to park on their private airfield beside their "humble", "little", 50,000 sq.ft homes. "Good" Christians, all!

      True Christians, in terms of following the 10 commandments, the Sermon on the Mount, and other of Jesus' teachings are few and far between, unfortunately.

    3. Hi anon @8:01 PM...yes, I would pay a lot of money to see Trudeau teach Schee some manners in the ring. Although I imagine the match wouldn't last long before the scummy mini-me Hamish Marshall would be throwing in the towel, and accusing Trudeau of bullying his master....

  7. Hi e.a.f...I'm sure you could have the coward Scheer running for his life and screaming out for his scuzzy pal Levant. I'm afraid I used to fight a lot, and if it's one thing I learned was that bullies tend to be cowards. Of course I've grown up now, and I don't advocate the use of violence against anyone. But then I'm an atheist with more so called Christian values than the fanatic Scheer, which only tells you how low Scheer has fallen...

  8. Any news on Harper's new book?