Tuesday, October 16, 2018

How To Use The Carbon Tax Issue To Destroy The Cons

As you know, I believe that some of the most powerful Cons in the country, the ones I call the Carbon Gang, have made a fatal mistake.

They have all vowed to destroy Justin Trudeau's federal carbon tax at a time when scientists are warning the planet is burning.

And carbon taxes are the best way to save it. 

But unfortunately many Canadians don't understand how a carbon tax works.

And as CTV's Joyce Napier explains that's a big problem for the Liberals

Now I find it hard to believe that so many Canadians could be so dumb, and I suggest that many of them are just greedy.

But for those who genuinely don't understand how a carbon tax works, here's an excellent Twitter thread you can use to educate yourself and your friends.

Or use to club the Cons like seals.

When it's explained like that it's not that hard to understand is it? 

But it sure makes the Cons look like grubby grifters who would torch the planet for crass political purposes.

And the best news is, if the Liberals put that federal carbon tax money directly into our pockets, Justin Trudeau can still win over even the greediest of Canadians. 

Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Alberta United Conservative Leader Jason Kenney have teamed up to fight Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax. Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister, under pressure from his own Conservative base, flip-flopped and dropped his own carbon-tax plan.

Now Mr. Trudeau’s government has an opportunity to turn those tactics on conservative politicians in provincial capitals that are challenging their carbon tax – by using carbon-tax revenue to dole out cash directly to families.

An analysis commissioned by Canadians for Clean Prosperity, a pro-carbon-tax organization, concluded that would amount to about $350 for every Ontario household next year, rising to $836 in 2022. In Saskatchewan, it would be $1,075 in 2019, rising to $2,394 in 2022.

Power his way to another massive election victory...

And leave people like Doug Ford bubbling and squeaking in his own grease...

Could there be anything more delicious?

The Con climate change deniers have made their own bed.

And now they're going to lie die in it...


Anonymous said...

An excellent plan Simon. Educate, remunerate, while Howdy Doody Andy disintegrates.
That chicken sure looked yummy until I saw it was taking a crap.

Jackie Blue said...

The media really dropped the ball on this as usual. Shades of Obamacare, when they ran the out-of-context Nancy Pelosi soundbite "you have to read it before you can pass it" nonstop and poisoned the public mindset against better healthcare for them and their families. Or how they spent 18 months obsessing over Hillary's emails and the "assassination" of Seth Rich instead of Trump's 40 years of connections to the Italian and now Russian mobs. But what else is new: the northern equivalent of CNN, where "both sides are just as bad" and it's "up to the viewer to decide," has clearly decided that their role is to "just ask questions," and do jumping jacks about Trudeau's socks to get ratings, instead of actually educating the public on "boring" matters of fiscal policy. Even when a headline like "TRUDEAU SQUEEZES RICH, PLANET-DESTROYING CROOKS TO PUT MONEY IN EVERYDAY PEOPLE'S POCKETS!" would obviously attract an audience. Mother Beeb has decided to de-platform climate denialists. Time for Baby Ceeb to follow suit.

I saw an old article from iPolitics the other day circulating around social media, asking what will happen when Postmedia finally dies. My answer would be: sales of champagne will skyrocket. Now someone needs to fix the CBC by firing all the Con-friendly professional obfuscators, or spike their drinks with sodium pentothal to make them start telling the truth.