Saturday, October 13, 2018

Doug Ford, Jason Kenney, and the Carbon Tax Deniers

When I first saw this picture of Doug Ford and Jason Kenney staring into each other's eyes I thought they wanted everyone to know how much they love each other.

But sadly I was wrong.

It seems it was just their way of letting everyone know how much they hate the idea of a federal carbon tax.

And sure enough, it wasn't long before the Con ape was sounding off. Again.

But unfortunately for him and Kenney, the ground is shifting under their feet. 

Not only has the IPCC delivered a report warning that the Day of Reckoning is closer than most people had imagined.

A Nobel prize was just awarded to a scientist who believes that carbon taxes are the solution to climate change.  

So I'm glad to see that some in the media are finally starting to hold the carbon tax deniers like Andrew Scheer to account. 

Like Stephen Maher does here. 

Conservative politicians are telling people that the rascals in power are trying to pick their pockets, asking them to pay an unfair price. That’s good politics, except that it is in conflict with the facts, which are clear and do not make allowances for the tender feelings of the snowflakes who refuse to accept that we are going to have to change the way we do things. We have to cut emissions or we will destroy the planet. The facts don’t care about your feelings.

And Gary Mason does here. 

Politicians from the right have found the fight around the environment, and the carbon tax in particular, lucrative ground for them with voters. 

Their lazy, often misleading scare-mongering plays well on the hustings. But it is incredibly misguided and irresponsible given the code-red alarm that has been sounded around the state of the planet.

Who also points out that you can't just blame politicians for the problem.

Yes, politicians will have blood on their hands when the seas start rising. But it’s not just politicians. It’s the people who voted them in knowing these so-called leaders didn’t care about trying to solve the greatest challenge facing mankind.

As well as delivering some credit where it's due...

Say what you want about Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government in Ottawa, but at least they are trying to do something about it all – even if it’s not enough in terms of the sacrifice we need to make. Catherine McKenna is probably the most engaged and serious minister of the environment this country has ever had – even though she is regularly mocked and chided by her political opponents.

Although that part should be obvious.

If Canadians are serious about fighting climate change.

You vote for the decent.

And you reject the evil Cons who would set the world on fire...    


  1. Jackie Blue12:50 AM

    "Mocked and chided" has got to be the understatement of the millennium in that article. Literally all of Trudeau's cabinet ministers are faced with the absolute most vile hatred on social media 24/7/365. Particular venom is reserved, no surprise, for the women. The mouthbreathers haven't given up on calling McKenna "Climate Barbie," and have since resorted to crafting vulgar insinuations about her and Trudeau, who they call "Fairy Prince Ken." Not just gross misogyny and homophobia but cognitive dissonance abounds in these trolls, who somehow manage to rationalize their bigoted assumptions about Trudeau's sexual orientation with simultaneous wild-eyed conspiracy theories (or wish-fulfillment projections) that he's groped or bedded every woman in his cabinet and "scored" more times than Wilt Chamberlain at the "peak" of his career...

    Their attacks on McKenna are not exactly disproving the lesser-reported scientific evidence on the subject of climate change, which is the psychology of climate denialism and its connection to toxic masculinity. But can it get more blatantly obvious than towering smoke stacks on oversized "Ford" monster trucks and chants of "drill, baby, drill" right into Mother Earth? As that nauseating greeting card from Tweedle Doug and Dopey Prince Kenney clearly exemplifies, we're living in an age of peak ape and peak stupid, and if the worst impulses of the chest-thumpers aren't restrained, an overdose of testosterone poisoning is literally going to kill us all!

    1. Hi Jackie...yes, the Con attacks on Catherine McKenna have been particularly cowardly and disgusting. They really are the scum of the earth. But they can no longer dismiss the issue of climate change without looking even more moronic, if that's possible. So the writing is on the wall, even if those Con clowns can't see it...

  2. Its incredible what the Orange Oranatang is doing in the US. Ripping up decades of measures to protect air and water. I fear that Dougie is going to pave over the greenbelt and bring back coal plants. Well maybe not coal plants because the economics of burning coal no longer add up even for those on the take.

    Trudeau should go ahead and start mailing cheques. If buck a beer won the election, ten bucks in the mail should lead to a larger majority.

    I lived in Austria and the gas taxes are double what they are here, but the price of gas was lower. In the US if you subtract the gas tax Americans pay more. The fact is that gas taxes lead to lower gas prices, so you can have your cake and eat it as well.

    1. Hi Steve...Trump is indeed on a rampage, but it won't be long before that insane assault on the planet comes back to haunt him. As it will all the other climate change deniers like Ford, Kenney, and Scheer. Once global warming was just theoretical, now it's impossible to avoid....

  3. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Maher is wrong on a major point when he writes "We have to cut emissions or we will destroy the planet." If we do not cut emissions the planet will still be here, it will survive and eventually re-acclimatize itself. We will be destroyed.

    1. Hi anon...yes, I suppose you're right. The planet will regenerate itself if the naked apes kill themselves. But I am still hopeful that we can destroy the planet burners before they wreck our only home...

    2. e.a.f.3:49 PM

      good point. of course the worst of the polluters, the corporations and 1%ers believe they can avoid any of the ugly spin offs. Their political serfs think they will be able to join their masters, but they will simply kick them to the curb, once they have done their bidding.