Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Afghanistan: Where the Truth is the Enemy

In the darkness that is Afghanistan the truth comes out slowly. 

Three years ago, Canadian troops built a temporary post near Lora. When they immediately came under fire from insurgents, they bulldozed much of the hamlet, flattening houses, water pumps and surrounding orchards, the villagers and local elders say.

“There were 10 families who had houses there that were totally destroyed, and mulberry trees were taken out by their roots,” Mr. Hamid said in a recent interview in Kandahar city. “They destroyed all these things, and we are unable to replace them.”

Mr. Hamid, the grape farmer, said his wheat harvest was burned in the fighting. He and other villagers filed for compensation through the district administration. He was told the foreigners had accepted the claim, but said he never got any money.

A month later the Canadians moved in the bulldozers and demolished his farm and more than 600 of his vines, he said. “I did not make a complaint for the houses because no one can hear my voice,” he said.

We had to destroy the village to save it. Why does that sound so familiar? Oh yeah, I  remember.

So what else don't we know? How is that Afghan detainees and torture investigation  going?

Almost four months after a special committee of MPs was created to examine 40,000 sensitive Afghan detainee documents, not a single page has been cleared for public release.

Wilfert declined to guess when the first documents might finally be tabled in Parliament for public consumption. But he said committee members are seized with a sense of urgency, well aware that the process could be disrupted by a possible spring election.

Right. So when can we expect Stephen Harper to tell us what he knew about all of the above?

I don't know, because in the moral darkness that is Con Canada the truth is the ENEMY...

But what I do know, now beyond all doubt, is that when it is finally revealed.

It will DESTROY him...

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